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Mar 15, 2010 02:17AM

3124 Emmett, I had a tough time getting into the Kate Daniels series at first, initially putting the first book down about 50 pages in. However, I went back to it and I was hooked. It's become my favorite UF series and I can't wait for Magic Bleeds to be released.

And I hear you about the James Marsters narration of the Dresden Files. They're what got me into the series, and I'm loving them. He does a brilliant job!
3124 Favorites that immediately come to mind are:

Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels
Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files
Adrian Phoenix's Maker's Song

They all have a romantic interest of one degree or another, but they're not the focus of the series.
Mar 10, 2010 10:50PM

3124 Julia wrote: "Darkheart,

Mouse, in the Dresden series, isn't a rodent. Nor a pet exactly... But he's a great character...."

LOL, ah... Right, well I've ordered books six and seven, so hopefully I'll get to Mouse before too long - and can get back to Mr. Marsters and his lovely voice for book eight.
Mar 10, 2010 07:47AM

3124 Bob gets a British accent from him. ;)
Mar 09, 2010 12:53PM

3124 Ooh, a pet mouse? =) I've been going through the Dresden series on audio (James Marsters - sigh...). Unfortunately Audible doesn't have books 5 & 6! Will need to go but the paperbacks so I can get back to them.
Mar 09, 2010 02:04AM

3124 Yesterday I finished Graceling and really enjoyed it.

Last night I picked up a PNR and started Street Game, the latest Ghostwalker novel.
Feb 12, 2010 12:29PM

3124 I've taken to buying my favorite series on audio, so I "reread" them that way. Ones I regularly reread either via actual book or by audio include:

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
Shifters by Rachel Vincent
Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews
Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs
Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyers
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (and i just got the first Georgina book on audio and hope to listen to that whole series again before Succubus Shadows comes out)
Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
3124 I received a free copy of the audiobook for Sandman Slim: A Novel by Richard Kadrey last year, and quite enjoyed it.

I've read the first of Mario Acevedo's Felix Gomez novels, but it wasn't to my taste.

I quite enjoyed J.F. Lewis' Staked and plan to read the follow-up ReVamped.

I own the Felix Castor series by Mike Carey, and while I haven't gotten around to reading them yet, my husband quite enjoyed them.

And I agree about the brilliance of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files.
Jan 31, 2010 10:55AM

3124 I bought Storm Front and Full Moon last year, but didn't get around to reading them (my husband did, and thought they were okay). Late last year though, I decided to try them on audio when I learned that Mr. Marsters (swoon...) was narrating them. I though the first two books were okay, but wasn't convinced about the greatness of the series that so many others exclaim. I'm now on the fourth book though, and I'm really enjoying them and plan to get through all of them this year as part of a series challenge. =)
Jan 06, 2010 11:10PM

3124 I just finished this up last night and really enjoyed it. I must say that I thought it went on about five pages too long though. I'm not at all prudish, but I didn't think the sex scene worked, as she had played around it the whole book, which was much more entertaining. It's as if the publisher said "The book needs more sex", so she threw it in at the end. It seemed a bit pointless and not really fitting with the rest of the story for me.
Jan 04, 2010 02:49AM

3124 I'm about a third of the way through and it's really quite good. Very amusing.
Jan 02, 2010 09:17AM

3124 Well, swayed by the dulcet tones of James Marsters, I bought and listened the first two and, wasn't immediately a fan. I'm giving in to the praises of you fans though and will get the next couple of books in the series.
Dec 29, 2009 11:58AM

3124 I got the Sony Touch PRS-600 for Christmas, and I think it's ace! I knew I was getting it, so I've been collecting ebooks over the past couple of months. I don't think it will convert me away from standar books, but it's great for those titles only available in electronic format.
Dec 02, 2009 02:01PM

3124 While I don't know if the option is available outside of the US, you can borrow books from the library on readers that support ePub.

I just placed the order for my Sony Touch, and I'm really excited about it.
Nov 24, 2009 10:45AM

3124 Um... It's been a bit since I read it (and I have a crap memory), but I believe one of the main characters in Lori Handeland's Phoenix Chronicles is a shaman who can change into different animals.

Any Given Doomsday (Phoenix Chronicles, #1) by Lori Handeland Doomsday Can Wait (Phoenix Chronicles, #2) by Lori Handeland Apocalypse Happens (Phoenix Chronicles, #3) by Lori Handeland
And next year's
Chaos Bites (Phoenix Chronicles, #4) by Lori Handeland
Nov 21, 2009 02:19AM

3124 Unfortunately, they do seem to have bad covers. The cover for Magic Strikes is their best one yet, and it's still cheesy. I think they'd attract more new readers if their publishers found someone else to do the art, as I only read them because a friend assured me they were good. A while back Ilona mentioned that they'd sold the rights to a UK publisher who is redoing the covers, so I'm eagerly awaiting the results of that.
Nov 16, 2009 04:30AM

3124 Anne wrote: "Melodie wrote: "Valorie wrote: "I heard that Disney bought rights to blue bloods to make a movie. It looks as though they did the same with Adrian Phoenix's Makers Song series. Here's the link for..."

Please save us all from that torture... I'm not convinced Dante will be cast right, so this makes me quite nervous. I tend to prefer my books to stay in my head, as film adaptations as so rarely done well.
Nov 16, 2009 04:12AM

3124 I think it's a hybrid of the two. It's not straight UF though, as I believe each book will center around a different couple and end in their HEA, but so much emphasis is placed on the world building and the overarching story, that it isn't straight PNR either. It is similar to the later BDB books in that respect.
Nov 15, 2009 01:46AM

3124 Valorie wrote: "I heard that Disney bought rights to blue bloods to make a movie. It looks as though they did the same with Adrian Phoenix's Makers Song series. Here's the link for the Adrian Phoenix movie gossip...."

That's very interesting. I've just posted to the Adrian Phoenix Yahoo group to see if anyone's got anymore information on it.
Nov 13, 2009 01:19PM

3124 I don't know that they've specifically said, but it does seem like it's going down the PNR path rather than the UF one of Kate.

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