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May 15, 2012 07:53PM

59543 I loved The Sisters Brothers when I read it last year. I am not a fan of western-flavored reads, but I thought this was wonderful. It completely surprised me! The western elements were not the main point of the narrative; they were largely incidental. The character development, especially of the internal landscape of the main protagonist, was the central focus of the book.
59543 Allen wrote: "I nominate The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt. In my opinion, it should have taken the Booker Prize last year."

I really enjoyed this one. I am not generally a fan of Westerns, but this was complex, character-driven, and totally satisfying...not to mention infused with a subtly dark humor.
59543 I nominate Bel Canto by Ann Patchett.

winner of the Orange Prize; winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award
59543 I'll be starting this one some time next week. I've been wanting to read it for years! I've had it here at home since, oh, 2009-ish and have never cracked it, for some inexplicable reason.

As I never got to The Cave in April, this will also be my first read with the group.
Apr 16, 2012 07:46PM

59543 Will wrote: "which, the books, or the one I had before that, Varo's painting of a woman feeding a moon?"

I personally like both, but I really loved the Varo painting. (I'm a Leonora Carrington fan, and an appreciation of Varo follows.)
Apr 04, 2012 07:56PM

59543 I would like to nominate Cloud Atlas: A Novel Cloud Atlas A Novel by David Mitchell by David Mitchell David Mitchell.

It's been sitting on my home shelf for a couple of years now, making me feel very guilty, and I've read/heard nothing but wonderful things about it.
Apr 03, 2012 04:18PM

59543 Hi, I'm Candiss. I'm another who found the group due to its being featured recently.

I love many types of literature - speculative fiction, works in translation, classics, contemporary lit, etc. The past few years, my reading lists have settled so that I seem to read far more speculative fiction than anything else, and while I do love it, I decided I needed to keep myself from falling into a rut. I thought it would be helpful and enjoyable to get involved in a group focused on recent/contemporary literature - a strata I don't dig about in nearly as often as I should. (I tend to avoid best-sellers, and thus I often miss something wonderful. I need to break this habit of eschewing books that are popular, because sometimes they are so for very good reasons!)

I'm looking forward to starting in with The Cave with the group as soon as I can get my copy from the library. As luck would have it, both of this month's group picks are speculative fiction, which should surely be a sign to me. (I just recently had to return 1Q84 to the library for another patron's hold, and I was only 1/3 of the way done, so I will be unlikely to be able to get involved with that one.)

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