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8115 I agree with Jill - I also got a laugh out of the Queen wearing ear plugs at the pop concert. I wonder if she also muttered "Kids these days...with their loud music and whatnot"? LOL!
8115 Bryan wrote: "Churchill's funeral must have been quite a site to behold. It just shows you the connection he made to the British people and to the Queen!"

I was really surprised reading that Churchill was given a state funeral. I mean, since state funerals were almost exclusively reserved for royalty, it really hit home for me exactly how important he was both the the Queen and the people of England.
8115 Assuming Charles outlives his mother anyway. He's not exactly young himself. Maybe he inherited Elizabeth's outstanding health though!
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Jan 20, 2012 09:49PM

8115 In relation to Stacy and Jill's questions, has this situation occurred before where a reigning monarch is asked to step aside in favor of their child? Meaning, is there any kind of precedent for this type of thing?
Jan 18, 2012 07:47AM

8115 Sorry for this (probably silly) question, but does Week 12 end on April 1? That's 1 week after Mar. 25, which seems to be the pattern for the rest of the schedule. Thanks!
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Jan 18, 2012 07:35AM

8115 I echo what Stacy said above. I wanted to read a little ahead over the winter break from college, and it was so fascinating I nearly finished it!
8115 Bryan wrote: "I was thinking the same Bentley. The 80 year old Earl of Athlone states, "Glad it's all over...all for the best, I suppose-horrid business." (p. 49)

I think in part it is generational, but just t..."

The separate rooms amused me as well, especially since my husband is a chronic snorer. Sometimes you really do wish you could just move to another room!!

I thought it seemed strange that Phillip didn't seem very concerned about Elizabeth. On the other hand, she was the Queen and presumably had the best doctors at her bedside to assist her, so maybe he knew that she was in good hands. On the other other hand (lol), it WAS their first child and hopefully (as it turned out) their heir, so you would think he'd be a tad more excited.
8115 I received my book today!
8115 I would like a copy as well if there are still any available.

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