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Aug 27, 2010 02:19PM

30628 I don't know guys, I thought he explained it when he said she was going to save his son. I believe the vision was about Merit being important Gabriel's son.
Aug 18, 2010 03:39PM

30628 Melissa wrote: "I just finished Slave to Sensation- great book. I was a little worried it would be all sappy and strictly romance but it had a good story as well. I think I put off reading it for so long because..."

I personally think it's sad that all Nalini Singh's books have awful cover. I love her books but her publisher could do a better job with "our first impression".
Aug 12, 2010 03:56PM

30628 Kelleigh wrote: "So I'm trying to decide between this series and Kresley Cole's Immortals after dark series.

Does anyone have a preference on which they enjoyed more?"

They're very different (and not so much). Hard to explain, if you've read them both, you might understand where I can see them alike.

I read Kresley Cole's first and because of that I got to understand when one character of her series entered the Lords universe (it was one single line in one book) and a laughed out loud because it was one of my favorite characters.

The main difference: Immortals After Dark is much funnier. They are both one couple's romance per book, but since IAD the heroines are crazy strong girls, they made me laugh a lot.

They're both great series, read them both!
Aug 12, 2010 03:52PM

30628 Malena wrote: "This is the next series I plan to read. What can I expect? I hope it's a good series!?!"

Malena, Gena Showalter uses a recipe that many other series do: she presents us with a certain number of kick-ass guys, all with problems, and with each book she tells their happily ever after.

In this case, the guys are carriers of demons, they share their bodies with demons that escaped hell and later were locked into these warriors. You have wrath, pain, lust, lies, disaster, disease etc.

All of this is mixed with mythology and some hot scenes. The first book is not that good, if I'm being honest, but the universe of these Lords grows on you as you read their stories.

Many people compare this series with The Black Dagger Brotherhood, it's not a bad comparison. Mostly, if you like one, you'll probably enjoy the other. There many similarities but each author has a different way of writing and choosing the details of their tales.

You can expect certain steamy scenes, fighting scenes, villains always attacking them, not-so-helpful Gods, lots of testosterone and melting of sweet heroines lol.

It's a fun read and definitely a good choice for anyone who likes paranormal romances.
Aug 12, 2010 03:43PM

30628 Psy-Changeling is one of the most creative paranormal romance series I've come in contact with.

Nalini Singh did an exceptional work building this universe. Not every book in the series is outstanding, but just the concept makes it worth it.

As Deanne said, you have three primary races in the story:

Psy: extremely psychic power, inserted into something called the Silence Protocol that conditions them to have no feelings, the only acceptable reaction is through logic. They consider themselves the superior race.

Changelings: basically your regular shapeshifter. They are driven by emotions, love to touch and indulge physical "needs".

Humans: well, these you know.

The series is presented much like Dark Hunter, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, each book is about a couple, it's primarily a romance, and so far all are about mixing of races. Psy with Changelings, Different kinds of changelings, Changeling with human etc.

While we follow the romance, we also face the disputes between races, who is to be the on the top, crimes and mysteries.

It's a great series, forgiving certain not-so-perfect details. Give it a try, Nalini Singh is a very good writer, it's worth it. :)
Aug 08, 2010 08:20PM

30628 Your Black Dagger Brotherhood man is Butch. The only human male allowed inside the brother's inner circle, the ex-cop is itching to help take out some lessers and help defend the vampire race. Formerly known on the squad as 'hardass', Butch is rough, tough and always ready for action, that is, as long as he hasn't been drinking the Scotch he seems to like so much. You could be the woman for him, as long as you're not a Yankees fan, that is.

Aug 08, 2010 07:18PM

30628 Mencheres, though I'm a Bones girl :)
Aug 02, 2010 11:21AM

30628 I just made a quiz about the books (whoever's finished reading them, might enjoy playing):
Chicagoland Vampires (books 1, 2 and 3) by Chloe Neill.
Aug 02, 2010 09:49AM

30628 I just finished reading these three.

I have to say I didn't really like the first two books in the series. Not for the lack of "happily ever after", but because it felt like an episode in a tv series, far from the season finale. It's like I was getting just a bunch of chapters but didn't get to the real thing.

This one, on the other hand, is a real book. It has a story behind it, a real plot, you get events happening, real facts important for the series as a whole. I'm happy I decided to read this series now, because if I had read just the first two, for instance, I don't think I would have continued. Now, I'm waiting for the next.

The whole Ethan thing in the first two books was more Merit having crisis than anything else. With this one, she has real reasons for the angst. I felt for her, got the problems she was facing and sometimes wanted to throw a hammer at his head.

BUT I get him. He's not wrong, but he's not right. He's scared and conflicted. He doesn't know how to deal with the things he's feeling and still be a competent master. I like that! He's not perfect, that makes him more real.

For instance, the fact he didn't even realize that Lacey's presence was a problem for Merit was so what guys do! They don't think of the implications of things, they don't realize what certain things might look like and then say they don't understand women. That's so the story of every girl's life! He's almost four hundred years old, powerful, Master vampire, but still just a guy. I think that's lovely.
Jul 15, 2010 07:37PM

30628 @ Angela
Give it time, maybe you'll start enjoying it again. There are books in the series I get the same "let's get this one over with already" feeling. Sometimes it's like she uses 400 pages to tell a story that could easily fit in a 200-page book.

I haven't finished reading the series yet, I stopped after Acheron, I have them all here though. I've caught up with other series, started reading new ones and I still don't feel like going back just yet. Guess we're at the same position at the moment right? :)


@ Gokce

Glad to help ;)
Jul 13, 2010 03:47PM

30628 @ Angela
Well, I don't think you NEED to read them, but there are little details here and there that may make some difference. Though I feel like Kenyon tries to repeat everything she can in order to make them feel like stand alone books.

Take a break from the series, read something else for a while and then maybe you'll start to enjoy it again. I did the same. Reading them all at once may be tiresome.

@ Gokce

No, it's not a different series. In the list up here (you're welcome :)) includes Dark-Hunters, Dream-Hunters and Were-Hunters. They are three different kinds but they are all from the same universe and generally interact with each other. You don't have to read them first, just follow the reading order.

As for the first book, it's the only one I would say you can skip. Because it's not about any of the hunters. It's about Julian and it works more like an introduction to the universe they live in. But you'll notice that when Julian shows up again it's assumed you know who that is. It's a funny book, I recommend it but it's not necessary to understand the series.
Jul 04, 2010 10:05AM

30628 Gokce wrote: "Thanks Soraia! Isn't it the right order here on GR? I took the order down from here :)"

I don't know, I followed it there. Yesterday I saw Corazon posted the list in the Dark Hunter group here in GR perfectly (Link to the list in GR). I hope she doesn't mind my copying it here (well, I'm not saying I did it, so I don't think she'll mind heheh I added some observations and the links). This includes the short stories.


1. Fantasy Lover (Julian & Grace)

2. The Beginning (Acheron - short - this one is also part of Acheron but can be found in Sherrilyn Kenyon's website [link])

3. Dragonswan (Sebastian & Channon - was released as a book - 86 pages only - in 2005 and it will be found as a short in In Other Worlds Anthology - to be released JUL-2010)

4. Night Pleasures (Kyrian & Amanda)

5. Night Embrace (Talon & Sunshine)

6. Phantom Lover (V’Aidan & Erin - short found in Midnight Pleasures Anthology)

7. Dance With The Devil (Zarek & Astrid)

8. Dark-Hunter Christmas (Gallagher - short, can be found in Dark Hunter Companion or in Sherrilyn Kenyon's website [link])

9. Kiss of the Night (Wulf & Cassandra)

10. Night Play (Vane & Bride)

11. Winter Born (Dante & Pandora - short found in Stroke of Midnight Anthology)

12. Seize the Night (Valerius & Tabitha)

13. Sins of the Night (Alexion & Dangereuse)

14. Second Chances (Ash & Styxx - short in a collectible booklet, can also found in Dark Hunter Companion or Sherrilyn Kenyon's website [link])

15. Unleash the Night (Wren & Maggie)

16. Dark Side of the Moon (Ravyn & Susan)

17. A Hard Day’s Night (Rafael & Celena - short found in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding Anthology)

18. Until Death We Do Part (Velkan & Esperetta - short found in Love at First Bite Anthology)

19. Fear the Darkness (Nick - short available to free download in Official Sanctuary)

20. The Dream-Hunter (Arikos & Megeara)

21. Devil May Cry (Sin & Katra)

22. Upon The Midnight Clear (Leta & Aidan)

23. Dark Hunter Companion (guide, includes Dark-Hunter related book #8 and #14)

24. Dream Chaser (Xypher & Simone)

25. Acheron (Acheron & Soteria)

26. One Silent Night (Stryker & Zephyra)

27. Shadow of the Moon (Fury & Angelina - short found in Dead After Dark Anthology)

28. Dream Warrior (Jericho & Delphine)

29. Bad Moon Rising (Fang & Aimee)

30. No Mercy (Dev & Sam - to be released hardcover SET-2010/paperback APR-2011)

That's it :)
Jul 03, 2010 05:50PM

30628 Last time I was here, I had just finished the 8th book, Sins of the Night, and now it's been a little over a week since I finished Acheron (yes, I read them all in order).

I'm not sure when (or if) I'm going to continue reading this series. I got a little disappointed with my most awaited book in the bunch and now I think I need a vacation from Kenyon.

@Gokce and @jD:
If anyone needs to know the order of the books, go the Sherrilyn Kenyon's website, she has them all there in order. Just click in Dark Hunter.
May 28, 2010 08:52AM

30628 Gokce wrote: "I can't wait to read this series as well, I loved the Lords of the Underworld!"

Well Gokce, as I said before, this is nothing like the Lords of the Underworld. Be prepared to a completely different set and types of characters. Personally I think LOTU is better, but this one is fun too.
May 26, 2010 03:09PM

30628 Have you read them all? I liked this series. I started reading it because of Showalter's other series - Lords of the Underworld - and though it's completely different I enjoyed.

I don't know when the next one is coming out but I'll probably read it too.
May 26, 2010 03:05PM

30628 A friend recommended these to me and they are now my new addiction. Right now I just finished the 8th book, Sins of the Night (not counting the short stories in between).

I think Kenyon did a great job in most of the books. Talon's is the one I didn't like so much, not for the story but the way it was presented, she took 400 pages to tell a story that could have been nicely told in 200.

It's not perfect but the books are funny, romantic, sexy and they have plots for you to worry about. I mean, it's more than you can say about some books right?

Simi is one of my favorite characters of all time. I just love her. She makes me laugh so hard. But what really gets me going is finding out more details about Acheron. Kenyon never reveals much about him and you keep adding things up trying to figure out just who exactly he is. I can't wait to get to his book (I'm doing the best I can to follow the right order).
May 21, 2010 11:04PM

30628 Stacie wrote: "I've started reading this series awhile ago and I liked the first two books but now I'm havn trouble getting into them now that Bill is gone can anyone tell me will the books get better?"

Stacie, being in Eric's team since I've first read his description in the series, I actually really enjoyed when Bill was gone. I loved some of the books, like the 4th, 6th and 7th, but I have to tell you, I think this series is fantastic up until book 8, book 9 is not so hot and book 10 was a great disappointment for me. I'm afraid of how this series will end (book 13, if I read it right). Still a fan, totally worth reading it, just not sure where everything is leading.