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1898 Danii wrote: "Aaa hahah I got it all wrong! Sorry I'm not from the States so I don't understand that type of things :P"

It can be confusing. The postal code for Louisiana is LA. That's how it comes out NOLA.

If you're every in the states, visiting NOLA is not a bad idea. :D
1898 BTW: I was cutting and pasting tweets so there are errors and autocorrect shenanigans. Most of it is pretty easily deciphered though.
1898 Danii wrote: "Thanks so very much for this! But there is something I don't understand.... In your last comment Beanbag, who is NOLA? You meant Sola??"

NOLA usually means New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA)

I know there's some event that Kristen Ashley is going to that supposedly, JRW will also attend, and that might be in New Orleans. I tend not to pay close attention when I can't go to the events. lol
1898 According to the Q&A, JM is going to lose his sh!t at Murhder and there will be a major blow up.

We really don't know any more than that. It's kind of weird.
1898 Here's the link to the Q&A thread. You can discuss the Q&A there.
1898 --She started mentioning NOLA and then her assistant cut her off and she started saying “no....I am not going there” she IS going there. But when? And for what?

And that was the last comment of the event.

Most of those tweets were actually from Betsy D. and a few from Ethiopian Siren (who was sitting front and center this year! Lucky duck!)

The transcript should be up on FB in a while. We'll post it here if/when it shows up.
1898 --Payne cannot heal Wrath’s eyesight.

--When will she do one of these in California? She doesn’t like to travel.

--She has toyed with the idea of a driving tour. A traveling RV to stop along the way. But she knows Cinci is only one place (although close to airport)
1898 --Reader says the baby they brought with has the name Darius.

--Warden said there was a time an in-Labor Woman came a wheelchair (active labor) and asked for her book to be signed. Then she went to hospital. Brought baby next year.

--Wolfen do not have a separate deity. SV is the deity.

--Could Butch and Manny’s dad be the doctor they might hire? Warden said she doesn’t think he is a good guy. So probably not gonna happen
1898 --Reader said the dude on cover of The Thief is not handsome. Warden said “That’s someone’s son. His mother thinks he is handsome.”

--Will iAm and the Queen...? She thinks we will find synergies Between these worlds and races. Symphaths too.

--Bastards are learning the joys of a hot tub and popcorn on demand.
1898 --Why didn’t Rhage Beast out in the warehouse fight? She thinks it was because he was still to exhausted.

--Is there anyone left in the Old Country? Are there members of the Brothers still over there? She says probably yes. But they would be rogue likw@the Bastards

--Someone asked about the covers of the books? She said no one on the covers has ever really looked like the faces in her head. Covers are meant to help sell books. Publishers can’t get close to her head.
1898 --Reader said she has been coming with her mom to these since she was ten!

--Warden looked at the Mom and said “WTF were you doing bringing her to these She she was ten?”

--Someone asked for more babies. Warden asked why do we want the babies? She said V and Jane never. She doesn’t think you need kids to have a family.

--Reader said thanks for providing her with so many sleepless nights while she read her books.
1898 --almost last question: Someone said thank you for not killing Phury. Unrelated: Vovo is very intelligent. Does she already know what they all are? She knows Sola was a criminal. She is accepting and prob knows.

--Vovo’s belief in God is that nothing on the planet is a mistake so she is accepting.

--Someone asked if SV comes back can she be Lassy’s girl so Lassy can ask V “Who’s your daddy?”
1898 --Bourbon Kings on NBC. Rights are currently available. They didn’t move forward with it.

--M and Muhrder? Is JM having the same tension with Xhex that V and Jane were having? How will they do when Muhrder comes back? JM loses his shit.

--When will she read her books as an audiobook so we can hear it the way she wants it? She laughed. Nope. She could never make it through the sex scenes.
1898 --Xhex and Payne will be inducted at some point.

--Possible change on her “JM will never know he’s Darius” stance 🤭 So hilarious- she hid from her assistant to give us this! (Ethiopiansiren)

--What color is her Derby dress? Black. But her hat will have color.

--More Insider’s Guide? She would love to, but books are so expensive so she wants to make it accessible. (Like the old BDB message Boards.)

--Someone just suggested a podcast. Warden likes the idea. So who knows....
1898 Always with a grain of salt.

Yes, I'm going to miss having 2 BDB fixes per year.

But she did say she might do some more civilian slice of life stuff like Dearest Ivie, which would make me happy. I liked that story.
1898 --Find our more about the doggen and their secret lives? They don’t have other lives. This is their lives.

--Do the Brothers or Lassy watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer?
1898 --What will happen with Throe? Keep reading. Big keep reading. Shit will go down with him.

--Someone thanked Warden’s Mom (who is here) for giving birth to Warden.

--Will Lucas play a role in the end of the Omega? Keep reading.

--Jo Early and Sin have to have their own book!
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1898 ♥ℳelody wrote: "Chapter 28"

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1898 --If Assail’s cousins have one woman, is there territoriality there? Warden = she wants to know how it even works. Same time? No? Fights?

--Reader in the back has been to 22 signings.
1898 --Song: tell me why the ivy twines. Why does Ivy keep showing up in the books? She got teary and said look the song up and it is why.

--She thinks we need more Rehv and the Colony. She wants more Rehv. She saw a dream of Rehv a few nights ago. So...she would love to see more of him.

--She wants to show Jose that Butch is okay. She wants that to happen.