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Jan 16, 2010 10:23AM

2343 1. I consider myself both. I do everything to the extreme, I fight for what I believe in and love with all my heart and soul.
2.I watch little TV, but when I do I watch reality shows but I also like paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters.
3.Some place warm and sunny.
4.I've been known to cry at weddings, it's usually someone special to me.
5.Over easy, the best part of the egg is the yolk.
6.No, I can really let my imagination and my fantasies run wild when in the dark.
7.Books, visiting book stores, researching books online.
8.Not since junior high, flute.
9.Mainly in the summer, blazing red.
10.Yes, have a great husband who is supportive and a great son. I have been blessed in more ways then one.
11.What's not to like? Dark, Dangerous and sometimes Devious. Paranormal romance and Urban romance are the only things I do read.
12. Paranormal romance hands down. I like a happy ending.
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Jan 13, 2010 04:19PM

2343 I just finished Amelia Elias' Leaque of Guardian Series: Hunted, Outcast and Chosen. Really good reads. Check em out; I'm sure you'll enjoy!
Jan 11, 2010 05:04PM

2343 A) Age: 53
B) Book I'm now reading: Night Pleasures/S. Kenyon
C) Chore I hate the most: Cleaning period
D) Dessert I love: Apple Pie
E) Essential item to start my day: A good book
F) Favorite author/Book: J.R. Ward's BDB
G) Gold or Silver: Stainless Steel (Silver)
H) Height: 5'4"
I) Instruments I play: Flute, along time ago
J) Job Title: Supervisor
K) Kids: One
L) Living arrangement: My lover (husband) and son
M) Most overused word/phrase: OMG
N) Nickname: Sis
O) Overnight hospital stay: Three times
P) Pet Peeve: Ignorance
Q) Quotes you like: Live your dreams!
R) Right or left handed: Left
S) Siblings: Three younger brothers
T) Time I woke up today: 4:00 am
U) Unique thing about me: I just am
V) Vegetable I love: Carrots
W) Worst habit: Sneak a smoke from time to time
X) X-rays: Back
Y) Yummy food I make: Pancakes
Z) Zodiac sign: Aries
Jan 05, 2010 10:08AM

2343 I think Asher is manipulating or at least trying to be. It's his way of getting what he wants from Jean Claude and Anita.
Jan 04, 2010 05:58PM

2343 I don't think all her men are weak, more like some of them are very controlling without appearing to be. Jean Claude, Asher, Micha.
Jan 01, 2010 11:57AM

2343 I still love Anita and Merry. The last two books in the Anita Blake series were not my favs, because I need Jean Claude, Asher, Micah, Nataniel, and Jason around alot more. I crave those guys. So in the first 17 pages of Flirt I got three of them right of the bat. I sure hope they play a huge roll in Flirt.

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