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Book 20? (38 new)
Aug 26, 2011 06:46PM

50x66 I have heard from a bazillion other people that the Savage Detectives is good and it's been on my list for a while. Also on that list are The Corrections by Franzen, Lolita (yes, really, i haven't read it yet), Satanic Verses, Infinite Jest (NOT a good idea for a bookclub book...too long!), and 50 millionbilliontrillion others.

Though I believe that The Princess Bride would ultimately end with more tepid debate than most and could be easily turned into a movie night.

Those things said, I will read just about anything, but can't promise I'll actually finish anything since The Handmaid's Tale was only 300 pgs and I was only halfway through it when we "discussed" it. (almost done now...the movie was awful.)
Jul 26, 2011 07:55PM

50x66 i am supposed to have read this (because like 50 bazillion people have recommended it to me and/or been appalled to hear i have not read it)

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