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Oct 02, 2011 01:13AM

55643 The Scimitar Seas novels, by Chris A. Jackson
Scimitar MoonScimitar SunScimitar's HeirChris A. Jackson

Sequential winners of the 2009 and 2010 Foreword Book of the Year Gold Medal award, these intrigue-filled medieval pirate novels deliver. Action, betrayal, romance and characters who will draw you inexorably into their story.

Not the typical pirate novel series, but patterned after the nautical masterpieces of Patrick O'brian set in a world of fantasy, magic, and and a truly alien race of merfolk. Glowing cover blurbs by Gail Z. Martin (Chronicles of The Necromancer) and Ed Greenwood (Creator of Forgotten Realms), and a 5 star average review rating give solid testimony to this series' potential.

The final volume of the series, Scimitar War, will be released in September of 2012 by Dragon Moon Press.
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Sep 30, 2011 03:28AM

55643 Chris A. Jackson

Cheese Runners

Available in MP3 audio format only, for free download!

Cheese Runners
In the future, Earth is a backwater planet of no value. The Farfnians rule the galazy with an Iron Claw. They have eliminated disease, poverty and war, but step out of line and your planet gets pummeled. Earth’s money is worthless, and Earthlings wield no real power. This simply won’t do!
But the measly humans have discovered one chink in the Farfnians’ chitinous armor. Earth has one weapon: A nice sharp…cheddar!
Cheese is their weakness, and we are the galactic suppliers.
Join Captain Harry Fische and the intrepid crew of the Cheese-Running stringship Limburger on a satirical interstellar romp as they dodge, bluff and bribe their way through a maze of evil aliens, slimy smugglers and plummeting planetoids.

The sequels Cheese Rustlers and Cheese Lords are also available for download.

Chris A. Jackson


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