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Feb 18, 2010 05:33AM

20786 Hi Jess. - Never too young to read. I was inseparable from books since i was 4 years old . . .It is great that you love to read as a young person - many younger ones dont read any more! Welcome!
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Feb 16, 2010 11:05AM

20786 :-) haha THANKS! Nice to be here!
1001 Books (31 new)
Feb 15, 2010 10:34AM

20786 I think it is a bit easier for me to list the ones I have NOT read (only of about 3/4 of what is listed am I interested in reading and putting on my to read list):

Zorba the Greek
Zeno's Conscience
Written on the Body
Wittgenstein's Nepew
Wittgnesein's Mistress
Wild Swans
Wide Sargasso Sea
White Teeth
Waiting for the Barbarians
W, or the Mempory of Childhood
Under the Net
Uncle Petros and Goldback's Conjector
Troubling Love
Tristram Shady
Tirant Lo Blanc
This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentalman
The Wasp Factory
The Viceroys
The Vice-Consul
The Underdogs
The Unconsoled
The Trick is to Keep Breathing
The Trial
The Tin Drum
The Tird Policeman
The Swimming Pool Library
The Summer Book
The Stechlin
The Singapore Grip
The Shipping News
The Sea, The Sea
The Riddle of the Sands
The Reincarnations
Teh Rabishing of Lol V Stein
The Ragazzi
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cuba
The Passion Accordin to GH
The Notebooks of malte Laurids Brigge
Teh Nine Tailors
The Naked Lunch
The Mysteries of Udolpho
The Music of Chance
The Museum of Unconditional Surrender
The Melacholy of Resistance
The Master and Margarita
The Master
The Manors of Ulloa
The Man without Qualities
The Magic Mountain
The Lusiads
The Little prince
The Life of Christ
The Life and Times of Michael K
The Life and Opeinons of the Tomcat Murr
The Late-Nite news
The last world
Lteh Last Chronicles of Barset
The Land
The Interesting Narrative
The Idiot
The Hours of the Star
The Honorary Consul
The Holder of the World
The Harvesters
Teh Guide
The Green Hat
The Great Indian Novel
The Good Soldier Svejk
The Golden Ass
Teh Garden of the Finzi-Continis
The Fruits of the Earth
The Floating Opera
Teh First Garden
The first Circle
The Fan Man
The Drowned and the Saved
Teh Dininers
The Devils
Teh Devil's Pool
The Devil to Pay in the Backlands
The Death of Virgil
The Death of Artemio Cruz
The Crying of Lot 49
The Crow Road
THe Crime of Father Amado
The Corrections
The Conquest of New Spain
The Commandant
The Child of Pleasure
The Castle of Otranto
The Castle of Crossed Destinies
The Case of Sergeant Grischa
The Case of Comrade Tulayev
The Buddha of Surburbia
The Book fo Laughter and Forgetting
The Book about Blanche and Marie
The Bitter Glass
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
The Adventurous Simplicissimus: Being the Description of the Life of a Strange Vagabond Named Melchoir Sternfels Von Fuchshaim

The 120 days of Sodom
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Taebek Mountains
Some Experiences of an Irish RM
Soldiers of Salamis
Smiley's People
Sexing the Cherry
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Rameau's Nephew
Quo Vadis
Pricksongs and Descants
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Pluck the Bud and Destroy the Offspring
Pepita Jimenez
Pavel's Letters
Patterns of Childhood
Paradice of the Blind
Parade's End
Pale Fire
One, None and a Hundred Thousand
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Nowhere Man
NOtes for the undergroud
No One Writes to the Colonel
News from Nowhere
New Grub Street
Na Drini Cuprija
Mother's Milk
Money to Burn
Midaq Alley
Micheal Kohlhaas
Memoirs of Rain
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness
Memoirs of Martinus Sriberus
Memoirs of Hadrian
Marin Fierro
Marks of Identity
Magot and teh Angels
Mao II
Manon des sources
Malone Dies
Love's Work
Love Medicine
Lost Honour of Katharina Blum
Locus Solus
Line of Beauty
Larva: Midsummer Night's Babel
La Dama numero trece
La Brava
La Bete Humaine
Kingdom of this World
Keep the Aspidistra Flying
Kacalier and Clay
Julie; or, the New Eloise
Jude the Obscure
In Parenthesis
In a Free State
If this is a Man
If Not Now, when?
I'm Not a Stiller
I thout of Daisy
Humboldt's Gift
House Mother NOrmal
Homo Faber
Home and the world
Her Privates We
Henry Von Ofterdingen (unfinished)
Gosta Berlings Saga
Goodbye to Berlin
Giovanni's Room
Giles Goat Boy
Gargantual and Pantagruel
Garden, Ashes
Gabriella, Clove and Cinnamon
Fanny and Zooey
Foucault's Pendulum
Fifth Business
Fear and trembling
Fado Alexandrino
Eyeless in Gaza
Everything that Rises must Converge
Everything is Illuminated
Eva Trout
Eugene Onegin
Emile, Or, On Education
Eline Vere
Elementary Particles
Elective Affinities
Effi Briest
Dog Years
Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep?
Dirty HavDouglas
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency ana Trilogy
Dictionary of the Khazars
Declares Pereira
Day of the Triffids
Couples, Passerby
Cold Comfort Farm
Cloud Atlas
Closly Watched Trains
City Sister silver
Cider with Rosie
Christ Stopped at Eboli
Chess Story
Chaka and Zulu
Celestial Harmonies
Captain Corelli's Mandarin
Camera obscura
Broad adn Alien is the World
Brighton Rock
Bouvard and Pecuchet
Conjour Tristesse
Blind man with a Pistol
Billy Liar
Billiards at Half Past Nine
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Belle du Deigneur
Baltazar & Bleminda
Back of Oegstgeest
At Swim-Two-Birds
As If I Am Not There
Arrow of God
Arcanum 17
Anton Reiser
An Artist of the Floating world
Almost Transparent Blue
All Souls
All About H. Hatter
Against the Day
Against the Grain
Adam Bede
absolute Beginners
A Voie/Avoid
A Thousand Cranes
A Suitable Boy
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
A Question of Power
A Pale View of Hills
A Modest Proposal
A Kestrel for a Knave
A House in the Uplands
A Hero of Our Time
A Ghost at Noon
A Fine Balance
A Day off
A Day in Spring
A Dance to the Music of Time
A Boy's Own Story
A bend in the River
1001 Nights

So . . . I think that I have read more of th 1001 than I have not.


Feb 15, 2010 09:07AM

20786 ... and a few other tossed in . . .

I find Ethan Frome pretty bleak.

I didn't find Lord of the Flies at all bleak . . . guess that's just me.

The House of Mirth was defiantly bleak.

I almost didn't like 1984 at all - and a bit bleak.

The Road - YES absolutely bleak and a bit monotonous.

I did not find The Bell Jar to be bleak exactly . . . sad - yes . . . just not bleak.

I again, didn't really find Atlas Shruggedto be bleak exactly . . .

The Grapes of Wrath is a partially bleak book . . .

I have been avoiding The Bluest Eye but suppose I should read it . . . and have not read: Jude the Obscure but have put it on my to read list.

A Clockwork Orange I found to be a bit more disturbing than bleak though it definitely is on my bleak list.
Feb 15, 2010 08:48AM

20786 I am completely hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Once you get through the first few chapter of the first book its like an addiction. They are really fun and easy reads. I usually finnish one in a day if I read off and on for an hour or two.
Feb 15, 2010 08:42AM

20786 I just finnished in the past two and a half weeks:Black Boy, Dead and Gone, and my last of The Canterbury Tales . . . I am currently re-reading Empire Falls.
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Feb 15, 2010 08:40AM

20786 I am hooked on books.

yup . . . the smell of them the feel of them . . . pretty much ever slight nuance that makes a book a book . . . I love. I currently have a personal library of abut 850 that I have lovingly read from cover to cover at least twice.

No specific genre . . . no specific writing style.

In fact it is pretty near impossible for me to even pick a favorite author!

So - umm . . . yeah - that is why I joined this group. :-)

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