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Aug 12, 2012 10:59AM

56640 Rachel wrote: "Sue Grafton is definitely a huge commercial success. She also published her first novel in 1967 and started her most famous set of mysteries in 1982. The publishing world has undergone monumental s..."

Could not agree more.
Aug 10, 2012 05:23PM

56640 Rob wrote: "As a small comparison:

There are around 1,700 players in the NFL. That is ten times the number of self reported independent published authors to break the 50,000 books sold mark.

I do think tha..."

Not to be a little picky, please excuse me for being so, but I find this thought flawed. Everyone knows that for every 5 books traditionally published, 2-3 bomb out hard, 1-2 break even, and rarely 1 breaks the barriers and makes massive bank. So even if you go the traditional route, who is to say you won't be one of those who bombed miserably? And for what? For your book rights to be owned by someone else, for a pricing module set against you and your audience who doesn't want to pay $10 for an ebook, for editing that can still come with typos and missed errors?

No matter where in the book world, traditional or not, what it comes down to is a good story, some heavy editing, and creative marketing.
Aug 10, 2012 11:54AM

56640 What is the overall insulting notion of her words is that self-publishing is still viewed as a disservice in her eyes, not an opportunity to find new talent that otherwise wouldn't have made it past the slush pile.

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