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62938 Claire wrote: "I really love the idea of having sex with someone else in our mutual dreams. That in itself was relly very sexy :)"

That was pretty awesome! lol I agree
Mar 01, 2012 03:15PM

62938 Kathryn wrote: "All the comments about this book not being particularly smutty is making me feel very innocent and naive in my literary choices indeed.

How many two/three page sex scenes does a romance usually h..."

I think for those of us that do read these more often, we are comparing the love scenes to that which we do see in other books. It's not always about the content imo, I feel like the love scenes were classy and readable, and didn't stand out from the story as being too much or too silly.

I know, however, there are others who aren't used to reading or enjoy reading books with 'smut' in them. It's all a matter of opinion and I don't think you should feel silly if you feel differently!

Like I said, for me it may have just been that I'm used to reading books with the same if not more love scenes than this book, but the quality of the rest of the book is normally not as good.
62938 This isn't the first book I've seen were the main romance in the book is centered around a couple destined/mated and have a strong psychic connection.

One specific example I've seen is Ascension by Caris Roane (not as well written as this book imo but Slave to Sensation reminded me of it). While I love reading stories like this, I don't understand why it's appealing. I have a strong connection with my husband, but I wouldn't like to be connected to him on a psychic level (especially not during sex).

I wonder, is it maybe appealing because we crave to have that sort of connection with another person? To connect with people in our lives and our significant others on a deeper level? And what about psychic connection being so prominent in love scenes?

I just think it’s an interesting topic and would love to hear some feedback, as well as other books that have this type of story.
Feb 29, 2012 01:18PM

62938 I really enjoyed it as well! The amount of smut didn't stick out to me as much as I thought it would after hearing Felicia's comments. I feel like the sex scenes were well placed, they fit well with the story and there was plenty going on besides sex to keep my attention. I thought the story was great! Some of the twists were slightly predictable but the story overall kept me riveted. The characters were likable and relatable, the story was refreshing and original, and the 'explicit' scenes were well written and didn't make me uncomfortable (or maybe I just read enough of this kind of stuff so I'm numbed to I have read plenty of books like this that weren't half as well written or had gratuitous smut so by comparison this book was great in my honest opinion.

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