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Freckles (50 new)
May 30, 2013 02:06PM

30109 I remember St. Vincent loved Evie's freckles in Devil in Winter. He traced them with his tongue. :)
Apr 26, 2013 07:13PM

30109 Wow, you are a guru, Lisa Kay!
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 05:57PM

30109 Yeah, you want to know you're reading. Speaking for myself, that's why I am a genre reader.
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 03:49PM

30109 I totally agree. They are very different.
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 02:04PM

30109 Kari wrote: "Lady Danielle aka The Book Huntress wrote: "Adultery/cheating..."

This list sums it up nicely for me, Danielle :)"

It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 02:04PM

30109 I don't like chicklit either. Especially don't like women's fiction.
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 01:33PM

30109 I agree with you about the lack of conflict in romance novels, Tkay.

I like first person for coming of age or for mystery/UF books. Not for romance.
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 01:30PM

30109 Pamela(AllHoney) wrote: "Great list, Lady D! Agree it most of it. Well, actually, all of it. Maybe some points more than others. The misleading blurb is something I really hate. I pick up one book thinking I'm getting some..."

Thanks, Pamela. It's harder nowadays since a lot of readers don't have my hard limits with erotica, so the publishers sneak in a lot more objectionable (for me) content.
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 01:30PM

30109 namericanwordcat wrote: "The blub thing makes me crazy. It more makes me not pick up a book.

I really hate movie trailers where you think you are getting a comedy and you are not."

Yup! It happens more with books because of the major trends right now (I won't name names).
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 12:59PM

30109 Melissa wrote: "If you are writing a historical romance, please know what things are called and when they came into use. If you're writing about a woman in the 15/16th century chances are the hero isn't going to..."

I hate wallpaper in historical romances. Why write a historical romance if it's not historical?
It Can Ruin A Book (167 new)
Apr 25, 2013 12:57PM

30109 Pamela(AllHoney) wrote: "Are there any elements that can kill a book for you? Certain situations or writing styles that just ruin what could have been a great or at least good story?"

Sexual violence described too much
Excessive vulgarity
Too much dialogue/Too little dialogue
Uneven tone
Unlikable main characters (especially abusive and mean to others)
Cliffhanger (obvious designed to get me to read the next book)
Misleading blurb (in other words, the book is not the kind of book I would read, and I was mislead into reading it. For example, I don't like erotica. If I read a book and it's a surprise erotica, then that is a book-killer for me).
Unpolished writing that should not have made it past the editing process
Preachy tone (not just referring to religion)
The Café (3520 new)
Apr 23, 2013 10:09PM

30109 Happy Birthday, Dhestiny!
How Soon? (67 new)
Apr 19, 2013 03:13PM

30109 Preferably within the first ten pages. I get antsy if the whole 1st chapter goes by and they don't meet.
Beauty Burden (13 new)
Mar 25, 2013 07:36PM

30109 You are the list guru, namericanwordcat!
Mar 07, 2013 07:13PM

30109 I think secondary characters can make a book more vivid and readable, if done right. There's always that challenge of avoiding making them more interesting than the lead characters though. I feel like I always get intrigued with secondary characters and then I want a series about them.
Mar 07, 2013 01:13AM

30109 I have to agree with Jennie. I think the villain's end should fit the story. Some villains are just too intriguing to kill off right away. I don't care for the villain to get off scot free after wreaking havoc.

I am very squeamish about serial killer/sociopath/psychopaths, so I don't want too much of that in detail. On the other hand, don't like a campy villain that much, especially when I'm supposed to take them seriously.
Mar 04, 2013 07:42PM

30109 I think if they aren't a true villain, I consider them an antagonist.

I like everyone's descriptions of bad villains.

LK that was my problem with the villain in Tomb Raider. He was super lame!
Mar 04, 2013 04:43PM

30109 I think a villain needs to be bad enough to be frightening or for you to feel worried for the hero and the innocents. He shouldn't be easily defeated. I like a villain with some charm or appeal or at least bad enough not to be totally bland or forgettable.
Nov 15, 2012 06:57PM

30109 Hehe. I am still figuring out a lot of stuff..
Nov 15, 2012 06:51PM

30109 It's too soon to tell about my life story... I like to say a journey of discovery.
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