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Mar 25, 2011 06:08PM

10258 Age of change
It’s an era of change
Where the corporation became the dominant form of business organization
And a transformation of business operation
Life was improved by a series of new inventions
Labor unions were formed to demand for better working conditions
Panic of 1873 caused people to suffer under the depression
And with the emergence of business and government corruption
The age is characterized by a series of reforms, changes and sufferings

Gilded Age
It’s the age of troubles
But it’s also the age of improvements
National transportation was created
which created the Union and expended market
However, new inventions were introduced
which provided a higher life quality
Immigrants poured in to the country
which reached the requirement for labor force

The rapid economic growth produced wealth
but only to a small amount of people
In an era of Progression
And it was surrendered by the sense of darkness

People suffered form the Panic of 1893
The stock market crashed left many people in depression
It was a golden age for some people
But it was a period of failure for many people
Mar 24, 2011 07:14PM

10258 "Struggles": Found Poem-Mark Twain's Huck Finn

I knowed very well I had done wrong
I see it warn’t no use for me to try t learn to do right
a body that don’t get started right when he is little, ain’t got no show

I felt so orney and low down and mean
I begun to get it through my head that he was almost free
It got to troubleling me so I couldn’t rest
I couldn’t stay still in one place
I warn’t easy my self

Well, I just felt sick
But I says, I got to do it
I can’t get out of it

It warn’t no use to try and hide it from Him
It was because my heart warn’t right
It was because I warn’t square
It was because I was playing double

I was letting on to give up sin
I saved him by telling the men we had small-pox aboard
he was so grateful
I got to decide, forever, betwixt two things
All right, then, I’ll go to hell
Jan 20, 2009 07:12PM

10258 Action of Saving Bella
by Emily Chen P1

“Alice, there you are. Where is Bella?” I asked as I rushed through the crowd to where Alice was sitting. She stood up and came over to me, “Bella went to get some breakfast with Jasper.”

“Where did they go to get breakfast? I want to make sure she is safe.” Alice seemed like she could read my mind just like what I usually did. Then she turned to Carlisle and Emmett, “Edward and I will go to find Bella and Jasper, okay Carlisle?”

“Sure, but please be fast, we have to leave soon.” Carlisle replied. Alice and I tried to make our way among the crowd. I couldn’t wait to see Bella. I had to make sure that she was safe.

Unexpectedly, I saw Jasper run over with a serious face, but I didn’t see Bella. What happened to her? I was so distraught I couldn’t force on his thought.

I ran to Jasper and grabbed his arm, “Where is Bella?” Jasper looked at Alice and then turned to me, “I lost Bella. She said she had to go to the ladies’ room, so I waited outside. After awhile, I still didn’t see her coming out. Then I asked a lady to help me look for her. But the lady said she didn’t see anyone in there.” Jasper ended his apology with a sigh and a feeling of guilt. “Sorry, Edward, I lost her. I promised you I’d look after her.”

“It’s not all your fault,” I said trying not to look angry. “I know……care of her….danger.”

I walked over toward the airport bathroom, sniffing the air, holping to catch her scent.

“Now……. possible,” I turned back to my brother quickly, my eyes growing black. It is very dangerous for her to be out alone, James could find her any minute. Alice, do you have any clue where Bella may go?”

“I don’t know, let me look for her.” Alice stood still, her eyes were unreadable, “The mirror room! She is in the mirror room!”

“Is it the mirror room you saw before, where James was?” Jasper said eagerly.

“Alice, do you know where the mirror room is,” I asked

“I remember Bella said the mirror was familiar to her, she thought there was a ballet studio somewhere near her house. She went there for dance lessons when she was eight or nine.”

“Okay now, Alice you go back to tell Carlisle and Emmett and then take them to the ballet studio. Jasper, you come with me, we are going to the ballet studio right now.” As I finished, swiftly Jasper and I tore out of the airport and ran to the ballet studio. On the way to the ballet studio, I couldn’t stop worrying for Bella’s safety. I couldn’t imagine what James might do to her. He was a thirsty and crazed monster. Bella smelled so good that sometimes she made my mouth water too. How could James not take her as a meal? The more I thought, the more scared I felt. I was afraid I would be late. I kept running, I knew Bella was waiting for me to save her. We ran like a blast of wind in the crowd, I thought no one would really see our face, and I didn’t care!!

When we arrived in the front of the ballet studio, the door was unlocked. I touched the handle with my cold hand, tugged on it quietly. I tried to keep myself calm. I held my breath and opened the door.

The lobby was dark and empty. And then I heard some kind of sound, the sound of water dropping and footsteps. I ran to the sound of footsteps, Jasper ranning after me.

Suddenly I stopped, a man with a cool face stood in front of me with blood on his left hand, it was dripping in the floor. It smelled like human blood, Bella’s blood. I grinned my teeth then glanced at Jasper and the rope on the floor. Without a word, he understood me. I grabbed the rope, then we both pounced on James. We caught his hands, twisted and pressed to his back.

“Edward you are coward. If you want to beat me, don’t get help from another.” James was growling as he said it. I didn’t care what he said about me. The only thing in my mind was Bella. And then we tied his hands with the rope. James tried to scrabble away from us, but we held his arms tied, we didn’t give him any chance to escape. Finally Carlisle, Emmett and Alice arrived.

“James, where is Bella? What did you do to her?” I asked him

“Ha……you will never find her, I am still the winner.” He laughed as I grabbing him by his collar.

“Edward, don’t waste time with him,” Carlisle said calmly. “He won’t tell you anything. I think Bella is somewhere around here, Alice and I will go with you. Emmett and Jasper will take care of James, they know what to do.”

We kept walking inside and checked every single room until we got to the mirror room where Alice saw Bella. There was debris from the mirror all over the floor and some more with blood. It was Bella’s blood, I knew I must find her. We followed the blood on the floor all the way to an entrance of the underground. We walked into the underground, there was all the dark water and it smelled disgusting. Suddenly I saw a head floating above the dark water.

“Carlisle, I found her, she is over here,” I yelled and flew to her. I carried Bella out of the dark water. I could see she was really hurt. She lost a lot of blood and her leg was broken. Furthermore, her hand was bitten by James. Luckily, Carlisle was here. When Alice and I were flustered and didn’t know what to do, Carlisle was calm and told us what to do. He took care of Bella’s injuries carefully. I felt dizzy smelling her sweet blood.

When we came out, I only saw Emmett and Jasper and the pile of fire. These things told me that James had died. The only way to kill a vampire was to burn them until nothing was left.

We didn’t want to kill anyone human or vampire. We only killed others unless they attacked us, we had to kill them to survive. We killed James because we had no choice. We had to kill him protect and save Bella. I was so glad to have a family like that. For my sake and Bella’s safety, they had to be in danger and they never said anything. I am thankful for my family!

The Kite Runner (51 new)
Jan 17, 2009 07:21PM

10258 “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, it is a great book. Amir was not religious. Amir was influence by his father when he was little. Baba didn’t believe in God. “They do nothing but thumb their prayer beads and written in a tongue they don’t even understand.” (P17) Baba didn’t believe the Five Pillars, and the message from God. Just like Baba, Amir didn’t do any of the Five Pillars. However, Amir started to change when the doctor told Amir that Baba probably had cancer. At the night, Amir preyed to a God which he wasn’t sure if He existed. (P154) Amir believed in God when he was hopeless, when he couldn’t do anything to change the facts. Amir preyed to God when he couldn’t defeat the sickness, he didn’t want to lose the most important person in his life. Amir’s cathartic journey began when he went back to Afghanistan to save Sohrab. Amir’s faith changed completely when he was in the hospital after Sohrabs’s suicide. (P345) At that moment he realized that his father was wrong, there is a God, and He is always there. Amir preyed, he compressed to God, and he asked God for his forgiveness. He promised God that he would do anything to get Sohrab back. For Amir believed in God was one of the ways to redeem, at least in emotional, it made he felt a little better for his sin. After Sohrab was healing, he became a faithful Muslim.

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