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Sep 22, 2016 06:37AM

1 Melanti wrote: "Fictionwise?

Some of those books were made available to you at B&N after they killed it off (if you went through the process of linking your FW account to your B&N account), but B&N didnd't have nearly the selection that Fictionwise did for those self-published authors. I didn't loose anything but only because I made multiple backups.

I miss Fictionwise."

YES! Fictionwise! Thank you!

Yeah, they did make some books available but I was in the process of collecting/getting digital copies of slightly obscure authors who are dead (and a couple of out of print anthologies). FW had basically everything/body I wanted AND shorts I didn't know existed.

When B&N did the move those kinds of books (and the SPAs).

I was a little naive then and didn't make backups.
Sep 21, 2016 01:15PM

1 Carol ♛ Type, Oh Queen! ♛ wrote: "There is another case of a well connected Goodreads author turning up on a Goodreads reviewer's door step. (fortunately she stopped short of knocking on the door)She had the money to track the reviewer down, but it was the review posted here that bugged her."

You know, even though she didn't knock she DID show up at the woman's house. She stood on her porch for a while trying to decide if she was going to try to start a confrontation - the woman knew she was there. Then the author left a book on the porch and left. Which was an attempt at intimidation, in my opinion. "I know where you live."

She left only to call the woman at her job the next day. Again, intimidation. "I know where you work."

In my opinion, this situation was still incredibly dangerous. The author had already been in trouble previously for dousing someone with peroxide (I think it was peroxide). She's [redacted] waiting to happen so Lord help us all if she decides to go after another reader. That person may not be so lucky.
Sep 21, 2016 12:52PM

1 F.P. wrote: "MrsJoseph wrote: "If the author decides to do any promotion with Ammy, Ammy makes them pull their books from other sellers. I've lost books that I've paid for that way."

--Hi, do you remember where this happened--or could you maybe say which places in general you've heard that happened at? Sometimes writers can't see certain things at specific retailers; you as a seller don't know what's happening until customers say so! The middle person has all the information, but doesn't (or won't) explicitly say every aspect of selling at the place...."

Let's see how good my memory is. :-D
I've been reading ebooks for a while and some sellers have disappeared since I started.

Barnes & Noble - lost 2 or so

Smashwords - they told me I lost it but they dug for a while and located a copy. They had the best CS about it but it took about a week.

I *think* it also happened with Kobo.

There was a bookstore that I *think* was purchased by B&N. Whoever purchased killed the bookstore after purchase but (at the time) it was the only place to buy certain works I was collecting at the time. I wish I could remember the name! I lost a shitton there (before the store closing). I was pretty new to ebooks then and had the bad habit of buying and not auto d/l.

ETA: A handful to ARe
Sep 21, 2016 07:46AM

1 We've been asking for nested and/or boolean shelves for years now. At least five.

I no longer hold any hope that GR will update the site with any useful updates.
Sep 21, 2016 07:43AM

1 Dee wrote: "Authors can opt out every 90 days - so if they want to offer via other sellers (something the exclusivity of KU doesn't offer them); they may bounce in and out in 90 day cycles"

^what she said.

The flip side to this is that - with only TradPub and the other very few exceptions (like JK Rowling) - if an author is in the KU program, they cannot sell their books anywhere else.

So if you buy a book from an SPA from somewhere other than Amazon - download and save that sucker ASAP! If the author decides to do any promotion with Ammy, Ammy makes them pull their books from other sellers. I've lost books that I've paid for that way.
Sep 21, 2016 07:40AM

1 Aerulan wrote: "Elizabeth (Alaska) wrote: "Krazykiwi wrote: "On the other hand, whatever you call them, being able to Boolean search them would make them a whole lot more useful. "

Can't be said often enough nor loudly enough."

Agreed, this is actually part of why I'd personally prefer to have a separate tag function alongside the bookshelves, since bookshelf function is so limited and staff doesn't seem to be all that motivated to improve it, maybe we'd have better luck if they just introduced a new feature rather than hoping they'll fix the one we've got."

While at Goodreads your shelves do equal tags - they are not well done.

It is not easy to search and it does not work well if you are very organized and/or specific. The multi-shelf search function only allows you to drill 3 layers deep...which is not really worth it to me most of the time.

I agree with Aerulan that it may be easier to get a "new" function instead of getting the current one adjusted/fixed/changed/updated.
Sep 20, 2016 02:38PM

1 Dee wrote: "here is what my google-fu told me about why Silverstein was banned...

A Light In The Attic
Shel Silverstein's collection of rhymes and whimsical drawings was challenged at one school because it "e..."

WOoooooooow. That' very disturbing.
Sep 20, 2016 11:30AM

1 Faith wrote: "We can't get a tab for discussions, I doubt that we'll get one for authors. Maybe it would happen if authors ask for it and they can buy ads on the results page."

Do not speak that into the universe!
Sep 20, 2016 11:25AM

1 Michal wrote: "link to a functional search

...Annnnd that just killed it right there. GR's searching function(s) aren't in the best of places right now.
Sep 20, 2016 07:45AM

1 I'm such a moody reader that I doubt I'll get to a structured list like that...

...but I've already read a decent handful of those.

Elizabeth, do you know how edited that list is? There are books on there that I would never have thought would be banned. Shel Silverstein?? (Did you know he wrote the song "A Boy Named Sue?" Johnny Cash's live version is pretty sweet.
Sep 19, 2016 01:05PM

1 Carol ♛ Type, Oh Queen! ♛ wrote: "There is another case of a well connected Goodreads author turning up on a Goodreads reviewer's door step. (fortunately she stopped short of knocking on the door)She had the money to track the reviewer down, but it was the review posted here that bugged her. "

Oh, yes! The other stalker.


The lengths these jackasses go to just because someone doesn't like their work(s) boggles the mind.
1 Krazykiwi wrote: "I suggest you find some people to follow. This doesn't have to be mutual, just as you notice a review that you find helpful or useful, or you keep noticing people who have similar opinions to you on books you read, click their name, and follow their reviews.

Then you'll have content for your own feed (and it's likely to be more relevant to you too.) It also floats those people's reviews to the top of the book page, if they happen to have reviewed it.

The people I actually friend here are generally people I've directly interacted with in a positive fashion in group discussions etc. Or that I actually know from outside GR. If I don't know people but notice they write great reviews, I just follow them.

Think of it less as making virtual friends, and more as curating your own newsfeed and the reviews on book pages. It also means you can get them off the feed (just unfollow them!) if you find they are filling it up with naked cowboy chests."

What KK said.

GR is owned by Amazon and Amazon needs to sell books. They will push the popular but by doing what KK said, you'll have more control over what you see.
Sep 19, 2016 12:53PM

1 Rafael wrote: "When and where was that case? A GR author follow an user to her job?"

I don't have time to google it BUT it was a UK case. IIRC, the book is The World Rose. The assult took place in Scotland. He did get arrested. There was a trial. As I'm American, I didn't keep abreast but IIRC, the trial is now over and he is serving time.
Sep 19, 2016 10:51AM

1 I would NOT want this information available to me or anyone else.

We already have last log in month, I want it to stay at that.

Everything that Danielle *migraine in 5..4..3..* wrote was 10000000% true and it's already a big problem here with stalking.

I do not and never will trust GR to keep me physically safe. I cannot trust that I won't end up like that poor girl who got stalked by a Goodreads Author to her job and then bashed in the head with a wine bottle.

YES. He was a Goodreads Author.

Trusting privacy settings to keep me physically safe on a place like Goodreads - when racists and anti-semitic posts linger for days to weeks is not gonna happen.

Sorry, but something like this? You can track yourself.

It's much, much, MUCH more important for people to be safe than it is for a computer to tell you when the last time you logged in.
Sep 19, 2016 06:41AM

1 I like the idea of it.

It seems super functional - but I would want to see something like this integrated into a *new* and *more functional* series page(s) here.
1 Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. wrote: "t's called sarcasm. I apologize for that not coming through in text but I really didn't want to give this a$$hole the benefit of commenting on such utter crap."

I understand.

I don't get what's going on with GR leaving this crap up, however.

1 Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. wrote: "V.W. wrote: "What is a nigger?"

I think David may just not know how to spell niggling. Being that is what "he" is doing, and believe we must be told that is what they're doing because there's no w..."

No. He was using a racist slur
1 Joshua wrote: ""Re-reads are a high priority for us, we don't have a specific release date at this time, but we're definitely not working on it, so keep waiting! If it happens we'll tell you right here!"



Sep 15, 2016 11:08AM

1 Jerrod wrote: "It would be great if there was a "Look inside" feature like Amazon has. Especially with nonfiction, I like to check out the table of contents. It would be nice to be able to do that on Goodreads ra..."

Elizabeth is correct. As [currently] a non-bookseller, GR only has access to limited information.

However, there are some samples located here. For example:
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet - if you go to this book and look directly under the cover image there should be two links with images:

-preview (with an open book image)
- listen (with a play image)

Click either of those links and you'll get the sample. (one is audio)
1 Joshua wrote: "We can still demand it though. It makes me feel a lot better when I do."

Oh hell yeah. You can demand it.

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