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21757 Kari ♪ wrote: "Since others are asking if their selections will work, I'll go ahead and double check mine too. I know #3 is fine since I asked, so just checking #1 & #2

#1 Of Sound Mind by ...
#2 The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan ... "

YES to both ... The Joy Luck Club is one of my all time favorites -- Enjoy!

21757 Diane wrote: "Would the words "Sound", "Feeling", or "Listen" work for the first part of the task?"

21757 Donna Jo wrote: "pjreads wrote: "Donna Jo wrote: "pjreads wrote: "Mid-way task is posted, but I need a volunteer for a week (Oct 6-13) to answer any questions.
...Do you still need a volunteer? If so, I could do ...(Besides, everyone will have asked all their questions by then, right?) "

21757 Angela wrote: "Hear are my choices
Minding the World - 3 books:
I. Senses –Blindness by José Saramago, Giovanni Pontiero

II. Emotions – A Happy Marriage: A Novel by Rafael Yglesias

III. Memories – ...Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow ..."

YES x 3
I, too, am sorry that you're going through a difficult time. HUGS

21757 Amanda wrote: "Would The Unconsoled work for emotions?"

Yes ... fits title requirement and apparently confusion and guilt play major roles ... (adding to TBR, thanks!)
21757 Nicole wrote: "woohoo! These are my three choices:

senses: A Mango-Shaped Space
emotions: Love Will Tear Us Apart A Novel
memories: The Children's Book


YES x 3 (senses = synesthesia)

21757 Nicole wrote: "Okay...I already have an idea (sorry- I should use my own brain before I rush to ask for help). i really want to read the new A.S. Byatt.

The Children's Book

Obviously, books are super important to me and I have many memories and events attached to them from over the years..."

This one is completely subjective: any choice of memory, object, event or book is acceptable for the Memories subtask.
21757 Teresa in Ohio wrote: "okay here are my choices again

wicked game ( wicked being the emotion)
This fits because fear and courage play major roles in the story (wicked describes behavior or attitude, not emotion)

halfway to the grave ( vampires )

birthing house ( birth of my chidlren)"

You really made me think on this one (even back to early Catholic training about "The Will"). Wiki does not list wicked as an emotion, but we can feel wicked. Acting wicked is a decision made after the feeling. So Wicked Game fits either the title or major role requirement.
21757 Donna Jo wrote: "pjreads wrote: "Mid-way task is posted, but I need a volunteer for a week (Oct 6-13) to answer any questions.
...Do you still need a volunteer? If so, I could do it. I am monitoring your responses and will try to follow your guidelines."

That's great! You, Donna Jo, are the designated decider for the week of Oct 6-13. Thank you!

After answering a few questions, these are my thoughts:
Senses: the most restrictive - one or more of the five traditional senses required in title or playing a major role in the book.
Emotions: requires an emotion in title or major role ... emotion (love, terror, etc.) usually drives fiction
Memories: completely subjective: any choice of memory, object, event or book fits

21757 Elizabeth (NC) wrote: "Does it have to be one of the five senses or can it be a book that deals with all of them?"

all five senses is fine
21757 Rachel Lee wrote: "So the part I am having the most problems with is the first one.

Would The Sound of Munichbe ok with sound being the representative word?

The other books I am using are [book:..."

Sound is the sensation, so YES x 3
21757 Tara wrote: "Here are my picks.

Senses: A Mango-Shaped Space Mia has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions whereby a person can see sounds, smell colors, or taste shapes.

Emotions: The RELU..."

YES x 3
21757 Sara ♥ wrote: "Quick answers! I came back to add another question to my post, but I will now create this new one.

For part 1: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell... what about words like "see" or "hear" or "feel..."

Any words that refer to the five traditional senses ... nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs are all okay
Words that refer to the lack of one of the five traditional senses are also okay ... deaf, blind, etc.

21757 Sara ♥ wrote: "For part three... Say I wanted to do some kind of keepsake from my wedding (my Precious Moments cake topper or bouquet or something), I could read a book with "wedding" in it... How about "bride" o...
wedding=YES, bride=YES, husband=YES, cake topper=YES, bouquet=YES, etc.

... Is part 3 as... elusive for other people as it is for me? I have lots of knick-knacks and collected things, but I don't have many things I would call "keepsakes"... Are we just talking about anything with sentimental value? "

anything that reminds you of an event* in your life
*"event" and "keepsake" are not intended to be restrictive ... the event could be an argument or a goosebump moment ...

21757 Teresa in Ohio wrote: "okay going general here for a second : )

would a forensic book work for touch, since they touch the body to find the clues to the killer"

or would a vampire story fit either taste ( t..."

OK :)

21757 Teresa in Ohio wrote: "okay for the 5 senses I have Through Violet Eyes
No ... doesn't sound like sight plays a major role in the story

for emotion I have Afraid

and for memories I have The Birthing House memory is birth of my 2 ch..."


21757 Sam wrote: "1) Either one of Anthony Bourdain's food-related travelogues would be good for taste, yes?

2) Can the emotion word be used in as any part of speech (i.e., not as a noun) as long as it's in the title...

3) Can the keepsake be the actual book itself"


21757 Kari ♪ wrote: "For the memories one, I have a stuffed pegasus my hubby got me when he returned from India (he was there for several months working to get a call center going)... Question is, can I use the book Slumdog Millionaire/Q&A (library lists it as the movie title) for that part of the task

Yes ... I think almost any book available can fit the Memories subtask for someone.
21757 Sara☺ wrote: "PJreads,

2 questions relating to your task...

1. Are you counting "Love" as an emotion?
Yes ... wiki lists an amazingly wide gamut of emotions

2. Can I use "The School of Essential Ingredients" to count for taste?
Yes ... GR blurb says "One by one the students are transformed by the aromas, flavors, and textures of Lillian’s food ..."

Oct 03, 2009 06:27PM


Mid-way task is posted, but I need a volunteer for a week (Oct 6-13) to answer any questions. (I'm taking a trip to New York and intend to be out & about getting full value for my vacation $$.) Whatever you decide as volunteer goes.

Donna Jo is the Task 50.1 designated decider for the week of Oct 6-13. Thank you!

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