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Sep 09, 2013 01:22AM

4170 Adrian wrote: "Sean wrote: "Firstname wrote: "Moon or Bear?"

Very definitely Moon."

Huh, that was one of the strangest things I've read in a while. I don't think I've ever seen such a perfectly executed crescen..."

In your opinion. I don't consider it stupid at all. As far as Islam is concerned, there is far to much 'tact' around that particular subject or rather it's more extreme elements.
Sep 08, 2013 02:12PM

4170 Sean wrote: "Firstname wrote: "Moon or Bear?"

Very definitely Moon."

Good, common sense by a highly entertaining author. I can see how it would be held in contempt by some here.
Jul 25, 2013 05:23AM

4170 Thanks very much, I 've just bought it. I don't know why my earlier search of the store only revealed the US version.
Jul 24, 2013 08:56AM

4170 Great title, is there going to be a kindle version available in the UK please?
Mar 26, 2013 06:52AM

4170 Herbert wrote: "If we could resurrect some of the older greats (which could be a good sci-fi novel actually...hmmmm), I would pick
-Isaac Asimov
-J.R.R Tolkien
-Frank Herbert
-James Herbert (who just passed a way ..."

A.E. Van Vogt, truly one of the greats.
Feb 10, 2013 05:34AM

4170 That's right, sink to personal abuse. You can take your stinking attitude and shove it. There's only one person 'pissing on' people's interests and that's you. How dare you say that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang isn't possible?
I have a right to describe something as boring, you do not have a good excuse for using insulting language. Grow up.
Feb 09, 2013 02:23PM

4170 Categories are made up and totally invented by people, who all have prejudices. Saying that something is impossible according to currently understood laws and technology is meaningless in this context. Of course nearly everything in scifi is impossible within current constraints but good scifi imagines and postulates that current knowledge and even scientific orthodoxy changes and evolves and what is flatly impossible now just might be possible in the future. Much of the this need to categorise is limiting and frankly boring as hell.
Final Fringe (25 new)
Jan 20, 2013 02:47PM

4170 Darren wrote: "FRINGE has grown from a chilly X-FILES wannabe into a compelling sci fi show with a strong mythology. The UK is slowly getting there so as far as the last episode is concerned ... lalalalalala I'm ..."

The final episode was shown in the UK at exactly the same time that it was shown in the states, simulcast as it were. Excellent ending to a series that really hit its stride in season 2 and went from strength to strength.
Jan 10, 2013 01:50PM

4170 L.S. wrote: "haha, thanks. I love that Count video too, from Jimmy Kimble unnecessary censorship if I remember right.

@Noel: Most of the artwork there, while I'd love to have some on my walls, is well outside ..."

Many thanks again! I too have cool desktop wallpaper!
Jan 10, 2013 07:15AM

4170 Thanks for that, those covers bought back memories. I am tempted by the Chris Foss collection.
Jan 08, 2013 06:53AM

4170 My hard back copy has arrived. At last the culmination of years.

This is the first actual book, rather than ebook and audible versions, that I have actually bought in quite a while. Is this true for anyone else? I had to get the last one in the series to finish the set that I've built up.
Jan 08, 2013 03:56AM

4170 Rick wrote: "Stephen wrote: "My biggest problem is that, besides constantly complaining about their various poor health, the old people don't think or act like any old people I know.

First, there is no point..."

Well said Rick. Old people are just that, people who have got older. Sometimes, through physiological reasons, they may have some functions that are impaired, but old people are the same as any other people. Too often, they marginalised, patronised and treated like an alien species. Scalzi realises that inside, that old man is a young one.
Sep 08, 2012 09:42AM

4170 Jim wrote: "September 28th, 935: Saint Wenceslaus ducks and narrowly avoids being assassinated by his brother. The event becomes immortalized in the song lyric: "Good King Wenceslaus looked out and that's what..."

Hehehe! Now I will always substitute those lyrics whenever I hear that song.
Sep 07, 2012 10:25AM

4170 Can't agree Rick. You say that bad writing, excluding technicalities like bad grammar, consists of things like bad plot and flat characterisations. The very classification of good and bad plots, flat and round characterisation is subjective. What you consider bad plotting, I might not. Beauty is in the eye of the holder.
Sep 05, 2012 01:47AM

4170 Talking of reviews and criticism, this article depresses me.
Sep 04, 2012 03:48PM

4170 There is nothing objective about it. It is a subjective opinion, not shared by many.
Sep 04, 2012 03:47PM

4170 Rick wrote: "Well said Mary. Obviously there are some people who can come to Casablanca fresh and still fall in love with it (hi Derek!) but none of us can see it with the same eye as those people who first saw..."

Agree with you all the way Rick. I also think that any readers opinion on any given book/author is as valid if they have read fewer books and do not have academic qualifications/ badges/ medals or similar. I also take any other persons opinion on what is good writing and what is bad writing with a pinch of salt. It can only be a subjective judgement. If I think someone's writing is good then it is. For me. Of course, I think I know bad writing when I see it. The thing is, other unreasonable uneducated philistines sometimes disagree with me. How dare they?
Sep 03, 2012 12:02PM

4170 Tamahome wrote: "Anyone read Michael J. Sullivan?"

Yes, and I cannot recommend the Riryia series highly enough. Superb characters, terrific story which unfolds wonderfully and has a hugely satisfying ending.
If you thought you were falling out of love with the Fantasy genre, these books will refresh that romance.
Aug 27, 2012 12:00PM

4170 Ah thanks very much, would never have guessed that but thought it had to with altering old work. Come to think of it I like 'altering old work' better. Much easier for dumbos like me. God, retroactive continuity Is an ugly mouthful, no wonder it's shortened.
Aug 27, 2012 10:02AM

4170 Sean wrote: "Always read in publication order, and never touch a prequel written more than ten years after the original -- it almost always signals that the author is going to retcon stuff from the earlier work..."

Sorry, simpleton's question, what does 'retcon' mean please?
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