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Nov 18, 2015 10:42AM

21757 Dee wrote: "Yes - if it meets task requirements and SRC length requirements you can use"

Nov 17, 2015 08:42PM

21757 Can a short story collection be used if it fulfills the requirement? E.g. A short story collection that matches a 'cover picture' challenge or title word match.
Nov 01, 2015 10:34AM

21757 I have recently started an editing service for self-published authors.

I can do strictly spelling and word usage corrections and also slight improvements. My prices are very reasonable and the turnaround time is very short.

Please PM me for any details or for my e-mail address.

I'm looking forward to working with you and making your manuscript the best!
Mar 02, 2015 03:09PM

21757 Ok, thanks! I was just wondering what the discrepancy was.
Mar 02, 2015 02:22PM

21757 The biggest thing I'm having trouble with is an e-book not having a print version available for the page count requirement. Does anybody know why you can't use them?
Mar 02, 2015 01:55PM

21757 Can it be something not real in real life but valuable in fiction? Such as the Necronomicon?
21757 Completed Tasks This Post:
5.9: Confessions of a Slacker Mom- Muffy Mead-Ferro
5.10: The Westing Game- Ellen Raskin

Total this Post: 10
Completed Total: 115

Goodreads Authors: Laurie Viera Rigler
21757 10.4- Roll the Dice: Chocolat- Joanne Harris (306 pages)
15.9- Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict- Laura Viera Rigler (The person in the book was not like me at all. She was so self-absorbed and self-effacing yet at the same time highly arrogant. While my addiction to Jane Austen lead me to read more non-fiction about the times hers seems to have lead her to watch the movies intently and pick up everything from there.)
30.4- Darkly Dreaming Dexter-Jeff Lindsay and Deadly Decisions-Kathy Reichs

Total this Post: 55

Finished Challenges Total: 95
21757 Finished challenges:
5.6 - The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie (awesome book!)
10.5 - The Future Homemakers of America, The Future Homemakers of America by Laurie Graham by Laurie Graham

Total: 15

Completed challenges total: 40 points
Jun 21, 2010 08:05AM

21757 Got a couple more done! Yay!

5.1: Heat Wave- Blaze: A Novel by Stephen King


5.2: Blockbuster Books- The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Total Points: 10

Completed Total: 35
21757 Ok, I think I might have gotten buried in there somewhere so here is my finished task:

25.6 finished Summer Lovin'
My favorite summer song is Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica because I love to listen to it loudly in the car with the windows down. The book I chose was
Shadows in the Asylum: The Case Files of Dr. Charles Marsh by D.A. Stern because they are about the same thing.

Jun 18, 2010 12:05PM

21757 Here's a couple good sounding ones I found
Shark Girl
The Requiem Shark (this is the one I'm using)
21757 Ok, I have back-up ones.
21757 El wrote: "Grace, you can jump in anytime. Just start posting your completed tasks in this thread and Cynthia will get you on the Readerboard next time she updates.

ETA: I'm not sure how frequently she up..."

Ok, thanks!
21757 I just joined the Challenge and I'm hoping I'm not toom late. Should I send a PM to Cynthia to let her know? And I was wondering how often the reader board is updated. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong spot.
Jun 10, 2010 08:29PM

21757 Ok, how about these?

The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike and The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
21757 Can someone please tell me if these work? If they don't I'd like to start looking at different ones.
21757 Task: 25.6- Summer Lovin'

The song I chose is "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica. The book I chose for the task is Shadows in the Asylum: The Case Files of Dr. Charles Marsh by D.A. Stern.
The reason I chose this book was because they both have to do with psychiatric institutions. I chose the song because it is one of my favorite songs and I love to listen to it in summer especially when I can roll down the windows and blast it out!
21757 I have Occultism and I was wondering if books on ghosts would count? I mean, true-life stories, not fictional ghost stories.
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