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Jack (21 new)
Mar 26, 2011 08:24AM

44771 My 85 year old mom has just finished reading Room and loved it. She said she gives it 5 stars. Anyway, she would like a sequel about Jack and how things go for him; what kind of a person he becomes, etc.
Mar 19, 2011 04:52PM

44771 I also felt that the ending was perfect. The book brought us to extreme tension and then let us down slowly to a positive end.

Children only know what they live through. There are terrible abuse cases where the children think everything is fine and normal. I thought that Ma gave Jack the best childhood that she could under the worst circumstances and taking into consideration that Old Nick was the father.

I believe that Ms. Donahue has children and has payed very careful attention to how they think, act, and talk.

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