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Undo combine (6 new)
Apr 07, 2015 01:44PM

220 Thanks , I will flag it and add a librarian note .
Undo combine (6 new)
Apr 07, 2015 06:51AM

220 I already separated them before and made the series . so I have to repeat that or is thete a way to restore what I did .

For the two names order , Okay .
Undo combine (6 new)
Apr 07, 2015 06:21AM

220 This series has three novels , they are no longer sold as three in Arabic - they are one now - and also in Spanish , but other translation no , actually there is only English translation for the first part (novel) , I fixed this before but all books were merged again by anther Librarian , is there a way to undo this merge or should I do it all over again ?
Apr 03, 2015 12:07PM

220 Thanks ! if so .... long way back ...

Rivka ,
I am not talking about these cases in particular and of course I am not mocking , if someone is Sabotaging authors' pages by deleting or merging ,stuff members may not be able to find out who ?
Apr 03, 2015 10:39AM

220 Hi again
There was also an English page for this author

Can someone tell me please how to identify from the Librarian Edits who did it , I feel like I am missing something .
Apr 01, 2015 11:45PM

220 I checked again , I can not reach that information :( Thanks
Apr 01, 2015 11:33PM

220 No , I do not know who did it and I do not understand why I can not find that from the "Librarian Edits " , most books now have the Arabic name twice , so he merged both pages ?
Apr 01, 2015 11:22PM

220 This Author English page was deleted or merged with the Arabic one , I started a new English one and I will be working on it , I need to know who deleted it in the first place to contact him so we can avoid more deleted pages .
I can not find that in the Librarian Edits

Any news about an update to merge all authors' pages in one ?
Jan 30, 2013 07:10AM

220 lafon حمزة wrote: "Banjomike wrote: "هل هذا مقبول"

Obviously I don't have to work on the Arabic stuff anymore! You seem to have it covered."

I am glad there is a super librarian who can speak Arabic :)

Just for the record I was amazed how she got it so cleverly .

hats up to you Banjomike :D
Nov 06, 2012 10:18PM

220 By the way I see that "Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation" is featuring the paperback edition (same isbn as paperback and e-book cover )
Nov 06, 2012 10:14PM

220 Thanks Traveling Diva .

I am aware of Amazon late problems with goodreads , I wanted just to refer to my confusion resources .

Thanks for the publisher link , today I can see that the e-book has a new isbn

So I will add both editions that both will be released on 22-11-2012

Thanks again for your help :)
Nov 06, 2012 04:00AM

220 For this book Throwing Sparks
Source :

But I found this:

and this

So should I add an Alternative cover or new edition with no isbn? -
Oct 11, 2012 02:43PM

220 vicki_girl wrote: "If it was only sold as a set, here are the steps to merge the parts:

1. Combine each part with the whole set.
2. For each part then do the following
2a. Select edit
2b. Scroll to the bottom and se..."

Thanks , I will check the right thing and do it .
Oct 11, 2012 03:33AM

220 I found this link

still don't know how it can be done , tips are discussing merging books.(will it be done book by book ?)
Oct 11, 2012 01:30AM

220 rivka wrote: "If the publisher only sold them as a set, then they should all be merged. If it is sold both as a set and as individual books, then the way it is now looks correct."

If so (I will check and be absolutely sure first), What is the right way to merge them ?
Oct 11, 2012 01:17AM

220 The problem I am facing is that these parts were added to Goodreads as independent books and were rated and reviewed by members , and lately I was informed that they are actually set / sets of the book , there is no fixed system related to how the book is divided and that can differ from a publisher to anther (yet all on Goodreads are 6 parts) , also I can't reach any ISBNs .

**So was the series the best solution ? or should the book transformed into sets instead of parts?
Oct 11, 2012 12:58AM

220 rivka wrote: "Are the 6 parts sold by the publisher individually, or only as a set?

In either case, please do not add a new series just because the language is different. The series already exists: http://www.g..."

Sorry for the confusion , I am not talking about " story of civilization" , I am talking about the book above and the series I made for :

" story of civilization" was an example to imitate
Oct 10, 2012 10:45PM

220 anther question that I need to make sure I am on the right path . As I said all these parts are one book , a friend said that actually there is no printable book with the six parts (4000+ pages) , anther said the page numbering continues from a part to part , and may be there is only one ISBN for the whole set .

** So what is more accurate to do : merge the parts as one set as Story of Civilization or keep the series we made ?

Members keep adding it as parts .
Oct 10, 2012 07:21AM

220 vicki_girl wrote: "I added them. I added a dummy ISBN and added the books using that. Then I removed the bad ISBN.

As I don't read Arabic, please let me know if anything is incorrect."

Thanks :)
Oct 10, 2012 05:33AM

220 Traveling Diva wrote: "I can add books to the series, but when I search by the title of parts 3-6 I get no results. Do you have ISBNs for these books?"

the same thing happened with me , no I don't have ISBNs
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