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Feb 21, 2016 10:51AM

12544 It took me weeks to get over this book. I read it over the Christmas break - not the cheeriest of books for that time of year. I found it harrowing and heartbreaking but it was so very beautifully written that I couldn't put it down. I did sob my way through the last couple of hours but I think that's a sign of how well she brought the characters to life.
Dec 28, 2015 06:25AM

12544 I loved The Moonstone. I also toyed with putting Monte Christo on my list. Happy reading!
Dec 28, 2015 06:22AM

12544 Shadow of the Wind is one of my all time favourites. I hope you enjoy it.
Dec 28, 2015 06:20AM

12544 Hippieff wrote: "ah, To the Lighthouse is a beautiful book, I hope you enjoy it too"

So I've heard. I can't wait to read it.
Dec 28, 2015 06:19AM

12544 Judy wrote: "Reading The House We Grew Up In now and it is really good! Also really liked And the Mountains Echoed and State of Wonder. You have some books I am un..."

Thanks Judy - that's good to hear! I'm looking forward to starting it.
Dec 28, 2015 06:18AM

12544 Hattie wrote: "I've read two of your books: The Woman in White and The Bookseller of Kabul."

I think they're going to be first to be ticked off the list. But then again....
Dec 28, 2015 06:16AM

12544 Alondra wrote: "I have quite a few on my own TBR; and have managed to read Of Mice and Men, which is so awesome. I love John Steinbecks writing and hope to get a couple of more books of his read this year.

good l..."

Thanks Alondra - you too.
Dec 28, 2015 06:14AM

12544 Donna wrote: "Great list, Samantha! It is hard to pick them, but you did a great job. Enjoy the challenge. =)"

Thanks Donna. I'm itching to get started!
Dec 28, 2015 06:12AM

12544 Lea wrote: "I think you have a great list! I loved The Woman in White, and And the Mountains Echoed. I liked The Bookseller of Kabul quite well also, but the first two I mentioned would be my favorites. You ha..."

Thanks Lea. I just need to decide where to start now!
Dec 28, 2015 06:11AM

12544 Bill wrote: "I've only read Of Mice and Men. Good luck with all of your selections."

Thanks Bill. This one has been on the list for years.
Dec 28, 2015 06:11AM

12544 Ioana wrote: "You are right, some need to be read soon, because they are amazing: The Woman in White, Of Mice and Men and And the Mountains Echoed.
Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did. Happy reading!"

Thanks Ioana. I can't wait to get stuck into them.
Dec 22, 2015 09:54AM

Aug 04, 2013 12:50PM

12544 I'm almost at the end of The Summer Without Men by Siri Hustvedt and I just don't want it to end. She's a relatively new discovery for me but I absolutely adore her writing. Highly recommended.
Nook V Kindle (26 new)
Aug 04, 2013 12:45PM

12544 Thanks everyone. I'm definitely sold on the Kindle Paperwhite. Has anyone got any experience with the Kobo and how it compares to the Kindle?
Aug 04, 2013 12:37PM

12544 I'd like to nominate I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes.

It's getting rave reviews in my Twitter timeline!
Nook V Kindle (26 new)
May 29, 2013 09:14AM

12544 Thanks all - this is really helpful. I've decided to stick with what I know and upgrade to the Kindle Paperwhite.
Nook V Kindle (26 new)
May 27, 2013 10:45AM

12544 My beloved Kindle is on its way out so I'm in the market for a new e-reader. I'm trying to decide between another Kindle or the Nook. Does anyone have any experience with both and is there one that you favour?
12544 Controversially, Wolf Hall. I couldn't get past the first 200 pages.
Mar 11, 2013 02:47PM

12544 So many great recommendations on here.
Jan 26, 2013 11:06AM

12544 Thanks Vikki. Must have been having a moment when I posted this one. Glad you enjoyed those reads. I'm looking forward to picking them up.
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