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Jan 05, 2014 04:37PM

1898 Melody wrote: "I had issues with Nigil too Colleen. Felt random and forced. Unless there is some twist or more to be revealed in the next book ( I don't think there will be based on Ward's answer) it just didn't ..."

I agree about Adrian, seems he'd complete (again) once he has is true soul mate returned to him. Like Vutch, I think he & Eddie's friendship is very complex. Going beyond boxes or categories like gay, str8 ad nausem...clearly they both do their best work when they are working in tandem. Having them both reunited to give Devina a well deserved smack down would be stellar in my book.
Sep 22, 2013 11:03AM

1898 Anna (Bananas!) wrote: " "Aeros wrote: "There is another scene I believe (a subsequent meeting) were Sax is not so subtle about his attraction to V....still looking"

This sounds familiar. I think it exists but will have ..."

Thanks Anna, I'm sure I did'nt imagine it.
Jul 14, 2013 02:58PM

1898 Aeros IS my Brotherhood name ;-)
Apr 04, 2013 10:19AM

1898 Delilah wrote: "For those who wondered how LaL did in Sales - can't find the latest NYT list. BUT USA Today has the boys at #1."

Thanks for the heads up Delilah.

Apr 02, 2013 01:56PM

1898 Lendiray wrote: "Manipi wrote:

My favorite part of the book is in the beginning when blay tells q that the past is all they are going to have. and the part when q is on his knees infront of blay begging him to st..."

I thought the same thing til another GR friend pointed out to me that Qhuinn IS a twenty something and Wrath is over 300 yrs old ...that helped me personally put it more in perspective.
Apr 02, 2013 11:40AM

1898 Tabitha wrote: "The lack of penetration preparation (aka foreplay) probably would have bothered readers not accustomed to m/m. There was quite a bit of realism missing in the sex scenes. I don't think they were ..."

I'm thinking Ward couldn't go all the way with their in sex description like she does with the hetero scenes. It's problematic for some who can't identify with some aspects of sexual mechanics...I'm a gay guy & was fine with what she did. As Tabitha & Qhuinky alluded to, some aspects of m/m action is a bit much for some..however, to me??? Seemed pretty tame as well.

Apr 02, 2013 08:27AM

1898 Tabitha wrote: "I have to chime in on the lube discussion, because it's everywhere. It doesn't bother me, because lube isn't always necessary. I know gay men don't have the market cornered on backdoor lovin'. J..."

Mos def Tabitha...mostly def depends on who's onboard with what IMHO.
Apr 02, 2013 08:09AM

1898 Shelby P wrote: "I think the best couple in the book was Assail and Sola. Their chemistry was off the chart.

The sex between Qhuay was hot, but where was the lube? If I were going to write m/m for the first time,..."


Heads up...Some of us gay guys, like Qhuinn in the book "make do" with our bottoms' natural lube or our Qhuinn's case. Cause it seems as a vamp he can produce at will. Lol

Mar 31, 2013 07:23PM

1898 Beanbag wrote: "@Delilah: I think it would have been fun to see them come out as a couple to the brotherhood. This is their "family". And speaking of family, we also skipped that visit with Blay's parents and hear..."

This^^^^^THANK YOU!!!!^^^^^^^^^
Mar 31, 2013 03:59PM

1898 Nykyrian wrote: "Aeros wrote: " ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ wrote: "Mayrose wrote: "Yes, you would think I would want more of Zypher but I guess she didn't give me enough to pull me in to his spell. Maybe next book. :)"

Amen, that was my biggest complaint. I honestly don't think the brothers would care either way about them being two guys together, it just seemed so sudden and out from left field. It wasn't believeable.

Mar 31, 2013 03:11PM

1898 ♥♥Deborah♥♥ loves Qhuay † wrote: "Well...V noticed. He's all about that. Sax noticed.

I was surprised about the "proposal" as well. It seemed so elaborate. I was expecting a surprise wedding ceremony."

Yer right Deorah,

V's drive-by from his POV was mos probably a non-event & Sax? Well I can't say enough 'bout how awesome he is for handling it the way he did...sans Qhuinn's "choke-down" that is ;-)
Mar 31, 2013 02:47PM

1898 ♥♥Deborah♥♥ loves Qhuay † wrote: "LOL @Aeros - I totally agree, BUT...I was just happy that they got it at all.

I would have thought that with their vampirish sense of smell, they would have smelled Blay and Quinn ON one another. ..."

Yeah not to mention Bay & Sax both being able to smell other males on one another, eh?
Mar 31, 2013 02:19PM

1898 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ wrote: "Mayrose wrote: "Yes, you would think I would want more of Zypher but I guess she didn't give me enough to pull me in to his spell. Maybe next book. :)"

Zypher scares me. Heck all of them scare me...."

SM...finally finished it. As you know I had some issues with the way it began but the ending??? C'mon!!! Am I the only dude who had a disconnect with no mating ceremony but a friggin proposal instead? WTF!!!
One blaring disconnect...Blay & Qhuinn were on the major DL with thier (sexual) relationship. In fact making sure not to be seen together by anyone with the exception of getting busted the V drive-by. Then after that hellacious argument, a week later they're engaged. Sudden...everyone in the manse is not only aware & onboard, throwing conrats & well wishes. What happened, how'd everyone get in the know, process it and plan the soirée. Is not THAT missing scene not what a good many fans were hoping for as well? Seriously, it took more time to blink than to get to thier HEA. This gay dude felt ripped the..."heck" off!!

Ok I gotta stop ranting I'm gonna have an aneurysm. I'm going to the gym!!!
Mar 29, 2013 09:19PM

1898 UniquelyMoi *Dhestiny* BlithelyBookish wrote: "So, I'm at 80% now, and so this might be made more clear later, but I don't get why Lash kept Luchas alive because of what he did to Qhuinn. Why would he want to punish Luchas? There's no love lo..."

Score! I'm also at 80 % at just this moment & hoping we get an answer to that very question.
Mar 29, 2013 01:48PM

1898 Ezinwanyi~Mord'Sith wrote: "@isobel:
I would like to think they are both "man". Partners can take turns topping or bottoming. If a woman proposed to a man, is she considered a "man"? Also, if a woman was on top during sex, do..."

Yeah I'm not feeling the whole less masculine thing either, not all of us gay guys put out the overt testosterone vibe like that. To each his own though.
Mar 29, 2013 01:42PM

1898 Marlene wrote: "@Rjsmommy- Whoops! I totally forgot about that part. I guess Ward is just setting us up for Saxton to be pivotal in the legal battle.

@Aeros- I actually had that thought about the vibe between Xco..."

Yeah Marlene, the whole preoccupation with how Throe "gets down" was very odd. Keep taking me out of the scene. I accept what others interpretation of it is just thought it was tad off somehow.
Mar 29, 2013 07:53AM

1898 @ Indie Reviews,

Ok, so I get that Xcor has it (really) bad for Layla, but something keeps bugging me.

Like whenever he keeps talking 'bout his second in it just me or is Xcor throwing off a vide like he's macking on Throe? Like constantly making reference to how good he looks.

It's weird is it not?
Mar 29, 2013 06:48AM

1898 Marlene wrote: "Okay, here are my thoughts on LaL. I was really excited for this book and I was a little disappointed. I agree with everyone that there was way too much focus on the secondary storylines. It kept t..."


RE: Qhuay's umm, "jam fest"..I think your the first one on the thread to have actually noticed.

I've been smirking but didn't wanna explain that, that's how some of us dudes roll.

*Dude of color blushing*


Mar 28, 2013 06:10PM

1898 Dantezgirl wrote: "Aeros
Would be interested to know what you think about B comeing out to his father :) scene"

Yeah I thought in the context of both Qhuinn & Blay coming to terms with their respective futures it made total sense (to me) that Blay would make coming out to his parents part of his process of moving on with his life. Not unlike Qhuinn cleaning house of his personal baggage as he did. I was kinda suprised to hear many fans thought it was corny...Hmmm, go fig (shrugs shoulders)
Mar 28, 2013 08:21AM

1898 Dantezgirl wrote: "D
I totally forgot B knew!!! Grr, damn males and their damn pride! LOL I am joking, and understand B and his hurts. Such a messy situation.

Nice to get the inner male perspective."

No prob...just didn't want Blay to be judged too harshly without some (gay) male insight.
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