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25350 A,
why feel guilty--you read don't you? some people never pick up a book after high school.if you continue to read you will probably change the authors and type of books you read over time.i get some of my books from half.com-i buy some for a couple of dollars--doesn't change the fact that they are wonderful books.
keep reading A.
25350 Rick,
I can see where the kindle and others like it are great to take on vacation-I don't have one but that would be easier than carrying a huge book which I have done-but it will be very hard to take my books from me.
25350 rick,
I am glad I am so old that I still love the feel of a book in my hands--and it's a sad day when kids no longer have to go to the library or the book stores-is that progress? of course we don't use smoke signals anymore either--Ah Progress!!!!
Sep 24, 2013 09:54AM

25350 Rick,
I am currently reading "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair--I picked it up from my book shelf because I had run out of something to read. I did read this many years ago and I must say I don't remember any of it-it's a very cynical and depressing book-a commentary on the way real life was for many people in the early 1900's but I think similar to today in many ways and for many people.
May 16, 2013 12:35PM

25350 yvonne--you are welcome--i just wanted the correct name of the book to be shown so others could buy and read it-Hosseini's books are really great reading.
25350 Yvonne-the title is A Thousand Splended Suns by Hosseini
Feb 26, 2013 11:30AM

25350 Feather, i saw the program and intend to get your book-i have been reading books on Jefferson,Adams,Washington
and next will read about Andrew Jackson-so i am very interested in the early history of our country.
Feb 26, 2013 11:24AM

25350 Feather Schwartz wrote: "With the new C-SPAN series on the First Ladies, perhaps you might want a copy of my book, "THE FIRST LADIES" by Feather Schwartz Foster. Available, amazon, b&N, kindle, nook, etc., etc.,

It's the..."

Feb 26, 2013 11:23AM

25350 Rick,
I'm reading Jon Meacham's book "Thomas Jefferson-The Art of Power"-i must say it is an excellent read-i also read "The Hemingses of Monticello" by Annette Gordon Reed -the second book by Reed left me not likeing Jefferson a bit--but the second book had a different affect-so reading several books on a subject gives a totally different perspective.
25350 Howard, i just reread your coment on Ambrose-i see what you mean--i was thinking it is the same thing as someone like Valdimir Horowitz playing a Beethoven concerto and a student with only a few years of lessons playing the same--unless of course he is a genius--the trouble with minutely researched material for the average reader is-they don't care to learn so much -they just want to skim over and see what it's about-a serious student would certainly find someone like your fathers works to learn from.so you are to be commended for puting you fathers works to the fore.i am
still lookng for the books.
25350 Rick, it is remarkabel that this man who did not seek office served a second term and tried his best to serve his country-
25350 laura, that's for sure
25350 rick,i sure didn't know that--i will have to read his memoirs for sure.
25350 Howard-thank you-i have read some Catton and i would like to read Grants memoirs--yes i agree the subject about the civil war is probably massive and will take quite awwhile to get through.reading about events written by those who lived it would be much more valid.
25350 Howard, i hardly know what to say-on the one hand i agree with you-i can see that you are very concerned about this-you father was probably a very dedicated and careful scholar.i think the differance is the readers themselves. i am reading about the civil war but i am not really a scholar delving into the intricacies of all the articles therein. i just want an idea of what it was about.only those who are extremely interested in the exact details of a subject will delve into the minutia.so as Rick and i said before the work of authors like Ambrose serve those who are not really scholars but who are just mildly interested in the subject. i will try to find your fathers books-can you give me a name of one?
25350 Howard,thank you for the information-i took it all down and some day will get this book- i am not sure what to think -like Rick has said these books have helped some people read non-fiction when they might have ignored it-i got interested in Lewis and clark when i picked up the book by ambrose and from there on read many books on the history of our country including the transcontinental railroad and the civil war and now i am reading about Ulysses S Grant-it may be facts are missing or not accurate but in reading other books you can compare facts--i agree with you that probably some authors miss or leave out or just plain do not get the facts straight. only by doing your own research could you come to the truth.we must rely on those that do publish works and just read a variety of works to compare.the best thing is to get interested --i will look up you fathers books if i can find them.
25350 Howard, i have really enjoyed Ambrose"s work-if he is copying a major part of someone elses work that would be dissapointing. it would be like the author who wrote "Three Cups of Tea" i really liked that book too
so if you know this to be true about Ambrose tell us where to find the items copied will you--i stll would like what he has written- it would just give me information of where the real source is.who was your father by the way?
25350 wally-another good author is H.W. Brands-he has written about Ulysses s. Grant-you really get a feel for the battles of the war with his descriptions- a good book for anyone interested in this time.
25350 wally-i agree Ambrose was a most wonderful author-i must read his other books too
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