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2010 Book Count (161 new)
Sep 06, 2010 03:06AM

28257 It's a pretty new feature. I think it's only been there a few months or so. It's not helpful at all if you don't have the date you read a book listed on your review, but VERY nice if you do.
2010 Book Count (161 new)
Sep 05, 2010 07:47PM

28257 Hey, no counting or math necessary if you add all of your books read to your list here at GR, and make sure to add the date read! GR keeps your count for you on a "stats" page. It will tell you both numbers of books and pages read for each year. You can also see a detailed list for each year separated out by your star ratings. The details view also has a pie chart showing your top shelves for that year and highlights your longest book for the year. To get there, go to "my books" then scroll to below your list of shelves and click on the "stats" link. You can also look at other people's stats on their "my books" page.

ETA: Oh, and the stats link is also on your profile page right below your bookshelves list.
Sep 05, 2010 07:04PM

28257 It's fun seeing your childhood favorites lists and comparing them with mine! One of the first "extra" shelves I created here on GR was "childhood-favorites." I still find the occasion book to add to my shelf that I hadn't thought of in years!
Jun 24, 2010 01:54AM

28257 Mma Precious Ramotswe from Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series describes herself as "traditionally built." I've only read the first four in the series so far, but plan to eventually read them all.
Jun 23, 2010 12:46AM

28257 Thanks for the feedback, Lisa. My library doesn't have it, and I don't want to buy it. But I just read quite a lot of it using Amazon's "Look Inside" feature. :) It let me read all of the introduction and quite a few of the inside bits when I kept clicking the "Surprise Me!" link - enough to let me know that I really don't want to buy it, but wouldn't mind reading it sometime.
Jun 21, 2010 11:14PM

28257 I read Book Lust and thought it was just okay, but I wasn't aware she had written one for kids. Thanks, Lisa! I'll definitely have to check that one out.
Jun 19, 2010 06:27PM

28257 I'm currently reading Rebecca for the first time! Or actually, I'm listening to it. I'm about a third of the way through so far, and enjoying it a lot. I listen to it while I'm driving, and I find myself making excuses to drive a little bit more ("maybe I'll drive to the slightly further away post office to mail these letters") so that I can keep listening. :)
Jan 21, 2010 01:04AM

28257 Gundula wrote: "Luann, if you loved the Pippi Longstocking books, you will most likely love Astrid Lindgren's other children's tales as well. Start with Emil in the Soup Tureen (or any of the other ..."

Thanks for the recommendation, Gundula! I've added it to my TBR list.
Jan 17, 2010 11:14PM

28257 Lisa wrote: "I loved Pippi Longstocking when I was young. I read just 3: Pippi Longstocking,..."

I loved Pippi when I was growing up, too, Lisa! I used to reread the two Pippi books I owned (Pippi Longstocking and Pippi in the South Seas) about once a year. I've never read anything else by Astrid Lindgren so I can't really compare. But Pippi was a definite comfort read for me growing up.
Jan 17, 2010 10:48PM

28257 Richard Armitage does audiobook narrations?? Oh, I'm definitely going to check into that! Thanks, Darkpool!!
Comfort Movies (624 new)
Jan 12, 2010 09:37PM

28257 {eri} wrote: "Plus I love Amy Adams."

Just saw "Julie & Julia" and "Night at the Museum 2" over the holidays. She plays such different parts in the two movies - and does a very nice job in both of them.
Jan 12, 2010 09:31PM

28257 There's also a list called "Metafiction," but I didn't like it as much as the other two.
Jan 12, 2010 01:12AM

28257 There are a couple of nice lists at Listopia on this topic:

* Books about Books

* Stories for Book Lovers
Comfort Movies (624 new)
Jan 10, 2010 10:15PM

28257 Kathy wrote: "One of my favorite comfort/feel-good movies is Love Actually. In fact, most movies with Hugh Grant in them are comfort movies for me. "

My favorite Hugh Grant movie is The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain. I have to watch it at least once a year.
Jan 10, 2010 10:05PM

28257 Darkpool wrote: "One of my favourite non-fiction reads of recent years is Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth."

Sounds interesting! I watched the miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon" not too long ago and loved learning all sorts of things I hadn't known before about that period of American history. Thanks for the recommendation, Darkpool! I'm adding it to my TBR.
Jan 10, 2010 09:49PM

28257 How Reading Changed My Life by Anna Quindlen. I gave it four stars. I plan to reread it sometime and mark favorite quotes as I go.

Book by Book: Notes on Reading and Life by Michael Dirda. I gave this one three stars. There were some sections of it that I loved, and other sections that I wasn't interested in at all.

These types of books can be very comforting! You see that other people are just as nutty about reading as you are - and in some cases even more so. It's nice to know that you aren't the only one! :)
Classics (166 new)
Jan 10, 2010 07:47PM

28257 Paula wrote: "That's it - tomorrow I sign up for Netflix! :)"

Paula, sometimes they send out coupons to members to give to their family and friends which will give you a free month trial instead of two weeks. I don't have one right now or I'd send it to you.
Jan 10, 2010 07:13PM

28257 Lee wrote: "That's kind of weird Luann. I don't think I'd like to listen to the same character read by different people. It would ruin the whole feeling and continuity of the book. "

Oh, it isn't different characters read by different people. It's different chapters read by different people. So you can download the entire book, but each chapter has a different reader. Or sometimes the same person will read several chapters, then it will switch to someone else.
Cozy Mysteries (122 new)
Jan 10, 2010 06:49PM

28257 Kathy wrote: "I stumbled upon a great site today for cozy mystery readers that has an extensive list of authors and the chronological order of books in their series. It is "

Nice site, Kathy! Thanks! I hadn't seen that one before.
Comfort Snacks (769 new)
Jan 10, 2010 06:44PM

28257 Peregrine wrote: "Teriyaki Almonds . . . Heat 2 tablespoons oil (*not* olive) in a frypan. Add one tablespoon soy sauce, one teaspoon sugar, and one-half teaspoon c..."

Yum! That sounds delicious, Peregrine. Thanks for sharing.
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