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Nov 08, 2017 11:10AM

1 That might be true. This was started at about the same time she started our weekly chats. Those were originally designed to get true feedback from the membership (staff said as much somewhere). It would surprise me if she started this thread without at least some input from others encouraging her to do so, that they were looking for some real direction from members.
Nov 08, 2017 10:07AM

1 I note that Emily closed a recent thread and redirected here. I'd just like to comment that this thread was started by staff. That was an indication that perhaps GR did once intend to enhance reader stats.
Nov 08, 2017 07:42AM

1 Val wrote: "As Nick pointed out, it does not always work even when you follow that route, so perhaps you are just lucky.
It has not been necessary to use currently-reading for at least six years and probably l..."

I didn't think it had anything to do with this problem, but I posted because I was asked.
Nov 08, 2017 06:32AM

1 Val wrote: "Do you always move your books from To-Read, to Currently-Reading to Read shelves Elizabeth?."

I don't use the Want To Read shelf (learned yesterday they changed this from To Read). I keep my books on other exclusive shelves, so that part doesn't matter. But yes, I always use Currently Reading to Read. I try to use the site as it was designed, which to me is very logical.
Nov 07, 2017 10:52AM

1 Emily wrote: "Elizabeth (Alaska) wrote: "Do you (GR) have any clue as to why this is a problem for some users and not others?"

Yes, there is a fix in progress that we're rolling out to users slowly. This means ..."

It was never a problem for at least this user. Shelf always sorted properly.
Nov 07, 2017 09:37AM

1 When I first left my parents house, it was to get married - that was 53 years ago. I have never lived on my own (by myself, with no one else in the household), except for a brief time about 30 years ago.

My books are separated by female and male authors. There is no other reason for my having them sorted. After I've read a book, it is given away.

Of course I use custom GR shelves. Could anyone with more than 3 books use just the GR defaults and know what is going on? I have some author shelves, some award shelves, some location shelves, and I think a genre shelf or two. I also have books shelved by original publication date, because of doing challenges, and I can use the multiple shelves feature if they're broken into some smaller groups. Nothing as fancy as some users, though.
Nov 07, 2017 09:31AM

1 Do you (GR) have any clue as to why this is a problem for some users and not others?
Nov 07, 2017 08:19AM

1 How do you have your Read shelf sorted?
Nov 07, 2017 06:50AM

1 Because it is for a giveaway, you might do well to contact staff. You can send and email to support at goodreads dot com.
Nov 07, 2017 06:48AM

1 Aerulan wrote: "A purely text review gets truncated fairly quickly. A review with images, particularly those that are mostly or entirely images can be multiple times that length, many easily doubling or tripling their allowed space, if not more. "

I suspect that the cutoff counts characters, so that the number of characters used to create the image is few enough to not cutoff the image itself - maybe so few as to allow several images.
Nov 07, 2017 06:28AM

1 Melanie wrote: "Elizabeth (Alaska) wrote: "...(note, it is *not* called Want to Read)."

Actually it looks like they recently changed it to 'Want to Read' as that's what I'm seeing on the My Books page."

Well, crap. Many of us complained about that childishness when they put it on the Green Button. All the more reason for not using that shelf.
Nov 07, 2017 06:08AM

1 You can save the sort order by shelf in the settings page. Also, you don't have to have as sortable your "To Read" shelf (note, it is *not* called Want to Read).
Nov 06, 2017 04:39PM

1 And, as you see in the link, it did resolve itself before. At least in that one instance. But I know that I don't always look at the award after I've added - sometimes it is 20 or more titles.
Nov 06, 2017 04:32PM

1 Emily, this happened before, though I don't think anyone had to do anything about it.

Nov 06, 2017 04:26PM

1 Emily wrote: "Sorry for the trouble with this! It looks like the issue persists. Can you try re-adding those missing books to the list?

Can you have the developers look at it, please? Not everyone looks at the adds to an award after making them.
Nov 06, 2017 09:57AM

1 Cheryl wrote: "Also, yes, in 'My Books' you can use Shelf Settings to add a column for Reviews and then sort by that."

Oh, good tip, Cheryl.
Nov 06, 2017 09:21AM

1 Cinda wrote: "or at least the number of books I have reviewed.

There should be that number on your user page, just below your profile pic.
Nov 06, 2017 08:07AM

1 MrsJoseph wrote: "I doubt that is what the OP is requesting,,."

Yeah, I get what the OP is requesting. She wants lesser known books that fewer people have read to get the most votes and win.

There are lists of Best Books of the Year, so that sort of nomination is already occurring, as far as I can tell.
Nov 06, 2017 08:00AM

1 Per Staff:

In the Opening Round, the 15 nominees in each of the 20 categories of the Goodreads Choice Awards are selected by our editors based on Goodreads data, including ratings, reviews, and shelvings. Our goal is to identify the books that are both the most popular and well-rated by our members.

So. The first 15 are already chosen by GR members.
Nov 06, 2017 07:50AM

1 Jayme wrote: "I do not feel it was a "best" book of the year. "

The GR Choice Awards is a popularity contest and has nothing to do with "best". It is true that sometimes best and popular are the same thing.

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