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Jun 05, 2013 07:48AM

2072 Whenever I sip a dram of the Ardmore I get pretty close...or when looking down from a mountain on a crisp autumn morning...etc etc etc

For me I just think heaven is defined differently...it is less abstract and more acheivable. Having said that, it's lazy of me to use the word when it is loaded with preconceived notions and religious baggage.

What was it Hitchens said about this type of experience?

"We have a need for what I would call 'the transcendent' or 'the numinous' or even 'the ecstatic,' which comes out in love and music, poetry, and landscape. I wouldn't trust anyone who didn't respond to things of that sort. But I think the cultural task is to separate those impulses and those needs and desires from the supernatural and, above all, from the superstitious."
- Christopher Hitchens
2072 Quite wrote: "Why banish the non-vaccinated children from routine society? Shouldn't we, as a part of nature, contribute to the improvement of the human species by providing for only the fittest to survive and ..."

Are you a troll or eugenicist? Based on your arguement outlined above I can't decide...could you clarify?
2072 Ah, the Daily Mail...no agenda or scaremongering there then...
May 23, 2013 03:36PM

2072 Can a good atheist go to Valhalla?
I've heard they have mead, wenches and fighting there...
May 18, 2013 02:32PM

2072 Rod wrote: "So what are atheistic limits? What line will you not cross?

Would you abort babies? Would you abort señors. Uh oh Madge - I hope not. Would you abort the sick? Handicapped? For population? Abort t..."

There are examples of a deity doing pretty much all of these things in a book I read a while back...then he had his son hammered to some wood until he died...but he brought him back from the dead in the end so that was all right then...mysterious ways and all that.

I see no reason why atheism in and of itself should be behind someones ideas on any of the acts described in the initial post. There are no central tenets to atheism, just the no deity bit, the rest of someones views and moral/political ideas can be as right or left wing as everyone else...as fucked up or as bleeding heart as you want. The atheism is just about the god issue.
Having said that, a large portion of atheists I've encountered seem to be suspiciously well read and tolerant as human beings, open to argument and discussion...but fairly intolerant of folk that have a world view that denies evidence and logic...whereas the initial poster even seems to have issues with folk that share the same holy book...you know the one where the deity gets his kid nailed up...
May 05, 2013 10:12AM

2072 Xox wrote: "It is a bit hard to focus on one thing when this thread is about so much more..."

That was pretty much my point. No other motive.
May 05, 2013 08:24AM

2072 Linda wrote: "That's my point Old-Barb - there needs to be balance and a dogmatic viewpoint of any kind is unhelpful - as is censorship!"

I'm not trying to censor.
I just think another thread would be the place to explore the arguements over Einstein. Why not start one and keep this thread clear?
May 05, 2013 07:15AM

2072 Linda wrote: "Of course! But he realised that science alone wasn't either!"

A war of Einstein quotes being fired back and forth just to prove what exactly? A dead scientist thought something that could be interpreted in one way if you ignore loads of the other things he said?
May 05, 2013 07:12AM

2072 Linda wrote: "Of course! But he realised that science alone wasn't either!"

OK...move along...there is no doubt another thread on this somewhere where you can argue at length over it...lets leave this one alone.
Let's get back to the satire.
Apr 29, 2013 10:27PM

Apr 29, 2013 10:27PM

2072 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMGIbO...
Slight tangent but since we're discussing vague theories with poor peer review and loads of anacdotal evidence...
Apr 29, 2013 11:12AM

2072 Folks, go start a thread on chiropractors and quackery please.
Xox, more of the comedy and satire.
Carry on.
Apr 29, 2013 07:14AM

2072 Like it: "The Minchin Declaration"
I shall put that phrase in my armoury.
I will now go and watch STORM again...
Apr 29, 2013 05:13AM

2072 MadgeUK wrote: "What film is this from?"

TV series "House" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412142/?...)
Kind of like Sherlock Holmes with Hugh Laurie.
Apr 26, 2013 11:08AM

2072 E. Alexander wrote: "Make a deal send me yours for free and I'll send ours for free postage paid..."

No thanks. I have a huge backlog on my "to read pile" at the minute.
As for the comment, "send me yours", I have no product to send...I may appear somewhat abrupt, sorry, but I feel that many threads I look at these days have more folk loudly mentioning their book and less folk discussing the topic of the threads.
Apr 26, 2013 10:45AM

2072 E. Alexander wrote: "Perhaps you like to read our book, I would send it to you free, just pay the postage."

I see your book has 5 stars...all given by the publisher (3 times no less).
That's one way to shill for product.
Apr 25, 2013 10:27PM

2072 Will wrote: "Twatflapjacks..."

Thank you, it is now my word for today. I shall try and use it IRL at least once in the next 1/7.
I heard "gashbadger" the other day...I believe it refers to lady parts with particularly unruly hair, but in context it was meant as a term of endearment from one fellow to another in the workplace.
Apr 12, 2013 06:09PM

2072 Sorry...burlesque dancer...
Apr 12, 2013 06:09PM

2072 Dan's wrote: "Darn it I really liked the last post..

But I don^t seem to be able to find anything relevant, perhaps no-one has bothered, with Gypsy Rose Lee..
Who is she, not a famous writer I guess then?"

A stripper. A famous old school stripper.
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