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Jul 01, 2007 11:53AM

1 Hey everyone,

Adding custom shelves to the group shelves is definitely on the todo list. It may take us a month or more to get there though!
Jun 30, 2007 01:15PM

1 Hi HT,

You were right - the sent messages weren't showing up! We've fixed it, and will release the fix sometime this weekend.

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Jun 30, 2007 12:33PM

1 Hi Conrad,

Please send a screenshot to support _at_ gooodreads dot com.
1 Conrad,

Funny how things happen in pairs. A very similar discussion is going on in the Goodreads Librarians group. Lets move this over there!

Jun 28, 2007 08:03AM

1 Hi Gary & everyone else,

I hear you! Search by similar books is on the way, although we estimate 2-4 weeks to get it out.
Jun 28, 2007 12:29AM

1 Hi Nancy,

Yes! The solution to this is to make sure all editions of the book are correctly combined. Read more about it here: [http://www.goodreads.com/about/help#e...]
Jun 27, 2007 05:50PM

1 Hi HT,

If a photo is flagged, the Goodreads team will review it. If it truly is inappropriate, we will remove it.
Jun 22, 2007 10:11AM

1 Hi HT,

Definitely. We've got a new interface around shelving books in the works, and we intend to make it available everywhere there are stars. Many people seem to find the drop-down approach confusing, so we're going to try something a little different - a box will open up with checkboxes for all your shelves. You select the ones you like, then hit enter. Easy. Should be out in another week or two.
bookmarklets? (2 new)
Jun 21, 2007 12:50AM

1 Great idea! Anyone want to build one for us? I don't think we have the time for that, but we could certainly provide an API.
Jun 14, 2007 10:54AM

1 Hi Hiram,

A solid idea. Its on the 'todo' list, though it may take us a little while to get to it.
Jun 14, 2007 10:52AM

1 I wish I could take credit - the issue was on Facebook's side, and it cleared up yesterday while I was at lunch.

Big update to the Goodreads Books app coming later today or tomorrow.

Roshni - great idea to add configuration on what books to show in your profile - we'll definitely that soon!
Jun 14, 2007 10:49AM

1 So several good ideas from this thread:

1. show distribution of ratings for each book. We already do this for each user, so its a great idea.
2. Ability to sort the reviews on each book (by date added, popularity, etc). We are going to add a Digg-style method of voting on interesting reviews soon too, so that might become the default way of sorting.
3. Add 'fans/favorites' so you can keep track of what interesting people are reading without becoming their friend.
4. Search for people with similar books to you.

All good ideas, and all are on the todo list!
Jun 13, 2007 03:36PM

1 Hey All,

Facebook launched a big update to their API yesterday, and it appears to have broken the login/sign up functionality of the Goodreads app. If you already have it installed, you're fine. If not, stay tuned, we're working on a fix!
Jun 12, 2007 03:08PM

1 Hi Carrie,

Usually a sure sign somebody combined the editions incorrectly - and sure enough, somebody combined them all. I undid it, so it should work correctly now. Although we still need someone to go and recombine the editions.
Jun 12, 2007 10:38AM

1 Great suggestions Lisa!

I agree about showing more shelves - a fix should launch later today.

The fact that there are multiple shelves with similar names is indeed problematic. While making "child" match on "childrensbooks" seems like it would solve the problem, I think it would just create more problems. Google doesn't allow inter-word matches for a good reason. I think the solution to the problem is a similar approach to how we solved the multiple editions of books issue: allow members to 'combine' the shelves for display purposes. Then you could combine the 'child', 'childrens', 'childrensbooks' shelves, and a search for any would turn up all of them. We hope to get to this in the next 4 weeks sometime!
Jun 12, 2007 09:28AM

1 Our Facebook App just launched! Its brand new, and doesn't have much functionaliy on Facebook yet, but its there and adds a little box to your Facebook profile. Its still pending approval for being listed in the apps directory, so use this link:



Jun 12, 2007 01:29AM

1 Rebecca,

You are very observant, and more to the point, very right - the find friends feature is indeed very difficult because most people don't add their full names. I've thought of requiring last night on the registration page, but it seems a bit intrusive to do that just for that reason.

For me personally, I find importing my gmail/yahoo address book turns up most of my friends who are already on the site (to find it, go to 'friends' -> 'add friends').
Importing... (6 new)
Jun 10, 2007 05:59PM

1 Hi Alan,

Its funny how feature requests come in waves. This weekend definitely appears to be a lot of questions about the import feature.

You are right it wasn't storing your shelves/tags correctly. This has now been corrected.

The importer works very well when you list an ISBN. When you don't, its very difficult to match on Author/Title. The spelling has to be exact, or we can't be sure. The risk of a false-positive is just too high. Maybe someday we'll make it smart enough to ask you "Did you mean this book?" as it goes. But until then, we hope you'll be satisfied with isbn matching!
Jun 10, 2007 05:54PM

1 Hey guys,

Power-editing for shelves is definitely in the works. The import/export idea DoubleJack mentioned is fixed now (it wasn't storing shelves or 'read date' correctly), but its not a very clean solution to the problem.
1 Good stuff!

The 'the' problem is a thorny one. Perhaps we will have to start storing Author first and last name's separately, so Librarians can correctly determine what is a middle name or what is a two part last name.

I think combining all the pseudonym's for an Author is a great idea. Should be pretty easy, we can just add list of 'also known as', and make that part of the search.

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