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1898 I don't see Paradise being part of the Rhage/Mary drama. I think that Rhage is way past being into girls. Plus, while I am still not 100% okay with the way things worked out with Tohr/Autumn (I think she got gypped to some extent), I don't see Ward invalidating the bonded mate concept.
1898 Susan wrote: "OMG! If adultery becomes a part of this series, I will have a complete and utter meltdown!!
I absolutely abhor established couples involved in cheating and avoid those types of books.
If that were ..."

I think I would definitely have to jump ship as well.
1898 Is it possible that JM isn't a brother because of Darius not having pure enough blood and an unknown mother. Can't remember, but I thought that they didn't know who his mother was because he was abandoned in the bus station. Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't that a requirement? I think Butch made it in because he's of Wrath's line. Qhuinn comes from good glymera stock and they made an exception for his service to Wrath, the Brotherhood and JM.

It's been a while since I read Dark Lover, but I thought that Darius was Glymera, but I didn't think his blood was particularly pure.

I am not a snob, but it seems like this is a big thing with the vampires.
1898 ♥ Melody wrote: "Yeah I definitely don't mind Throe going dark. Just adds another layer and source of tension for not only the BDB but BoB as well. If he happily went along with Xcor's decision it would have totall..."

I agree. I was glad that Wrath didn't fall for Throe's act.

I think Throe is too lazy to be a good leader. He's good at smoozing and smoothing the way for himself and he did that for the BoB, but he doesn't have the cohones to start a revolution. I feel that on the other hand, he may be a bad enemy because he's a backstabber like Baelish on Game of Thrones.

I think that in a way it was good for Xcor to cut ties with Throe. Xcor needs to learn to function in the modern world without a crutch like Throe. I think that Layla will help him with that. Just my thoughts. We'll see.
1898 Beanbag wrote: " ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ wrote: "Thing is, these 3 villains seemed more dangerous than their "Father" the Omega. And that's kinda jacked up."

I thought a story was developing where Lash would challeng..."

Yeah, the Omega is super-lame! He's definitely a deviant a the least.
1898 Sonia wrote: "I agree that at this point the lesser story has gotten boring, part of the reason is that they are not been given a lot of background or motivation, most of them lack intelligence, except for Mr. X..."

And it's kind of disturbing how the Brothers and Xcor carve them up and play with their body parts when they are disturbed. Ugh!
1898 Beanbag wrote: " Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) wrote: "I'm guessing it will involve Layla. Maybe it will be a Shoot'Em Up scenario with Layla in the middle."

Or the young. If Layla's ba..."

Yeah, Xcor needs to prove his solidarity to the Vampire race and a big part of that is making allies of himself with the King and the Brotherhood. Layla loves him, but she's not going to truly be with him unless he's no longer Persona Non Grata to the Brothers and Qhuinn.
1898 As much as I hate Lash, that fucker was a special kind of psycho and for good reason. He had issues before even 'dying' and turning into the forelesser. Being given all that power made him truly unhinged and unpredictable. And that's what you want in a villain. Cunning, unpredictable and scary as shit.

I totally agree, Melody! You need a really good villain in this kind of story. Otherwise, it goes nowhere.
1898 I'm guessing it will involve Layla. Maybe it will be a Shoot'Em Up scenario with Layla in the middle.
1898 Delilah wrote: "I was also thinking - Xcor saving a brother or a shellan from Lash would give him a road to forgiveness. Now I could care less about Xcor - but Layla loves him and she deserves a HEA. Ward has said..."

Yeah, Xcor is on my crap list right now. :(
1898 I personally don't ship Vutch, but I do think they have a strong, multi-factored bond. But you're not alone in how your feel, Patty.
1898 That would be interesting. It may be a factor in turning things around from the BoB being sworn Brotherhood enemies.
1898 Delilah wrote: "Lash has a severe case of BMOC syndrome. Now he hasn't grown - but all the brother's have. Qhuinn and Blay when he starts his gay bashing will just look at him. Qhuinn is a brother and living in th..."

I can see your point. I think Lash made the Lesser story pop. Now it just seems to be a non-starter to me without him.
1898 Delilah wrote: "Oh let's let Luchas have a shot at him. I don't know how many read Styxx - BUT Kenyon just had one of her biggest asses handed over to his mortal enemy with the stipulation - do whatever you want t..."

I think that this would be interesting to see Luchas deal with old Lash baggage.
1898 UniquelyMoi ~ 1-Click RockChick wrote: "Oh, Lash is my favorite villain, ever!"

I can't name my favorite, but he's definitely a memorable one. I think it's kind of like he's like a mean, steroided, psychotic ex-Frat boy or something. (no offense to people who have family in Fraternities)
1898 Delilah wrote: "Lash is coming back - but it's after Layla has the baby. And I'm so not looking forward to the little S coming back."

Wonder why then?
1898 I think she needs a good villain, but my feeling is she started out writing Assail as one, but fell in like with him too much to use him as a full-on villain. My feeling is she won't kill him off. I could certainly be wrong.

I still think Lash was the best villain of the series.
1898 What do you guys think of the Scribe Virgin cameo?

That was kind of weird. What is she up to? I feel that is another area that begs to be developed. I mean, isn't she the diety of their race? Why is she awol?
1898 I think that Assail's story is going nowhere right now. We'll see what happens in The Beast. Maybe he will have to choose sides.

I think the Lesser storyline has also hit a dead end.
1898 Has she said she would give Assail his own book? I agree that at this point, I'm not that interested in him as a character in his own book. I thought he was going to stay a secondary character.