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Jul 18, 2012 09:40AM

60696 Hello. :)

I will go through the list again and try to like everyone.

Here's mine- http://www.facebook.com/lostpricess
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Jun 17, 2012 04:31PM

60696 Okay, I've posted once before for reviews but I have since changed the book drastically and would like some new reviews if possible.
Thank you,
Julie :)
Lost Princess The Journey Home by Julie Rainey
Julie Rainey
Science Fiction
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May 31, 2012 05:27PM

60696 Karate Kid. I used to watch that a lot when I was a kid. Not the remake though, the original's better. :)
How is Your Day! (283 new)
May 25, 2012 09:45AM

60696 That's cool. :)
How is Your Day! (283 new)
May 16, 2012 04:02PM

60696 Someone was tripping when they made that ad.
Julie A. Rainey (6 new)
May 09, 2012 11:45AM

60696 Thank you.
May 06, 2012 06:50AM

60696 Finally found you on here. Just downloaded the book. :)
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Apr 29, 2012 06:52AM

60696 Hello,
I'm looking for some readers of my sci-fi/fantasy novel Lost Princess: The Journey Home. I've received some reviews that suggest editing so I would love to have some specific feedback on the story.

I'm not sure what a realistic timeline for readers would be.

Readers can contact me on my website under the Contact Me page. http://jraineylostprincess.weebly.com

Thank you. :)
Julie A. Rainey (6 new)
Apr 25, 2012 05:33AM

60696 Thank you Sheri. Hello again Michael. :)
Apr 23, 2012 05:25PM

60696 Thanks. :)
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Apr 23, 2012 04:32PM

60696 Sure! I didn't realize it didn't count. :) Thanks for liking mine.
Apr 23, 2012 04:26PM

60696 Followed everyone else too. :)
Apr 23, 2012 04:21PM

60696 Alex wrote: "Hey, I just made my blog about 4 days ago

If you comment and follow I will do the same back to your blog! :)

Just make sure you leave your link and ..."

I'm following. :) Here's mine http://jraineylostprincess.weebly.com...
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Apr 23, 2012 08:48AM

60696 Liked everyone's page. Would appreciate the same. Thanks. :)
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Apr 23, 2012 07:39AM

60696 Will start going through everyone's. :)
Here's mine. http://www.facebook.com/lostpricess
Julie A. Rainey (6 new)
Apr 23, 2012 07:33AM

60696 I am a new indie author and I have just recently published my first book. It's a blend of science fiction and fantasy.

Eighteen years after two caring strangers decided to take her in, Anne is faced with the harsh reality that everything in her life has been a complete and utter fabrication. With the help of her friend and Protector, she sets out on a journey back home, to a planet she never even knew existed. Will she be able to defeat the terrifying evil that awaits her and uncover the truth about what's really happening there before it's too late?
Lost Princess The Journey Home by Julie Rainey
Julie Rainey
Website: http://jraineylostprincess.weebly.com
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Apr 23, 2012 07:14AM

60696 Going through the list to follow.
Here's mine.

I post indie author spotlights, write about my experiences as an indie author and some random humorous thoughts. :)
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Apr 05, 2012 04:13PM

60696 Hello everybody.
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Apr 05, 2012 03:20PM

60696 Hello,
If anyone is interested or has the time I would love my book reviewed.
Julie A. Rainey
Lost Princess: The Journey Home
Thank you :)
Apr 05, 2012 03:16PM

60696 Hello everyone. I've just joined the group. My first novel is just recently self-published on Amazon.

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