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60459 I loved Gemma, She was so awkward! She is NOT good at stealth.

I also loved her claiming Reyes.

Yeah - the palm readers prediction gave me goose bumps! I definitely wondered what happened to Tamala Dreyer. And man, I really liked the headless horseman. He was funny. "I live for that shit!" HA
60459 OMG - could you imagine? Oh hey, the cops been wandering around your house? So creepy.

Cookie! I love her. "I'm good with breaking things. Entering, not so much" She is the best.
60459 Round 2 for Reyes and Janey in the kitchen... hot damn! She brought up again to Reyes how convinced she is that she's a bad person. Why do you think she's SO convinced of this?

The big showdown in Erin's house between Janey and Delbert was amazing. (But she's a bad person...sure ;) ). What do you think was going through Erin's mind through the whole thing? The house shaking through all of it, what do you think Erin was seeing?
60459 What did you think when James was singing "Don't Fear the Reaper"? Did you have any suspicions about him?

Janey visited Erin's house to try and uncover the mystery of the old woman in the photos of the baby. What did you think of Erin's Aunt Novalee's story? I really enjoyed the interaction between Janey and Billy while they were sleuthing.
60459 So. Intense. Reyes really has all the right words this go round. Talk about swoon! I definitely didn't see that coming though! I think it's interesting she's convinced herself she's such a bad person.
60459 "I've loved you for a thousand years" Aaaah, one of my favorite moments in the book! And "I've loved you for a thousand and one" Oh Reyes <3

The scene with Lewis and Shayla was so great. Finally! Finally he sees her.
60459 For someone who was determined to stay out of peoples business..well... she sure was doing a lot of investigating at the antique store. When Mr V nodded to the question "Do they have your family" it was so heart breaking. Darynda did a phenomenal job of describing his emotions in that moment.

Doesn't it just figure that a read robber shows up on the same day the planned fake robbery is set to go down?
60459 The scene in the car, with Charles exploring her face while she was driving, was SO funny.

And Angel clued her in there at the end to the fact that he knew her, then disappeared. Such an Angel move.
60459 Yes, red lights flashing in the corners of my eyes. Danger, danger! Run!!!
60459 Oh man - when Reyes says "There isn't enough alcohol on the planet to make me forget her." Heart palpitations. Come on Janey, wake up!!!
60459 Oh wow, I thought they were somehow tied up with whatever was going on in the antique shop, but I could not figure out why they would need a tunnel between the two stores.
60459 This chapter was so intense! The scene with the woman from Portugal, that was such a great "crossing." I was pretty confused about the angel too. I wondered if it was someone from her home planet.
60459 It was such a classic plan! Too bad she couldn't remember how badly that worked out with Ubie ;)
60459 Stephanie - I agree - the dead stripper really added depth to Mr. Pettigrew, and it was SO sweet.
60459 Ines wrote: "I was a bit confused about those descriptions because I had never heard about them before. I loved Cookie more for running to be there by her friend! So great Janey likes her as much as Charley eve..."

Lost her head in Sleepy Hollow - that's great!
60459 The scene with Janey in the bathroom, talking to the horse, is one of my favorite moments in the book. I was laughing out loud through the entire thing. Those are true Charlie moments to me (whether she knows who she is or not!)

What did you think of the conversation between Cookie and Janey at lunch? I was actually impressed at how well Cookie maintained her composure, given that she's, you know, Cookie!
60459 In chapter 3, Janey makes a food deliver to the antique shop next door and realizes that something there is very wrong. The owner, Mr. V, is putting out distress in waves. She walked into the store with the intention of dropping the food and leaving right away, but Mr V is so upset that she decides she has to help him by the time she leaves.

Janey is being very cautious and deliberate in planning how she can help Mr V, and who she can go to for help, which is quite different from the Charley we know and love. What did you think of this different strategy? Were you surprised that she didn't rush in feet first like she's often prone to do?

In Ch. 3, Janey also has her first verbal interaction with Reyes. How smoking hot was that scene?
60459 In Chapter 2 we find out that Reyes, OSH and Garrett have also followed Charley to Sleepy Hollow, and are all regulars in the diner Janey and Cookie are working at every day. At the end of the chapter Janey has a panic attack - she's convinced that she has left behind her most prized possession, and Cookie calls her Charley (for the fifth time).

Why do you think they've all come to Sleepy Hollow, but aren't cluing her in that they know her (at this point in the book)?

How much did it break your heart to know her panic attack was about her daughter?
60459 In Chapter 1, Janey has been living in Sleepy Hollow for a little over a month, and still has no memory of who she is. She has discovered a few things about herself - that she can see dead people, and that she can see an overlaid landscape or realm. What did you think when she mentioned the landscape she could see? This isn't something that Charley had ever referenced in prior books.

We also find out that Cookie has traveled to NY and is working at the Diner with Janey. My heart melted when she mentioned her co-worker Cookie. And I laughed out loud when Cookie spilled the water on the customers lap!

What were your thoughts about Cookie being in NY? And Janey's interaction with the dead stripper?
Feb 14, 2016 06:31PM

60459 On Monday (2/15) your moderators will begin the chapter by chapter discussion of The Dirt on Ninth Grave. Each day, one of us will start a discussion on the "next" chapter in the books. We hope you all join in and share your thoughts.
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