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Dec 13, 2010 10:57AM

50x66 currently: A Child Called "It" 105 pages so far
10/7 The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp 375 pages beach
10/27 Zee's Way 112 pages beach
10/29 Lush 192 pages beach
Carter Finally Gets It 304 pages beach
Nov 12, 2010 08:57AM

50x66 1. Crank is a book that im interested in and i think it would make a great gift for the holiday.
2. Pop is another book that is appealing to me. Pop was recomened to me from a fellow class mate.
3.The Giver is a book that seems interesting and in would enjoy reading it.
What to read? (23 new)
Oct 22, 2010 08:35AM

50x66 I am looking for a funny fast reading book with a strong plot. I like reading for the plot more then for the charcters. I liked the book Lush because it had an interesting plot.
Book review (24 new)
Oct 22, 2010 08:30AM

50x66 Ive reveiewed the book Lush. It is a very good fast read book.

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