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Books for $0.99 (933 new)
Sep 18, 2011 12:48PM

2802 My new short story series "A Hint of Murder" is getting great reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. One said, "Wow! All I can say is wow!!" The first installment: "A Hint of Murder: The Writer" is 99cents

Look for "A Hint of Murder: The Doctor" on Amazon next week for 99 cents!
Books for $0.99 (933 new)
Jun 07, 2011 04:48PM

2802 Just finished reading Second Chances by Valerie Maarten. It was only 99cents, but this book is worth more. I'll be doing a review here when I get a chance. Very lovely and heartfelt book!

Second Chances by Valerie Maarten
Jun 06, 2011 01:26PM

2802 Lora wrote: "What books have numbers? None of mine have book numbers, just percentages and I have the 3.1 version."

Lora: I don't know which version I have but have had it for about a year now. At the bottom it will read something like 4,556 if you are 2/3 of the way through. So if I want to go back and see who someone was or check something I'm sitting there guessing and start entering random numbers like 3,333 to try and find the spot. It's very tedious.
Jun 05, 2011 06:16PM

2802 Wish I would have kept all my paperbacks, Kindle or not. I gave a lot away after I read them. Later I wished I had them to read again. Guess that's a nice option with kindle.
Jun 05, 2011 06:12PM

2802 Wow, real page numbers? I didn't know that was an option. Mine doesn't have it. The percentage is not too bad but I find those little numbers at the bottom very annoying.
Books for $0.99 (933 new)
Apr 13, 2011 05:40PM

2802 I just picked up Burn Out It's getting great reviews.

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