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Mar 21, 2011 03:21PM

34355 Ted, you suck! hehehe. Samina, I completely agree, I love all of these characters, and I am glad to find out more wit each book. Like I love learning more about Kate.
Mar 21, 2011 02:28PM

34355 I really have to stay outta this thread....damn. I wish it was May 31. I wanna dicuss! XD
Mar 20, 2011 08:19PM

34355 i ♥ derek
Mar 20, 2011 02:57PM

34355 LOL
Mar 16, 2011 04:25PM

Mar 13, 2011 09:14PM

34355 OMFG! I need book 6! ARRRGHHHH!!!! I wish it was next year right about this time right now! XD

OOPS. I'm suppose to be hiding from Samina and Suzanne O___O
Mar 13, 2011 01:35PM

34355 **hides and locks my door**
Mar 09, 2011 07:58PM

34355 So I am in the Guild

You are a mercenary of the Guild. Life is hard, but you're harder. You tend to look out for number one. You risk your hide to provide for you and yours, you work hard, and you don't let anyone get the better of you. When you take a job, you get it done, but you always keep your eyes on the prize and if it gets too nasty, you aren't above walking away from the whole thing.
34355 They are so funny together. I mean MAGIC STRIKES, god. it was hilrious! I couldn't stop laughing XD

OMG. I can't forget MAGIC BLEEDS TOO! The glueing of the butt to the chair. LOL
Mar 02, 2011 05:01PM

34355 haha. and Curran's like Oh, no! She is retarded and I Am going to kill jim(don't be made if it's not teh exact line, but close enough)...haha. SO DAMN FUNNY!!! I seriously couldn't stop laughing. I love Curran!
Feb 26, 2011 12:44PM

34355 Vale has too much control. like for Shadowfever I can't believe the amount of control you had to not read the chapter 1-3. I'm too weak, XD I just skim for the Curran parts though...hehehe. but it was part of a snippet we got in the past, but updated a bit..ugh..Need more Curran!

OMFG. someone on goodread got an ARC. I am so jealous!!! XD
Feb 26, 2011 12:17PM

34355 The prologue and the first 3 chapters have been posted
34355 I have never read a spin off before of a series before, but I can give you an answer in August when I read Vamprie Academy spin off series.
34355 The VAmpire Academy Series was different, b/c I really liked these characters. I mean a spin off about Sydney and Adrian I wouldn't mind b/c I really really enjoyed these characters, but I don't think I would enjoy Andrea and Dali b/c I liked them just as characters but not to hear their story. I mean I'm not even too crazy to read their short stories.
34355 I'm not too fond of either ladies either. I hope they get changed to someone else or someone we have not met before. I mean I like Andrea but I don't think I would like a series about her as the heroine
34355 okaiexz...I found the Blog post with the answers to Kate Daniels Book 7 last book?

Is Kate 7 the definitive last book you will write for this series? or is there the possibilty of more if your publishers buy in again with a new contract? (Same question for the edge series)I know its premature but i’m already dreading the end of the series, although I suppose in the event of an ending, I could be placated with a new series written by you… but it would still be quite sad.

This question has been cropping up a lot lately in the email. Kate is our bread and butter right now. The Magic series features a solid setting: there are so many factions, neighborhoods, and cool characters to keep the series going for a while. It also pays our bills. Most authors are working authors, with mortgages and college tuition, and children who like to be fed every day. Very few people can choose, as Castle had done, to murder the protagonist of their main series, because it’s simply not fun to write about him anymore. It would be equivalent to quitting your job with no prospects on the horizon.

How many books will be written depends on two factors:

a) Will people still like it and buy it?

b) Will we become creatively fatigued?

Very few series out there go past five-six books without degrading in quality. Look at Xanth. The first four, five books were great, and then it dissolved into silliness. There are always exceptions: Terry Pratchett, Robert Parker (it did eventually degrade, but it was excellent for a good twenty years, despite Susan), J.D. Robb. It would be nice to think that we were among the exceptions but that remains to be seen. We work very hard to maintain the quality of the series, and that creates a lot of pressure.

People have various opinions about the series having a definite end at seven books: some people are bummed out when thinking about it, some people are adamant the series should end quickly. Personally, it strikes me a little odd when people come out guns blazing to tell us that they’re huge fans of the series, but no, don’t write any more books in it. It’s like walking up to a concert pianist and telling him, “Your rendition of Bach was lovely, now please get off the piano, we’re done listening.” You might think it, but you would not necessarily tell that to the pianist’s face.

The decision ultimately belongs to us and I am disinclined to tolerate strong opinions one way or the other. Basically, nobody tells us what to do with our own storyline.

That said, if there is interest from the readers, who want the continuation of the series, and interest from the publisher, who feels the books are selling strongly and still have an audience, we will strive to continue writing past seven books.

In addition to the seven books under contract, there are also two spin-offs scheduled for the Magic series. One will likely feature Andrea and the other Dali. We already signed the contracts for the spin-offs; however, it’s possible the leading ladies will change. I am also not one hundred percent certain as to the format: will they be first person, third person, will they feature male POV, etc.

That brings us to other changes: the Alphas, which were supposed to be a novel, for now will have to become a novella. We will be working on it this week. As much fun as it would be to write a novel in that world, it is the weakest of our settings so far and it would need a lot of development. Our schedule this year is very rigorous.

The main reason for the switch, however, is that we would be spreading ourselves too thin. I’ve been seeing phrases like “fans of Ilona Andrews” and “Ilona Andrews’ long career” pop up here and there. It cracks me up. The first book was published in 2007. Our “long” career consists of four years. As much as I would like to be one of those gentle artists who simply can’t be bothered to think of practicalities. I realize that we’re still a new name and we’re basically a flash in the pan, at this point. We must be conscious of maintaining the quality of the brand, which means not throwing every idea out there, no matter how half-baked it is. After a long discussion with our agent, we decided to concentrate on Magic and Edge for now.
34355 I wouldn't want a good series to keep going just b/c us fans would hate for it to end, b/c maybe it wouldn't be as good. if Andrews has a great ending in mind for us I will cherish these last few books. I always hate for series I love to end, but I end up loving them even more for the great endings the authors bring us. XD

But of course I want more Kate and Curran!!! Me will always want more!!!
34355 she talked about peopel being sad the KD Series will be ending, but she said something like all series must be coming to an end, but I also think she said there would be another series about one of the characters or something. I wonder if I can find that info. I'll let you know if I do. I know she talked about that somewhere.
34355 there will be two more books, so 7 books total
Feb 19, 2011 03:04PM

34355 Ilona Andrews is the pen name used by urban fantasy novelist Ilona Gordon with her spouse Andrew Gordon, also known as Gordon.

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