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Apr 28, 2015 11:13AM

220 Thanks Phillip!

I think you saw them on the Combine page before I did because Amanda had fixed the author name to match exactly (and Arenda pointed that out as well).

When I went to do the combine now that the author names matched exactly, I saw it was already done, so thank you. :)
Apr 28, 2015 11:08AM

220 Awesome! Thanks! I didn't even notice that minor difference. I'll go do the combine now.

Thanks again for the keen eyes and quick response. :)
Apr 28, 2015 10:56AM

220 I'm trying to combine the books at with the existing set of works at but neither shows up in the combine list for the other.

Can a super librarian please combine them for me or let me know how to force one to see the other?

I'm currently reading the Kindle edition which is in the former group of only the Kindle and Audio CD edition published January 2015, but I'd like to see the book I'm reading in where it belongs. Thanks!
220 I'm not sure if this will be a MERGE or a DELETE of this author, but I cannot do either.

Joseph D' Lacey (incorrect spelling) <-- DELETE or MERGE

Joseph D'Lacey (correct spelling & Goodreads author)

I already edited the 2 books that had the author name spelled incorrectly so they correctly merged over to the correct author entry. However the invalid listing with the incorrect spelling still exists, albeit without any books, and I cannot merge it with the correct spelling one as Joseph D'Lacey is a Goodreads author.
Saying Hi (31 new)
Apr 16, 2008 01:32AM

220 Welcome aboard! :)

I'm fairly new myself, by about ummmm... a month maybe, give or take, but never took the time to say hi or introduce myself either. :P
Covers vanished? (28 new)
Apr 14, 2008 11:24PM

220 Otis, that's it exactly. I wasn't positive about McAfee, but I use Kaspersky and it uses pathname checking in determining which pictures to block, and IMO is often too restrictive, blocking images if the path to it falls in the banner directory, or otherwise contains the letters bann or bn in various combinations in the path. So thats why when I saw this problem, it's the first thing that popped into my head and I suggested to look at banner blocking by the firewall directly since I know I'm always fudging around with Kaspersky's.

Since Kara gave specifics for the McAfee users, I can tell those who use Kaspersky that yes, you can turn off banner blocking completely as follows:
Settings -> Firewall -> untick Enable Anti-Banner

If that's fixed it, but you decide to keep your Anti-Banner settings enabled for the majority of other sites you visit, simply add and to the white list (might as well add while you're there too) and you should be fine for future Amazon images no matter what directory they're in. :)
Covers vanished? (28 new)
Apr 12, 2008 05:33PM

220 Check that your Internet Security Software (firewall) doesn't use some automatic banner blocking. I know that with Kaspersky, I often have to go in and editing not just the white list, but the General list as well, particularly if the picture is pulled from another site like Amazon.
Apr 11, 2008 01:10AM

220 I too always use the text from the jacket cover. It's often listed at Amazon, but not necessarily always the first one listed in the Editorial Reviews section. To find it you sometimes need to click the All Editorial Reviews link in that section and look for the one labeled Product Description (or Book Description). It won't have a copyright tag at the end of it either. That usually comes right from the publisher.

If you can't find that particular blurb at Amazon, but you have the book in front of you, enter a phrase from the description on the back, perhaps a few unique words in quotes, into Google, and you should come up with a site where you can copy the entire description from without having to type it yourself. :)
Apr 08, 2008 07:32PM

220 Hi Everyone! I'm a new Librarian here, and I'm curious on the consensus with regards to anthologies. . Just yesterday, I came across an anthology which I have on my own shelf: My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. It was initially listed only with a single author, Sherrilyn Kenyon, with no other authors nor the editor, P. N. Elrod, listed. So I used the suggestion in the Librarian Manual about listing the first 3 authors that appear on the cover, the 3 "biggest names", both in terms of printing on the cover as well as book sales, and made the change. :)

However, the followup to this anthology collection, My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, took a different route, and instead listed only the editor, P. N. Elrod. Since I believe that the editor should usually appear there somewhere, for the reasons Michael stated above, I felt kind of uncomfortable changing that one just yet, even though I feel it should be consistent with the way the first book was done.

To be fair, the first book (Wedding) didn't have the editor listed in the author field to begin with, so the change I made to that entry didn't change that, simply added 2 additional authors. It's changing the 2nd book (Honeymoon) and actually removing the editor to add only 3 authors that I'm hesitant to do (especially since not all 3 of those top authors are the same).

The Librarian Manual does state to use the top 3 authors for anthologies, but doesn't say anything about editors, and I know a lot of anthologies don't even have or give credit to an editor. *shrug*


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