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The Zoo by Stephen   Black The Zoo: An Allegorical Adventure
Black, Stephen * to-read, disappearance-of-..., dystopian, plague-virus, post-apocalyptic, short-story-or-no...     Stephen Black 2014/12/21 view activity »
Wool by Hugh Howey Wool (Wool, #1) Howey, Hugh * read, anthologies, aw-book-club-reads, disaster-unspecif..., short-story-or-no... 2012/02/15 2012/03/01 Gertie 2012/01/05 view activity »
Warm Up by V.E. Schwab Warm Up (Villains, #0.5)
Schwab, V.E. read, aw-read-with-me, short-story-or-no... 2014/04/17 2014/04/22 Gertie 2014/04/17 view activity »
Vice & Virtue by Diane Morrison Vice & Virtue (Wyrd West Chronicles #2) Morrison, Diane to-read, disaster-unspecif..., fantasy, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, religious-aspects, short-story-or-no..., supernatural-or-p...     Sable 2017/05/25 view activity »
Time Ahead by Robert  King Time Ahead (Memoirs on Being, #1)
King, Robert * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, dystopian, economic-collapse, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, religious-aspects, short-story-or-no...     Robert King 2014/06/26 view activity »
Thrown Away by Glynn James Thrown Away: In a Fallen World (Thrown Away, #1) James, Glynn * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, disaster-unspecif..., dystopian, miscellaneous-apo..., part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, short-story-or-no..., ya-young-adult     Glynn James 2014/07/25 view activity »
Tales of Montvillard by A.N. Mignan Tales of Montvillard
Mignan, A. N. * to-read, anthologies, disappearance-of-..., dystopian, fantasy, localized-apocalypse, loss-of-individua..., miscellaneous-apo..., possible-club-reads, post-apocalyptic, psychics, short-story-or-no..., strong-female-lead, technology-nanote..., z     A.N. Mignan 2018/01/27 view activity »
Still Life by James McNally Still Life: There's something wrong with Dennis McNally, James * to-read, short-story-or-no..., zombies     James McNally 2016/04/19 view activity »
Still Life 3 by James McNally Still Life 3: Pay It Backward McNally, James * to-read, fantasy, short-story-or-no..., strong-female-lead, survival, zombies     James McNally 2016/04/19 view activity »
Still Life 2 by James McNally Still Life 2: Hello, my name is... McNally, James * to-read, fantasy, plague, plague-virus, short-story-or-no..., stranded, strong-female-lead, survival, zombies     James McNally 2016/04/19 view activity »
Showdown by Diane Morrison Showdown (Wyrd West Chronicles #1) Morrison, Diane to-read, 4-stars-and-up, disaster-unspecif..., fantasy, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, religious-aspects, short-story-or-no..., supernatural-or-p...     Sable 2017/03/26 view activity »
Red Flood by Nocomus Columbus Red Flood
Columbus, Nocomus * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, aw-read-with-me, short-story-or-no... 2014/03/19 2014/03/24 Gertie 2014/03/19 view activity »
The Red Eye Revelation by John J. Fero The Red Eye Revelation (Through the Eyes of a Child, #1) Fero, John J. * to-read, dystopian, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, short-story-or-no..., z, zombies     John Fero 2018/05/15 view activity »
Project Hourglass by L.M. Fields Project Hourglass
Fields, L.M. * to-read, dystopian, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, secret-society, short-story-or-no..., ya-young-adult     L.M. 2014/01/13 view activity »
Project Dodge by J.  Lynne Project Dodge Lynne, J. * to-read, post-apocalyptic, short-story-or-no..., zombies     J. Lynne 2016/04/03 view activity »
A Poem for Britain by S.W. Wilcox A Poem for Britain (Bards of Fantasia #1)
Wilcox, S W * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, cyberpunk, demons, dystopian, fantasy, latino, metaphysical, mythology, nuclear, possible-club-reads, religious-aspects, short-story-or-no..., strong-female-lead, supernatural-or-p..., ya-young-adult     S.W. Wilcox 2017/09/13 view activity »
Plagued by Better Hero Army Plagued: The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment (Plagued, #1)
Better Hero Army * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, part-of-a-series, plague-virus, short-story-or-no..., zombies     Better Army 2013/08/21 view activity »
Mutation Z by Marilyn Peake Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies (Mutation Z, #1) Peake, Marilyn * to-read, biological-and-ch..., plague-virus, short-story-or-no..., zombies     Marilyn Peake 2014/09/18 view activity »
Marker Stone by Paul J. Joseph Marker Stone (Through the Fold #1)
Joseph, Paul J. * to-read, meteors-asteroids, part-of-a-series, possible-club-reads, short-story-or-no..., stranded, strong-female-lead, survival, technology-nanote...     Paul Joseph 2017/03/07 view activity »
Marionette by Wilbur Seymore Marionette
Seymore, Wilbur * read, fantasy, loss-of-individua..., magic, mythology, short-story-or-no...     Wilbur Seymore 2018/02/25 view activity »

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