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Nov 10, 2012 06:21PM

1865 Kyle, Interestingly enough, Murakami has translated many English books into Japanese. When reading his works in English (since I can't read Japanese) I often wonder how much of his phrasings and style comes from the translators and how much are the linguistic choices that he makes. Take the phrase 'married girlfriend'. In this book, it shows up so often and to me it seems so out of place. Is there a word for 'married girlfriend' in Japanese that does not translate to English or is it just the phrase Murakami chose to describe her.
(Did I mention how happy I am that we are reading Murakami this month?)
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Feb 05, 2008 04:41PM

1865 Hi, I'm Audry, I'm an engineer whose been reading science fiction since I was about 12(I'm 26 now). My first real sci-fi book was 'Enders Game' by Orson Scott Card and I think my favorite series is the 'Thomas Covenant Trilogy' (I know there were six books, but I'm not going to count the second three) by Stephen R Donaldson.

I'm an engineer and currently live in ohio.

I think I joined this club because I have a tendency to plow through books just to see what happens next. I'm really looking forward to the much richer experience of discussing and and dissecting a book.

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