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Aug 14, 2015 05:27AM

35559 It has been awhile! Forgot how much fun this group is!

1. Short (4 foot 10/ 147 cm. and what's it to ya? careful, I'll bite off your kneecaps)
2. Loud
3. Crazy
4. Knowledgeable (yeah, my students say that because I teach English and I know a little bit about a lot of stuff besides English)
5. Cute (sort of goes with Short, see above and watch out for your kneecaps!)
35559 Well, like all abused or abandoned children, Jo is ultimately a victim.
But so are most serial killers, vampires or werewolves...**NOT** that Jo is any of the above, although that would be kind of fun, eh?

Haydon doesn't shy away from horror. Not that that is the focus of the series, but there is definitely an EEEEEW! factor. I love, love, love these books but there is at least one scene in each book that I find hard to read.
35559 Hey gals! Glad to hear you're carrying on with the Series....just be warned. It gets VERY hot later on, and you may need to keep a defibrillator (or other vibrating device) handy.

Oh and yeah. Adopting Jo was a bad idea.
Foreshadowing of epic proportions.
My lips are sealed.
35559 Thanks for asking Sans. I live about 300 miles from the nuclear plant in Fukushima, and even farther from Sendai, where the earthquake was centered. LIfe in Tokyo is basically going on normally. We're doing well, although a bit stressed out from the aftershocks and worries about long-term effects on the food and water supply.
I have lived in Japan for 20 years, basically my whole adult life. My and my husband's jobs, our kids' school, not to mention our mortgage and our bank accounts, are all here.
Yeah, this is pretty permanent.
35559 If it's any incentive, the Good Parts are pretty damn good! One in particular. Have fun when you get to it.

35559 I'm in that situation, too. Several other group reads clamoring for my attention..but I've read it several times already, and have the Good Parts dog-eared
35559 I think this is my favorite book of the series. It's not just about the sex. Well who am I kidding, it's
about the sex!
But seriously, The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars film and The Two Towers is IMO the best part of the LoTR trilogy and there isn't any boom-shaka-laka in those. I guess a well-done second book resolves some important issues and goes deeper into who the characters really are.
That and good sex. Works for me every time.
35559 I've had Real Life STuff and sick kids to deal with, haven't been reading as much as I'd like, either.
Just for an incentive, it isn't just Hot Smutty Action, it's Hot Smutty Boom Boom Superpower Action in the Bathtub!
It'll cure what ails ya. Read, and I'm sure you'll feel better, nudge nudge wink wink.
But you might want to have a defibrillator and oxygen tank handy, just in case. ;-)
35559 So how's everyone doing?
On to the second book yet?
a teaser...identies are revealed, and Red-Hot Whoopee-Making will ensue.
35559 Vicki wrote: I didn't think of the gravedigger looking for his manual on how to bury people--I wonder how long he looked for it or if he decided it must have fallen into on of the graves--I was thinking about all the pages written for the manual on how to bury a body.

Yes, that is a powerful, and rather creepy image. It stayed with me as well.
35559 I know, I'm a real Meanie...but I'm not terribly good at delaying gratification myself.
I have that particular page dog-eared. Mrrrrrroooowwwww!
35559 Just to torment you, the next book, Prophesy, has the best Red Hot Whooppee-Making scene in the whole series. Can you truly delay gratification and read something else ?
35559 I know, isn't he just adorable in that Wounded Warrior sort of way?!
35559 Awwwww...Lisarenee that's adorable! How old are your kids?

And ladies, I totally agree, Haydon keeps a reader guessing. DAYUM indeed. That was my reaction the first time I read it. And the second book, IMO, is even better.
Series read, ladies? I'm in for the duration if you are!
35559 Deep breaths, Sans! Deep breaths.
The whole story behind Stephen's shrine will be explained in time, as will the significance of the Overture and the weird stuff that happened along the Root.
Be patient, and please don't hit me
35559 Yeah, Anborn acts like a big old douche the first time he appears. Didn't you love the way Rhapsody handled him? But as with many people in real life, first impressions can be deceiving. He kind of grows on you as you get to know him better.
Does Achmed every get ladi? BWEG...I'm not gonna tell you!! Keep reading.
Madonna songs, huh? Which one? Like a Prayer?
I loved her first album (I was a big old Hag back in the 80's...Grace waaaay before Will and Grace, LOL.....Lucky Star was played at all the clubs) but kinda lost interest after that.
35559 Sans wrote: "So, Gaijinmama, when does this red-headed dragon dude you mentioned show up? I'm on page 280-something and have yet to meet a ginger."
He's more of a copper red, actually.
Don't worry, he'll show up in Chapter 40 and it is oh, so worth it.
You know, a lot of fans really want to see Achmed and Rhapsody together. I've never understood that. They are a great team but I just don't see them working as a couple.
Achmed does need to get laid, though. Badly!
35559 Sans wrote: "LOL! Mmmm, buckwheat soba noodles. Oishi!"
Oishii, indeed. And they're even better, depending on who is lashing you with them
35559 Sans wrote: "Gaijinmama wrote: "One if them is a bone fide Big Fat Meanie Poo-Poo Head."

I forgot to tell you that this made me bust out laughing. XD"

Glad to oblige!
Except that I spelled bona fide wrong...sheesh.
And I'm so OCD I had to go back and edit it.
50 lashes with a wet soba noodle for me.
35559 niquae wrote: "Dr. House? I think I am in the wrong thread. :D

I got my book in the mail today. I will start it soon and hope to catch up soon."

I only mentioned Dr. House because he has some of the best sarcastic comments in history. I think some of the dialogue among Rhapsody and her friends is as good as that.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the book as much as I do.
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