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Jul 05, 2017 08:21AM

36119 Post 448 Coralie wrote: " 20.10 Debut!

Cup of Gold: A Life of Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer, with Occasional Reference to History by John Steinbeck

+20 Task
+10 combo 10.3, 20.3
+ 10 Oldies (pu..."

I'm very sorry, Coralie. This is a YA Assignment at BPL and no Lexile. Task, but no styles.
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Jul 04, 2017 11:51AM

36119 Norma wrote: "Thanks for the catch, which task did I miss for the combo?

Kate S wrote: "From Post 390

Norma wrote: "20.10 - Debut

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson

+20 task

Task to..."

Other tasks were 10.5 & 20.8
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Jul 04, 2017 06:57AM

36119 Deedee wrote: " Excellent Space Opera
#4: Leviathan Wakes
#9: Consider Phlebas

Both of which have been on my TBR forever!"

Done - looks like a fun list!
36119 And I left a librarian note so they don't get re-combined.
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Jul 03, 2017 01:11PM

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Jul 02, 2017 10:12AM

36119 20.3 Historical

The Reivers by William Faulkner

+20 Task
+10 Combo (10.2, 20.6)
+ 5 Oldies (1962)

Task Total = 35

Grand Total = 195
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Jul 02, 2017 09:11AM

36119 Post 419 Kazen wrote: "20.3 - Historical

Like One of the Family: Conversations from a Domestic's Life by Alice Childress

+20 task
+5 oldie

Task total: 25 points
Grand total: 45 points"

From the GR profile ... she studied Drama in the American Negro Theatre (ANT), and performed there for 11 years.

Combos for 10.9, and 10.2

I'm sorry, I made a mistake with this and forgot the non-fiction requirement for 10.9.
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Jul 01, 2017 03:02PM

36119 Lagullande wrote: "Not sure whether Bats of the Republic: An Illuminated Novel is a 7 seven word title, or whether it is a generic subtitle so only 4 words?"

You should count it as 7 words - I hope that's what you wanted.
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Jul 01, 2017 08:15AM

Jul 01, 2017 08:10AM

36119 Ed wrote: "[3B}- NEW Goal...starting May 1, 2017...lose 15 pounds by the end of the year- unfortunately I gained .3 of a pound."

I have empathy. Last fall, at my annual physical, I was determined I would lose 10 pounds by this year's exam. Seven months later, it is a glorious, robust ... two pounds. I haven't revised my goal, but acknowledge I might not make it. :-(
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Jul 01, 2017 06:18AM

36119 Post 396 Karin wrote: "20.2 Canadian Women

Alice, I Think by Susan Juby
lexile score 890

+20 Task
+5 Repeat
+15 Combos 10.3 U's have it, 10.2 No O's & 20. 4 trilogy

Task Total= 40


This is the book you posted in #395 - did you mean a different book?
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Jun 30, 2017 08:17AM

36119 Post 364 Beth wrote: "10.3 U's Have It

Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages by Guy Deutscher

+10 task
+5 combo (10.2)

Task total: 15
Grand total:..."

Deutscher was born in Israel and, though he is a Fellow at Cambridge, I cannot find any evidence that he is anything other than an Israeli citizen (and there is at least one reference that he is an Israeli linguist. +10 Non-western.
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Jun 28, 2017 07:16PM

36119 15.5 ACG

A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes

+15 Task

Grand Total = 160

Note: not enough setting in Jamaica to qualify
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Jun 28, 2017 02:30PM

36119 Ed wrote: "Elizabeth (Alaska) wrote: "Are those groundrules from the founder on the board somewhere?

No. That sort of silliness was going on over at the Seasonal Reading Challenge. I remember one task where you had to eat something blue - I forget what the reading part was about. So, perhaps part of the reason Sam started a challenge that was geared to somewhat more serious reading. We stray, but not that far.
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Jun 28, 2017 02:14PM

36119 Recs in the other thread would be good. RwS does not do cover tasks.

EDIT: Also, from our founder, RwS has

Non-reliance on tasks that involve rolling dice, baking a pie, or sitting in the sun.
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Jun 28, 2017 06:46AM

36119 Post 370 Natalie *Amberjune* wrote: "15.4 A Counting Game

Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers by Carolyn See

+15 task (four word title(ignoring the subtitle))

post total:15

Natalie, I'm sorry, we're counting all of the words in both the title and subtitle for the sub-challenge, so this won't qualify for your 4-word titile. You can move it to your 10-word title OR it qualifies for 10.6 (writers). Let us know.
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Jun 27, 2017 02:28PM

36119 Anika wrote: "I just want to verify that this is a 6-word book, and not 7

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

thank you!"

Yes, it is. As we defined that the words will have a space between them, "A.J." will count as a single word.
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Jun 27, 2017 01:27PM

36119 Valerie wrote: "I've been on the holds list for this book since April.... maybe I'll get it before this season ends!

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

#10 here: https://www.goodreads.com/list/sh..."

Got it - and if it will help, I'll cross my fingers for you!
20.3 Historical (128 new)
Jun 27, 2017 09:05AM

36119 Got both #86 & #87.
Jun 26, 2017 03:19PM

36119 Jayme(the ghost reader) wrote: "ah, are the staterooms spacious?"

Not particularly - bunk beds, and two people couldn't get in the bathrooms unless one was in the shower. Remember, this is public transportation, though riding the ferry isn't especially cheap.

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