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May 05, 2012 06:43PM

1065 I am enjoying the book so far. Personally though, I think we are getting to little chucks about each of the character right now, so we have more to find out about all of them more to get a good picture.

3. With the President thing, I think we are going to learn more about Arden and why Jamie feels she doesn't deserve the money.
1065 I think Shella also saw how Jennie was treating her and seeing what all she had to do on top of it.
I couldn't figure out if it was James house or somewhere else. I though at one point it mint have to do with Toby.
I think it was great how that worked out, but I was worried for Holly to. It is good she has her friends looking out for her now and still.
1065 I thi k it has to do with her recovery from the ex-husband still. I do want to know more about that, but we aren't going to in this book. Ifnyou consider that and what we are told about him it makes more sence though.
1065 Anyone else kind of wishing there was time stamps on the emails. I am actually a little farther than this section, but I keep thinking this so thought I would mention it.
1065 I was a little shock by how bad the welcome party seemed to go. But, there is more that happened that we don't know it all yet I think.

Aisha was a risk. I hope it doesn't Come back as a problem to Holly, but I think it might.

Not sure how I feel about James yet.

For training I am not sure what Holly got to start with. She does need more information on the office policies it seems more than training on the programs. And she needs more help when Trisha is not there, but dosen't seem to be sure how to ask for help.
1065 I personally like books that are written in this type of format. I find them fast read they style is easy to read to me.
I think that the job is interesting, but I don't entirely know entirely what they do at the business.
I think she should have started with drink or something in a public place instead of a party at her home. I don't think Haolly has fully thought through the party idea.
Something is up with her and Jason. There is a reason she left working with him and went to the bank. Not sure what yet, but something is up.
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May 14, 2011 10:44AM

1065 I picked up The Accidental Bestsellerrecently and am really excited to read it too. A friend whondosen't read much and I both reached for it at the same time and were intrigued by the back. So, it has something going for it I think.
Apr 02, 2011 07:54AM

1065 I agree with the comments above. I felt the plot was slow and the characters were very fleshed out. The end where she started piecing it together I couldn't put the book down though.
This is defiantly not my favorit book by Ahren's, but I will reads more of her works. In my opinion this is not the best representation of her work. I will post my review on my profil if anyone wants to see it.
Mar 29, 2011 11:21PM

1065 I just finished the first section of the book. I do have to agree that the book I'd hard to get into a bit so far. I am not sure about Rosaleen yet, but I do thnk she has potential to be good for Tamara to teach her something.
Mar 29, 2011 08:21PM

1065 Trish wrote: "I'm still waiting for this one from the library. Fingers crossed that I get it before the end of the month."

Don't feel bad, I just got mine this week. I am going to start posting now.
1065 Jencey wrote: "Emily what is your last name? Sarah asked me so she can mail the copy of the book to you. Thanks."

I sent a friend request to you with my last name in the comments.
Jan 15, 2011 11:45PM

1065 I agree I feel bad for Lindsey and the promotion. As soon as people started acting odd that was described I saw it coming.

I don't have someone specifically like Cheryl in my life. But, know they are out there. There are people in my fiancé works with who are like that and it is hard to give advice about and see how they hurt my friends.

What surprised me about Lindsey's firing is how she described the office party. She talks about coworkers hooking up at the party and then all coughing and not looking at each other for the next week. But, the min she does something like that she is fired. Could be that she was doing in on company property and was caught, but that really felt like a bit of a double standard to me.

For the relationships I agree with Claudia and Kate, Lindsey is to focused to see it. There could be something eventually is she changes or relaxes at all possible.
1065 I just flew through this book, didn't want to put it down. I was confused by Jill as she tried to work her herself out, but when she was try to herself she was a character that I respected and could relate to.
Overall, I did enjoy the book and liked how it wrapped up at the end.
1065 Anyone else feel like the first chapter in this book presented a character that we didn't really see through the rest of the book? I personally liked the Jill in the rest of the book, but how she was described at first doesn't really match the rest of her character.
Just an observation I was wondering about.
1065 I think that Jill grows during this time and finds herself. She does seem to be having growing pains with her family as they all find themselves.
Those changes and growing is what makes their relationship strong and how they started I think. How they each keep reacting and supporting shows alot about themselves for each side. I think that they all learn about themselves even with how Joe treats them and they react.
1065 I feel like Jill is a little conflicted in this chapter. She talks about walking down the hall like the red carpet, yet how she talks about her magazine it seems that she is fighting against things like the red carpet.
I don't have a clear picture of her and her magazine yet. So, I wonder if that is some of what she is looking for in the magazine finding what she lost.
Dec 11, 2010 10:34PM

1065 I agree we are seeing that more. I wonder if they are setting it up for more book or if that is what TV does often so books do it. I like when they have a epilogue that ties up loose ends.
Thanks Ashley. I will put that one down to read.
Dec 09, 2010 09:09PM

1065 I enjoyed the book. But, can't say I loves it defiantly didn't hare it.
I was reading it at work and had to keep stopping to work and I really didn't want to stop reading the last like 5 chapters.
I just wanted to finish it and know-how Jill worked it all out.

I do kind of wish she had stood up to Jack more. I really liked the moment where her father followed her and said don't run away and she made the distinction between running away and having options and taking them. This would have been stronger if she had to really face Jack with the realization though.

Also, I wish they had given us a little more insight into her friends when she came back to Henry. We were given clues from her desk, but I wanted to know more about them.
Dec 09, 2010 03:04PM

1065 I am thinking more and more that this is Jill's second chance with Henry. She is learning that things with Jack is human and not the dream she made him to be.

I hope she figures out what she wants in the end.

The thing with her mother I think she will have a relationship someday. It is going to take her time to work to the acceptance though.
Dec 07, 2010 10:39PM

1065 I hadn't thought of the idea it might be her second chance with Henry, but I think you might be onto something there Ashley.

I do think she is fated to have Henry in her life some way with how he keeps showing up.

The think with Jack is she seems to be changing herself and how she reacts to situations with him. I don't think that will lead to success with the relationship.
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