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Jul 29, 2011 10:03AM

19126 Diane wrote: "I second Death at La Fenice after all the talk on this site about this series I think it would be a great read."

Death at La Fenice sounds great! I've read other books in this series but somehow I missed this one. Also, it is available at my library.
Feb 14, 2011 06:06PM

19126 I've listened to MANY audiobooks during commuting for work and doing boring housework. I enjoyed listening to Alexander McCall Smith's audiobooks especially the series we are reading this month.
I agree with Robin. I liked Dorothy Gillman's Mrs. Polifax on audio.
19126 Watched the series online in December. Really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the upcoming productions.
19126 I read this book twice. First time I rushed through because it was our mystery groups monthly choice. I read it more slowly the second time and ruminated about it. I typically don't read books over and over but this mystery group has helped me see the validity in second or more reads. Bradbury's choice of words and descriptions are phenomenal. When I was younger, I was the one hiding behind her hands at the movies or the first one to scream so I wasn't sure this book was going to "hook" me. Bradbury's style definitely reeled me in. He made the sinister situation almost show the "beauty" of the plot. There is a constant comparison of the flip sides of a coin.. . the good/bad... hope/despair. . . aging/youth. Rereading it helped me to decide if I agreed or disagreed with group members comments. Great group and insights. I'm glad I read this with the Goodreads online book club. It increased my appreciation of this author's skill. Hats off to Barry for picking the book and to all group members for sharing their insights.
Sep 27, 2010 12:10PM

19126 I'm going to try this challenge.Thanks to Fred for the idea and list of states. Thanks to K.B. for referring us to SYKM. I signed up for their newsletter. It is a great resource for this group: "Mystery Lovers"
Sep 18, 2010 03:35PM

19126 I just read Maisie Dobbs and justed listened to In the Name of Honor by Richard North patterson.

I like the way Maisie relates to people.She took into consideration the impact of her intrusions on other people. She tried to find a way to end a meeting/ interaction in a positive way.It can be something that is totally unrelated to "the investigative concern" This gives the client something positive to think about.
19126 Hi Barry,
Good choice for book. I think the first time we do anything is a little rocky. Keep on sharing your ideas and keep on co co co facilitating! I feel like I needed Goodreads 101 and blogs 101. My number one passion is reading. I always wondered how the book sites came up with their ratings. . . .
19126 Nanette wrote: "Hi Leann,
I don't know what GR says, but this is how most people (I think) do it:

1 star - hated it

2 stars - lots wrong with it

3 stars - could mean anything from: I like it...to...it's ..."

Nanette wrote: "Hi Leann,
I don't know what GR says, but this is how most people (I think) do it:

1 star - hated it

2 stars - lots wrong with it

3 stars - could mean anything from: I like it...to...it's ..."

Thanks for replying. I wasn't sure if it was a general "go with your gut feeling" or had to be more precise. Glad it's simple.
19126 Does Goodreads have an explanation on how to give a book a specific rating from 1-5? Or is this done by each reviewer's individual system?
Being a "newbie" I couldn't find it. I saw different rating definitions on blogs. Any help appreciated.
19126 This is my first reading of Something Wicked This Way Comes. In high school I read Fahrenheit 451 in senior language class (taught by the young good looking male teacher we all had a crush on)Soooo I don't remember much about the book :) I finished our group read today. Bradbury's descriptions are unique. When I think Bradbury, I think "Twilight Zone" style. I've appreciated other members references to that. I'm ruminating about the book. I'm going back to read again.
Good book choice for group.
FYI: this is my first time as a group member. Right now I'm still wading through signing up, developing a profile etc. The whole process along with BlogHopping has really opened up the world to a whole new venue.
Sep 07, 2010 12:32PM

19126 I listened to all of the "Ladies Detective" series on books on CD/tape. They were great to listen to while I traveled for work and did housework:(. The reader(s) for the audio versions were good and definitely set the mood for the series.

I also enjoy this authors other series. I haven't seen the video series. As mentioned above, I was hesitant to rent because I already had my "own visual" of the characters. It sounds like others had this concern but took a leap of faith and watched them. Sounds like I am getting ready to take that leap. . . . .


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