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Mar 24, 2012 09:14AM

26989 I understand completely as I'm the same way. It's unfortunate for us self-publishers that electronically is the easiest way to distribute our works because I feel the fatigue from reading on a backlit screen is a huge detriment to getting our works across.
Mar 23, 2012 02:57PM

26989 Unfortunately no, whatever format is applied to Kindle books is whatever it is.
Mar 23, 2012 06:59AM

26989 It takes place over several eras following many different people and their stories. From the Roman Republic, to Viking England, Medieval Poland during the Crusades, Novgorod before Prince Ivan launches his invasion, to Austria during the Ottoman advancement, and France during the Franco-Prussian War.

I think you'll like it, as I've added some newly discovered information into the more ancient stories that gives a more accurate view of history.
Mar 22, 2012 10:57AM

26989 I'd like to throw my recently finished novel into this thread, The Pearl and the Panoply:

The Pearl and the Panoply by Dino A. Navarroli

It is an historical fiction novel and can be found on Amazon and I would appreciate any input and reviews that people could give. Every little bit helps me greatly.
Mar 07, 2012 10:07AM

26989 Hi All,

My name is Dino and I have just completed a book that I think many people will enjoy. First thing's first, you may find my author page at:


'The Pearl and the Panoply'

When a pearl is found by a Chinese diver around 100 B.C.E. he trades it to make his riches. The pearl begins a journey along the Silk Road to Europe, where it finds itself in the middle of significant events in human history. It is a story of many different stories; a tale of a variety of people and places. Travel the course of time, following the pearl along the way, as it learns the fundamentals of humanity.


As you can read from my author description, I use a Victorian influence in my writing, combined with a Shakespearean style. So, there are dense passages and sets of dialogue along with soliloquies. If you enjoy Melville, Dickens, Shakespeare, or any 19th century style, I think you will thoroughly enjoy my book. It offers a lot of what I think is missing in today's novels, mainly the weighty passages and vocabulary, and allusions, caricatures, allegories, and so much more. The expression of emotions and feelings have gone out of favor in the 20th century and my book provides a return to that type of writing, where the human condition is explored in depth, where intelligence reigns and intellectual discussion happens.

Please give the book, and myself, a chance. The preview is but a simple snippet of what is to come later in the book. You won't be disappointed. And if you happen to like it, please follow me on my Author Page or at:


I plan more books to come, I hope you look forward to them as well!

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