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Jun 04, 2013 12:24PM

10067 Wonderful. Thank you. :)
Jun 03, 2013 09:00PM

10067 Soph,
I always love to hear what Brits think of my books, so please do let me know how you like it, if indeed you end up getting and reading it! A good review from an English woman can make my day!
Thanks :)
Jun 03, 2013 10:29AM

10067 I just checked and it isn't on sale in the UK, but I did see there were some very low-priced used copies, if you're interested.
Jun 03, 2013 10:27AM

10067 Soph, I'll have to check the UK page; I don't know whether the sale extends there or not. Thanks for your interest.
Carolyn, thank you so much! I look forward to hearing how you liked them when you've had a chance to read.
and Kim, thank you, too! I'm so pleased you took advantage of that promotion.
I am always looking for new reviews on Amazon, by the way, (especially for Grosvenor Square, since that is the least reviewed book). If you post a review, let me know and I'll send you Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale for free (kindle edition).
Jun 02, 2013 08:35PM

10067 My regency romance trilogy is on sale on Kindle right now. I saw this by accident, but I'm glad I caught it.
This page will show each of the three books that are deeply discounted. The first in the series is BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS at only $1.99. I hope someone here takes advantage of this sale.
These are traditional regencies with "a twist of faith."
Regency (45 new)
Feb 26, 2012 09:54PM

10067 There's a booming genre of Christian regency romance, of which I'm happy to say I was one of the pioneers. I have three clean regencies with the addition of a faith element. There are other authors besides me writing Christian regencies or just plain clean, and we write PRINT, TRADE paperbacks. My books are also in hardcover, large print, and even Russian! For those with e-readers, most of our books (including mine) are available on Kindle, Nook, etc.
If you look up one of my books, you should also see other authors of Christian regencies on the suggested reading below them.
The House in Grosvenor Square
The Country House Courtship.
Some other authors to check out would be Catherine Palmer, Ruth Axtell Morren, Laurie Alice Eakes, and Julie Klassen.
10067 Agreed. It's great news.
FYI: My .99 cent Kindle short goes up on price on Monday. Historical romance from the time of King Charles II--clean, too. : )
Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale. Get it while it's so cheap!
10067 There are increasing numbers of Christian authors in all genres, and it goes without saying that our books are clean. From urban fantasy to historical fiction, it's all out there from the CBA (Christian Book Association--many major publishers)and clean.

If you look at the Amazon page for a Christian author, there will be others like it on the suggestions below. If you like historical romance, check out my page on amazon: Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard

If you're looking for contemporary/fantasy/edgy, try Ted Dekker. He has a LOT of books.
I'll be looking up some of the suggestions you've made on this thread, myself.
Happy reading, everyone!
Dec 29, 2011 08:23AM

10067 Hi Christine,

If you want to send me a kindle version, I can't PROMISE a review, but I'll do my best. Sometimes, I won't do a review because I can only give 3 stars--(in which case, I'd contact you and ask if you still want the review); in other cases, I just can't get to it in a timely manner. Ideally, I will read and love your book and write a glowing review. If you can accept the "No guarantees" policy, then go ahead and send me your book. My amazon email is
linroseburkard (@) embarqmail (dot)com.

Dec 28, 2011 08:24PM

10067 You're welcome. And I believe that all my books are on sale in the print editions, on Amazon, too. Just fyi!
Blessings and Happy New Year, : )

Dec 28, 2011 08:22PM

10067 Hi Christine,

Hope you're enjoying it! You're reading it just in time for the publisher's promotion on the next book in the series! Right now (until 1/3/12 only!) THE HOUSE IN GROSVENOR SQUARE is 82% off--only $2.51! If you have an e-reader or an e-reader app, get it while this price lasts! If you prefer print books, that edition is also on sale for under $6, which is still more than 50% off.
Thanks for letting me know you're reading it and please feel free to let me know your thoughts when you're done. : )

Linore Rose
Heart-Warming Soul-Stirring Christian Romance!
NEW Kindle Short--Romantic suspense--.99cents
Woman of Faith Blog
Dec 27, 2011 04:18PM

10067 Sorry, Katie--but right now my second book is on a limited-time promo for only $2.51! Each book stands alone, so even if you don't read BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS, you can still really enjoy THE HOUSE IN GROSVENOR SQUARE for two bucks and change!

Happy reading!!

Linore Rose
Heart-Warming Soul-Stirring Christian Romance!
NEW Kindle Short--Romantic suspense--.99cents
Woman of Faith Blog
Dec 21, 2011 05:48PM

10067 I recommend two by Melanie Dickerson, The Healer's Apprentice, (sweet, medieval romance/mystery) and, The Merchant's Daughter, just out this month. Both are loosely based on different fairy tales. AND--this is incredible--they are both on special right now in the Kindle editions for only $1.99 each!!! (Usually $9.99 on Kindle and more in print).
Here's the URLs, though I'm not sure how they'll come through on this forum:


All you have to do is look at the beautiful covers of these books and you'll want to read them. They're that good.

And: Even though my first romance isn't categorized as "YA", I haven't met a young adult (female) yet who hasn't LOVED it! Before the Season Ends. All of these books are on Amazon or other online outlets if not in bookstores.

And I should mention that my 2nd regency romance goes on special TOMORROW, according to my publisher. It will be only $2.99 Kindle edition,I believe.
Refresh the page after landing to make sure you see the latest price.
It's a wonderful time of the year for good cozy reading. Also consider my new SHORT on Kindle for only .99 cents. It's perfect curl-up-with-hot-cocoa or tea reading, and you can't beat the price. Also, it's only 15,000 words--you'll finish it in one sitting.

Happy Reading,
Happy Holiest of Holidays!

Linore Rose Burkard

Linore Rose
Heart-Warming Soul-Stirring Christian Romance!
NEW Kindle Short--Romantic suspense--.99cents
Woman of Faith Blog
Dec 19, 2011 11:15AM

10067 Thank you, Nellie! I suggest you get on my mailing list in case of future promotions. I always let my list know as soon as possible when one is coming up. Maybe my publisher will put the third one on a low-priced promo soon! (Country House Courtship). Also, if you feel led to write a positive review on Amazon for Grosvenor Square, I'll gift my short story "Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale" to you (Kindle version). So, let me know!
And oh--sign up for my mailing list on my website:
Thanks for sharing!

.99 Sale (10 new)
Dec 15, 2011 07:40PM

10067 Here's another .99 cent Kindle bargain. Historical romantic suspense!
Save it to curl up with on a snowy day.
Dec 05, 2011 11:58AM

10067 I wanted to let all the fans of historical romance know that I've put up a new Kindle short for only .99 cents. It's perfect for that next snowy night at home (or day!). It's historical romantic suspense.

Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale.
"Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale"


Linore Rose Burkard
Dec 02, 2011 10:18PM

10067 Hi all,
I have a new historical romance short on Kindle for .99cents!
"Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale (A Romantic Intrigue from the Days of Charles II).
Hope you enjoy it!
Nov 21, 2011 10:06PM

10067 Thank you, Melissa. I love it here in Ohio, too.It's a wonderful place to raise the family (I have five kids).
What about you? Are you a mid-westerner? We're actually transplants from New York.
Nov 21, 2011 06:37PM

10067 I've heard good things about it, but haven't read it yet. I live near Sugarcreek, Ohio, so it's on my TBR pile!
Nov 21, 2011 04:57PM

10067 Thanks, Teryn!
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