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Apr 17, 2015 01:51PM

1 Petra X smokin' hot wrote: "Goodreads isn't a bookclub for Readers anymore, it is another shopfront for Amazon. I keep having to remind myself that. I just wish that the marketing department would realise that unwanted advert..."

GR used to be a refuge for me. It used to be a community of friendly ppl who loved books. We get ads everywhere else... most of us have learned to tune out most of them because we're saturated.

I'd be much more likely to pay attention to a *very* few *very* carefully targeted ads than to *any* iteration that GR seems to be looking at these days.

I'm looking really hard at the competition. I'd hate to lose my community of friends here - but since it looks like I will even if I don't leave, I might as well leave sooner than later.
1 I keep getting PMs from SPAs saying "I'm new to GR, how can I promote my book?"

I think this is because 1. I monitor the promotional folder in the Children's Books group and 2. because I review a lot of books. But neither is a very good reason. It is *not* my job to help them learn etiquette or to gain exposure.

Please, when you market GR as a platform for book sales, tell authors about the group that will give them ever so much more help than I could. Give the link to it, strongly encourage them to join it. As it stands, maybe you do mention it, but it would seem that you do so behind the "I accept the terms of this agreement" that most folks skim or don't even read.

Authors should be getting support and advice from other authors, not from readers and group moderators!
1 Oh, I forgot - one of my favorite things to read when I'm sick is poetry.
Nothing too heavy, or long, of course. But, since poetry is written to be read slowly, carefully, repetitively, it's perfect for when I can't focus and instead just want words and ideas floating around me. Those of you who think you can't read anything at all, I advise that you at least try some Shel Silverstein (ie, A Light in the Attic).
Apr 16, 2015 04:48PM

1 The original motto of this site was "See what your friends are reading."
Welcome Jaclyn! (12 new)
Apr 16, 2015 07:45AM

1 from SA, eh? now *that's* a commute!

1 janeiowa - I've been thinking of moving to Iowa when we retire...
a small rural town, like the one I grew up in, sounds promising...

Meghan, Lobstergirl, thank you both for making me feel less alone w/ having to put up with litter. :sigh:
Apr 16, 2015 07:22AM

1 TG I visit the site through each email, and don't look at my feed.
(Of course, now that I say that, some genius developer is going to put ads in my emails.)

When I first joined, Otis (iirc, might have been Michael or Patrick) and I and other members were seriously considering letting readers buy 'premium memberships' in order to not see ads (as is possible with Yahoo mail and BookCrossing). Too bad that didn't work.

Btw, I used to be a fairly active librarian - it was my way of showing gratitude to this free service. I do not feel the need to do that anymore, and do only the edits that will directly benefit me or my followers.
1 It took longer for me than it did back before this latest hassle (that is to say, in March), but I was able to get my 3 files onto my PC. Thank you Meghan and GR! Please do continue to work on the stability...

(Btw, if anyone is interested in my updates: I still was not able to get my books over to librarything, so I sent an email to their customer service just now, asking for refund & deletion, or at least really good help. ;)
1 Update:

I was able to do the exports this morning, as I woke up way early and made the attempt before I even made my coffee. (Yes, that's how much it matters to me.)

I've neither 1. looked at the exports to confirm they're good or 2. tried again after dawn PST or 3. tried to let LT import from GR. I just can't face those tasks right now...
1 Don't ever get sick Meghan, we need you! :)

1. Can't think of any right now but would love to read a proper Listopia on recovery books.

2. New-to-me books by favorite childhood authors hit the sweet spot for me. Not too challenging, yet not so soporific that I sleep even more than my germ-fighting body demands.

3. Lack of originality, as others have said. Really, the cure is simple. If you (SPA) find yourself writing the blurb and using stock phrases like 'a secret that will rip the family apart' or 'grabs the reader on the first page' or 'bold new voice,' you've totally lost my interest.

4. Physically: Sore throat - but that's just the desert, I think.

Mentally: tired of community morale. I try to go for a walk every day, but the filthy gutters and litter everywhere is disgusting. Periodically I wear gloves and fill a trash bag, but I can't keep up with it - and many of the homes have yards that are even worse. Is litter a problem in your neighborhood, anyone?
Apr 14, 2015 06:28PM

1 Good question, Jennifer.

I don't know Probably the 'legit' sites would take it down, but the illegal scrapers would still have it?
1 Thank you.
Apr 14, 2015 06:24PM

1 Lobstergirl wrote: "Isabel wrote: "If I open a thread and find it has the arrows, I just come straight out again."

Me too, plus I'm screaming."

Apr 14, 2015 03:35PM

1 Hm. Well, I'm glad you're back!
1 I think I'm going to keep all three (leafmarks, GR, LT) catalogs as backups for each other, if it works out. I've looked at Book Collectorz and I just don't see it working for me at this point, but it would have been absolutely terrific if I'd known about it first, when cataloguing was my primary goal.

I may possibly decide to move my socializing over to LT or LM, too. Right now I just don't know what to do. We'll see what happens when GR fixes this issue, and how well LT and LM append new files.

I just don't know. Maybe I'll just put a spreadsheet on a flash drive and forget all kinds of socializing. Unlikely, but I am getting a tummy-ache from fretting about it all. Right now I'm on the 'hate' side of the 'love/hate' relationship with technology that I (we - ?) have....
Welcome Lau! (8 new)
Apr 14, 2015 02:10PM

1 Welcome to the funhouse!
1 ok... I should have asked first... I'll try leafmarks, maybe try to get my money back from librarything...
1 I just joined librarything (paid unlimited membership), and they can't get my books from GR either. Nor can they get them from my export files, because "the max file size is 1MB."

Thanks for the update, Meghan.
1 Meghan, I'm sorry to nag, but if a quick fix will work, please make your colleague make it so. I'm feeling f'd. If reducing the file size isn't an option, please let us know that, too.

In order to not lose *all* my data, I took a snapshot (cut&paste) of my books, sorted by "date updated," for April 2-14 What I could get that way is now on my computer in an Open Office text document. But this is a very clunky *and* incomplete workaround.
Apr 14, 2015 12:13PM

1 That is weird. I wish we could figure out what happened, so the rest of us could avoid the problem for ourselves. But the way you mention facebook implies to me that, since I don't have FB, I should be safe??

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