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24169 I read about this last week and all I will say at this point is that if the cost of books continues to escalate and the cost of purchasing a book in paperback is cheaper than in ebook...then I will have no choice but to purchase the paperback. When the cost gets too much for that I will have to buy less books and in the long run....this will hurt them as much as me.
24169 What would make me buy more books at your site is more formats being available. If your competition such as (Fictionwise) can offer books in multiformat and not just that dreaded Adobe Digital....why can't you? I've seen books I want on your site but I won't buy books in Adobe Digital because I hate it!
Dec 11, 2009 05:04AM

24169 I like them too, I have a Palm TX that I use for some books and a Kindle. I may get an ebookwise too, haven't decided yet.
24169 I'm currently reading "Ghostland" by Jory Strong and also reading "Into the Flame" by Christina Dodd. Love both books so far.
Sep 28, 2009 06:20AM

24169 I love ebooks because they are less expensive than paperbooks and take up alot less space. Ebooks are also better for our environment and lessen our carbon footprint. I also believe that it's better for publishers because it cuts down on their costs and they can pass the savings to us. It is so convenient and I enjoy the fact that I can read an ebook while I am at work and that it doesn't interfere with what I'm supposed to be doing. Right now I'm using my computer for ebooks but I'm getting either a Sony Ebook Reader or a Kindle for the Christmas(I can't wait) which will make it possible for me to take my ebooks where ever I go!


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