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Aug 02, 2014 09:42PM

35559 Renee wrote: "Finished my first 100! Yay for me :)

This is the first year I've tracked all the bo..."

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Congrats, Renee.
Aug 02, 2014 09:41PM

35559 Deedee wrote: "Finished my first 100! (See: Post #363 ) Whoo whoo!

Now on to the second 100!"

Congrats, Deedee!
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35559 Question and Comments for August 2nd
The Letter - Meeting Miss Winter

1) What do think of the author's writing style? Does it remind you of any other author's? She certainly uses the word corpse a lot. Do you get a sense that this is going to be a dark tale? (Ironically, I started reading this one on a dark and stormy night.)

2) "Reading can be dangerous." Have you ever had a dangerous encounter of a bookish kind? I loved that story. I confess to walking into things and people. lol

3) If someone sent you a letter like Vida Winter's, would you be intrigued enough to go meet with her? (That is, of course, if you were a person who writes biographies?) What's your initial impression of Vida? Do you think she'll tell Margaret her true story?

4) What would you do if you discovered you had a twin who died? If you were a parent, would you tell your child about her lost sibling? I wonder how long the twin lived?

5) What did you think of Margaret's hobby of bringing the voices of those from long ago to life again in her biographies? What did you think of the statement, “People disappear when they die. Their voice, their laughter, the warmth of their breath. Their flesh. Eventually their bones. All living memory of them ceases. This is both dreadful and natural. Yet for some there is an exception to this annihilation. For in the books they write they continue to exist. We can rediscover them. Their humor, their tone of voice, their moods. Through the written word they can anger you or make you happy. They can comfort you. They can perplex you. They can alter you. All this, even though they are dead. Like flies in amber, like corpses frozen in the ice, that which according to the laws of nature should pass away is, by the miracle of ink on paper, preserved. It is a kind of magic.” Would you enjoy reading someone's diary from the past?

6) What do you make of the 13 Tales that contain only 12?

Aug 02, 2014 05:29PM

35559 What do you think?
35559 Greta wrote: "I can't wait to start this one! What date are we starting?"

The 15th.
Aug 01, 2014 09:18AM

35559 Marlleyy wrote: "does anyone know a book with this on the book cover of a young adult book? A girl wearing a spartan helmet."

Can't think of one, but Rick Riordan's books come to mind. Do you remember if it was YA or Urban Fantasy or Fantasy?
Aug 01, 2014 09:16AM

35559 OddModicum Rachel wrote: "Oh yeah, LOOOVE the recommendations, not only on the shelf, but also in the little slider on a specific book page (the 'Readers Also Enjoyed' slider). My 'to read' list is so long cause when I like..."

Have you tried Deborah Harkness' All Souls trilogy?
35559 Should we create a thread for The Kingmaker's Daughter (The Cousins' War #4)?
35559 Nicole,
I couldn't remember if we decided Saturday or Sunday to start?
35559 I read it. Will comment tonight or tomorrow.
35559 Karen wrote: "Good point Lisa. I see what you mean that there was still an element of competition with the 12s, and I guess his father was always very proud of his job eventhough we don't agree with a component ..."

I never saw your quesiton, Karen. I read all the books, so I know the answer.
35559 Kelly wrote: "Lisarenee wrote: "Sorry for being late with the questions. My son's got the stomach flu and things got crazy."

Ick. Hope he feels better soon. Sick kids are never good."

Thanks. Took him to the doctor and they think it's strep, but the in office test said it wasn't. Doctor thinks its a false positive so I'm picking up antibiotics shortly.
35559 Congrats, Jackie!
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35559 Ashley Marie wrote: "Last minute question!

Could I use The Tomb (The Adversary Cycle, #2) (Repairman Jack, #1) by F. Paul Wilson for #15? The silhouette is illuminated by an orange glow."

It looks like a orange glow of light to me, so I'd say you can.
35559 Sorry for being late with the questions. My son's got the stomach flu and things got crazy.

Questions and Comments for July 27th; Chapters XII-XXIV

28) So now we know why Serena agreed to kill her sister. I think Eli has powers of persuasion. We also know Serena is a novelty for Eli. She makes him feel again although it doesn't seem like true feelings, just a cheap imitation. What do you make of Serena always having to tell him he won't kill her today and his response that one day she'll forget?

29) I liked Mitch's question about what will Victor do once he's gotten his revenge? Do you think he's thought things through?

30) What did you think of Mitch's observation that Victor could go around unnoticed? I wonder if he is the man Eli saw in the hotel and didn't realize it. They did say he just missed hitting Victor with his car. I wonder how he didn't recognize him? Do you think he still pictures him as a man in his twenties?

31) I'm to the point that I think these two will either make up or (more likely) kill each other. Perhaps Victor will kill Eli and the cops will kill him? I wonder if Eli can be killed? What do you theorize will happen in the final chapters? What is Victor planning at midnight?

32) Does anyone else think it ironic that both Victor and Eli were Med Students who would have saved people instead of kill them? What is your opinion of Victor? Is their some humanity left in him? He did save Sydney before he realized what she could do.

33) What do you make of Mitch's curse? He seems to be the opposite of Eli. I wonder what his powers would be if he came back as an EO? Do you think by befriending a person who isn't an EO that a person could maintain their humanity after the change via them?

34) Serena's influence lasts even when someone is brought back from the dead. That's powerful stuff. Do you think the last remaining EO might be able to counteract Serena's spell? What would happen if you put a siren against a siren?

Jul 27, 2014 06:40AM

35559 Welcome, James. That's a lot of cats with one dog.
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Jul 27, 2014 06:36AM

35559 Hayley, Welcome! We're glad to have you.

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Jul 27, 2014 06:34AM

35559 Welcome, Suzanne! I love the All Souls Trilogy too. Which reminds me I nee to read the last book.
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Jul 27, 2014 06:31AM

35559 Welcome, Rachael!

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Jul 27, 2014 06:17AM

35559 Welcome, Gar! I definitely think a love of books is genetic. :)
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