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Will's glass (9 new)
Nov 22, 2012 08:50PM

58982 Love this!!
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Nov 22, 2012 08:33PM

58982 Cry

I open my mouth and my voice catches. I shut it and try again. Nothing. Am I really that scared the tell her? To tell anyone? I was planing to tell William if I ever see him again, but the way I'm acting now, I don't see it going over to well. It's a real problem see? Cause if I can't tell anyone... no one's gonna help and I confess, I can't give the cutthroat a throat cutting, all on my own.

Corn scoots closer to me, looking all concerned. She bites both her lips together as I look at her, feeling helpless. If I wasn't such a wreck right now I'd push her away. But she's hugging me and I lose it again. Not in anger, but fear and grief. I hug her tight. I'm not alone, somehow she understands and that gets me to start talking as a tear fall from my eye. I start out studdering and shaky but I get it all out alright. I tell her about my parents, the way they used to love me. My pa'd bounce me on his knee and sing... though his singing wasn't good at all and I still remember the songs. My ma'd read to me and answer any question I ever had, honest and true. She'd give baths in a small tub, washing my hair with this little yellow picture and asking about my day. Memories come flooding back and I realize what all that I've been hiding and holding back, somewhere deep inside me.
"And then.. as we were washing the dishes together one night after dinner, Someone burst through the door. He had a gun and I heard two shots. I was already under the table. He saw me... saluted to me and took something from my dead pa's shirt pocket and ... then he was gone."

Corn holds me ans storks my hair as I cry till my eyes ache and my head bangs on my skull for freedom.

[questions, comments, predictions, and suggests and always welcome, or Begged for!!]
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Nov 03, 2012 07:10PM

58982 The snake room

We're getting a new shipment of snakes today so the room must be perfect. I always keep it perfect but than perfect to me ain't at all what perfect is to Butch.

So I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and thinking about last nights sneak away. I almost had it. Let's just I'm s little on the grumpy side of things morning. Here I'll make it worse.
I'm almost done with my floor scrubbing, when Corn comes waltzing in with her dusty bare feet. That girl can't see two feet ahead of her, I swear. She come within inched of head.

"What are you doing," she sniffs.

"You tell me." I sigh.

"Well it kinda looks likes you lost something?" she's smiling now and I know she's got something else to say.

I lose it, I'm sorry now to say. I just lose it. "Maybe it's in this bucket of dirty soapy water. Here have a look." I whip the bucket of suds and wet dirt at her. And If you've every done something you regret, you'll know I how felt after this part. The bucket flies at her head soaking her from head to toe. She slips on the water and knocks the cart of snake eggs back. The box is falling as I'm shouting, "Noo!" The cart rams into a shelf and snakes start falling. The shelf just happens to be behind the door which is closed and as the shelf is falling it breaks the handle off the door. There's no other way out and Butch and Miss Seed will be outside all day. My face heats with anger as I glare at Corn.

"I didn't know!" Corn said says, weakly, once the ringing in my ears is gone. I can tell she's gonna cry. But I don't care nor did I ever. I only care for the snakes now.

As I scramble around to pick them off the floor, I can see Corn trying her best to help and for once she's not talking. She don't touch the snakes she picks up buckets of dead bugs for the snakes and their skins. Then she goes over to the shelf blocking our way out and tries to lift it. "Don't try that yet." I tell her in a low voice. My anger dies quickly, but not my grudges. "Snakes are first priority. Will you help or just stand their?" I've got five snakes around my neck and arms and they heavy, so don't say complete sentences to save my energy.
"What do I do."
"Open... box."
She does what I tell her and when we're all done we try to lift the shelf form the door. But it ain't any use. "Face it Corn. We're stuck." I tell her.

"But I don't like it in here."
"Then why you'd come in here in the first place?" I asked, not knowing how she'll answer.
"I want you to smile. I won't stop... bothering til I get you to smile." I open my to retort, but she bats her hand at me and I let her speak. "I know you'll tell me to leave you alone. I if I leave you alone I'll never get you smile."

I sit on the floor. What am I suppose to say to her. I don't hate her but she really know to get on my nerves. "Do you know why I don't smile?" I asked her quietly.

She shacks her head and sits down a ways away. Here we go. I'm gonna tell her.
Have you seen? (748 new)
Oct 07, 2012 03:41PM

58982 nope but I want to

HYS Super 8
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Oct 07, 2012 03:35PM

58982 Sneak

Last night it was like I was nine again. In my dream, I was hiding under the kitchen table in my home, when a man breaks into my house and kills my ma and pa. He steals what he wants and leaves. Me being young and all I wasn't brave enough to go after him and finish him off myself. But I vowed that day that I'd find that man, find out why he did what he done and end him. That's why I stopped smiling.
I woke then, the image of his face still stuck in my mind, and it was clear I wasn't gonna be getting any more sleep. I slipped out of bed and to my door. Every time I do this I hope so much I don't wake Corn next door. Just guess what she'd do if she knew I suck out some nights.

Anyway I open my door and leave it ajar when I walk out to the steps on the tips of my toes. I know where every crack is on these steps so I don't makes a single noise on my way down. When I'm at the bottom I swiftly take a left, then a right, around the squeaky floor board before Mr Butch's room and another right, to the library. These doors slide inside the walls. As long as I don't throw them open I'm in the clear.
Butch is good friends with the town Banker so what I'm about to do shouldn't be hard at all. Should it? If I could just find his accounting book I could get. Darn. I think. I'm looking up at these shelves full of writing books, numbering books, date books and my heart sinks. I can't do this tonight.
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Sep 11, 2012 12:55PM

58982 Thanks!!
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Sep 10, 2012 02:17PM

58982 Feel free to tell me what you think or would like to happen next. It'll help me out a lot! Thanks for reading!
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Sep 10, 2012 02:15PM

58982 Ally

I tell him who it is and he says his goodbye before I shoo him away.

"There you are!" Corn walked up to me just as I slipped my boot back on. Little lady curled her self back around my ankle.
"What are you doing out here?" Like she didn't know. She was asking for it and I was up for a game.
"Enjoying the weather." It slipped out before I could stop it and even then I'd be in for it. The weather is never enjoyable here and everyone knew it. Corn was giving me the eye and I had to do something quick. I'd find the low life who killed my parents before I'd tell Corn, the worst secret keeper of all time, my secrets. She would go tell everyone she knew. Mr. Butch would... never mind. "Look, Corn I got lost okay?" My face was truthful but my mind buzzed, begging her to believe me.

Her big blue eyes held mine for a moment but then she shrugged. "Well, anyway were leavening. Train's gonna leave soon." After a lecture from Butch about running off and a scolding about my roughed looks from Mrs. Seed, we were on the train headed back. We are in the last car thanks to me. But I wanted to be here for a reason. My plan works. Just as the train starts moving with a jerk, a boy walks across the tracks behind us. He's looking at me. This is what I planed, if I ever see him again, he's my ally for sure.
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Aug 24, 2012 01:55PM

58982 This chapter's my favorite!


"Promise you won't freak out?" I plead. Then I catch myself, and it's bad. I haven't felt this bad since...
He sees it on my face. I know he does. I feel like I'm choking.

"You don't have to tell." he says gently. He looks concerned. I've got to stop this.
I cough and shack my head. "Who are you?"

He stares at me a minute and gives me an easy smile. But I couldn't predict was he was about to say. "Close call. Huh? It's okay. I know how it is. Can't share secrets just anyone without knowing who they are. I get it."
My head was down and now I raise it to look at him. "My father owns the bank." he continues. "William Brink, but Will to friends."

I nod to the introduction. I've never really meat someone in just this way before. "Hollet."

"And your last name?"

I shrugg. I'm careful with my name for reasons I don't understand myself.

"It's fine." he smiles and turns away form me. I trust him now. I think.

I glance at a tree and he nods. I walk over and lean myself against it's trunk. He stands next to me as I slip off boot showing him my little friend. I don't know what I expect him to do but he kneels down to my foot and examines the snake.
"Harmless thing isn't it? venemless by look of it. And weak."

"How do you know so much about snakes?" A bankers son? Snakes? It doesn't add up.

"Books." was his simple answer. "Does she have a name?"

Shoot. My face heats as I say, "Little Lady."
If he laughs I'm...

"I like it." he reaches out to pet her. "May I?"
"She doesn't like others much but she's harmless." And just as he starts to take Little Lady from my foot I hear a another voice, all to familiar.
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Aug 17, 2012 08:32PM

58982 Thanks!!
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Aug 12, 2012 09:08AM

58982 I won't tell

It takes me a moment to came back. He asked me a question and wasn't listening. "What?"
"Did you by any chance come here with an obnoxious...."
He stops. He must've ran into Corn.
"I'm not gonna lie." I mumble.
He gives me short laugh and directs me too a path. I thought we'd just walk which I would have been just find with. but he starts talking and I find I like his voice.
"I hate to say this," he says, "But she told me to talk to you."
"Just like her." I mutter.
He slows a bit. "She's not your sister is she?"
I look down and shake my head.
"Is she related to you?"
"I just live with them. It's a snake farm." I keep my mouth straight as always.
He gets back to his pace and says. "I know."
I bring my head up and stare at him. "I've been there." he continues.

"Have you been in the snake room?" I risk.
"Can't say I have. It's got to be a sight though."
I nod. Though the house is junk the snake room is amazing. It's bright and quiet with a high ceiling and fan that a make a low hum. Everything is organized and always just where I leave it. "I'm in there all the time." Something tightens around my ankle as if Little Lady is reminding me she's still there. "Do you..." I don't how to ask. But he waits until I do. "If I tell you something, you swear to death you won't tell."

He takes a moment and nods.
"No I'm serious." I say.
"I won't tell." I can see he's being true but I stretch it and give him a look. "I'll even tell you a secret of my own." His addition satisfies me.
Aug 05, 2012 04:24PM

58982 I. Loved. This. Book.
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Jul 11, 2012 06:26PM

58982 In for it

The train station is different form four years ago. I can't put my finger on it but it changed somehow.

The train is the same. It smells like Mrs Seed's powder. It also smells like Mr Butch 's cigars. And you know old people? It smells like them too. The ride is short and I'm the first one off the train and I'm starring at a building bigger than huge with my mouth hanging open. Corn comes up to me and starts giggling. She grabs my hand and starts pulling my along.
Corn skips circles around me while Mrs Seed and Mr Butch make their way through the crowd, arm in arm. "All together now. Ready?" Mrs. Seed says, lightly. Oh brother.

"Like a family!" Corn shouts, making a few a snoots look our way. I glare at Corn but she doesn't see.

We are lead into a ball room by a tall, lean man, with the longest mustache I've ever seen. I see long, light colored tables with flowers in the middle. But there's something worse here. A dance floor. I risk it and wipe my sweaty hands on my dress.

The meal flies by and I'm thankful no one notices how my manners aren't the best and I'm a bit of a slob but I manage and than it's over. Our plates are cleared away and and orchestra starts to play. Corn leaves and for once I don't here her babble on and on about something I could less about.

I'm half asleep when someone taps my shoulder. I jerk and turn. There's this boy a little taller than me I think and he's rubbing the back of his neck, shy like. "Would care to uh..." he doesn't want to be here, I can tell. Like me, I think. I look at him frankly. He drops the act and smiles. "You don't want to be here either?"
I shrug. For some reason I can't find words.
"Wanna ditch? I know places."
"Any where but here." I say quickly.

"I know a way out but it involved a bit of dancing."


He holds out his hand and I take it and we twirl and twirl till we reach a door and were out.
I look up at him at the door and quickly look away. I'm in for it. I think. Because he's gorgeous.
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Jun 29, 2012 12:11PM

58982 My boots

"I where my boots or I'm not going." I say stubborn like. I simply won't go with out my boots and that's that.

"But you've got to. You've just gotta where these." I wince as Corn holds out a pare them painful shoes with the bows on 'em.

I shake my head and Corn knows that she's lost and again I win. "Can I go now." I say getting up.

"Hold still, Sweet." I forget Mrs. Seed is still toying with my poor hair and she pulls me back down. I keep telling her to stop calling me sweet as it ain't my name. But I have a feeling she just don't care.

Somehow they managed to get me into a pale violet dress and I'll admit it, it's quite pretty. I just don't want to where it cause it makes me feel like a fool.
Corn's dancing around the room sing some song that she don't the words to and I wish she'd stop.
Finally, when Mrs. Seed is done fussing over my hair and sighs. Corn hears her and looks at me and squeals. She strides across the room grabs a mirror and puts it in my hands. I look at myself and ...shoot... I'm pretty. I feel pretty....foolish.
"Corn. Go get dressed." Mrs. Seed just saved me from another on of Corns high pitch squeals.
Rikki's Writting (19 new)
Jun 22, 2012 08:00PM

58982 Little Lady

Sometimes keeping a snake collided around your ankle and inside your boot isn't the best thing to do when attending one of them forbidden tea parties.

I blame Corn. I blame her for everything so why should this be anything different. That morning she got right in my face with Mrs. seed right behind her and let me tell you something. Them two in the same room... it's like I can't hear myself think. Next thing you know they have me in a chair, the rooms locked and Corn's talking about how wonderful it's gonna be and how there are these "little bitty wieners." Then she she gets on the discussion with Mrs. Seed about how their gonna make me look 'dazzling' and then I zone out and feel Little Lady's tail tickle my toes in the space between my boot and foot.

She's my only secret ,Little Lady. Truth to tell I'd be heart broken if anyone found out I had her with me and not in the snake room where as Mr. Butch would say 'They never leave this room or all this'll be for nothing. Hear that Holly?' I hate when he calls me that, but it ain't any use cause all it does is annoy me like everything else.
I told myself I'd only keep Little Lady until she gets well again after she fell from a shelf once. But she grew on me and she behaves well enough. So I keep her. Besides since she was born small and useless, Mr, Butch would just cut her up and feed her to the pigs if he found out, just cause she ain't got any use to him.
Jun 06, 2012 01:04PM

58982 Anybody here ever been to bathroom party?
Jun 05, 2012 04:23PM

58982 My last day of school tomorrow!!
Jun 03, 2012 02:46PM

58982 How's everybody doing today?
Foods :) (512 new)
Jun 02, 2012 06:14AM

58982 Fried pickles anyone??!!
May 31, 2012 05:24PM

58982 I want to read that soo bad!!
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