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Crossing the Line by Jen Katemi Crossing the Line
Katemi, Jen * read, a-short, a-stand-alone, erotic, genre-contemporary, outcome-hfn, romance, setting-hotel, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage, tone-erotic     Jennifer Lynne 2017/08/15 view activity »
The Boys Next Door by Miranda Silver The Boys Next Door: An MFM Menage Romance
Silver, Miranda * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-series, body-curvy-chick, character-geek, character-virginal, genre-contemporary, other-friends-tur..., other-longtime-fr..., other-reunion, outcome-hfn, sexual-mix-m-f-m, theme-menage, tone-erotic 2017/06/23 2017/06/25 Kristen Maxwell 2017/07/26 view activity »
From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive by Scarlett Flame From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive (Captive's Book 1) Flame, Scarlett * read, a-series, a-short, a-stand-alone, body-curvy-chick, character-criminal, character-lawyer, character-medical..., erotica, genre-alternative..., genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, outcome-hfn, romance, setting-sex-or-bd..., sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-master-..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-sadism, sub-theme-spanking, theme-kidnap, theme-tpe-total-p..., tone-dark-or-not-...     Scarlett Flame 2017/06/23 view activity »
Rock Hard in the '80's by Maria Crestmont Rock Hard in the '80's: 7 Sexy Adventures Inspired by Hard Rock Hits (Mix Tape Trysts Book 1) Crestmont, Maria * read, a-series, a-short, a-stand-alone, body-red-head, character-artist, character-athlete, character-geek, character-musician, character-police-..., character-rockstar, character-writer, erotic, erotica, genre-alternative..., genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, other-friends-tur..., other-longtime-fr..., outcome-hea, sexual-mix-f-f, sexual-mix-f-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-f-m-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-best-di..., sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-dub-con, sub-theme-exhibit..., sub-theme-orgies, sub-theme-spanking, theme-menage, tone-erotic, tone-humorous, tone-lite-and-fun     Maria Crestmont 2017/02/13 view activity »
Ocean's Three by Elena Kincaid Ocean's Three (Made In Heaven, #2) Kincaid, Elena * read, a-series, character-chef, erotic, genre-contemporary, genre-paranormal, outcome-hea, paranormal, romance, sexual-mix-m-f-m, theme-menage     Elena Kincaid 2017/02/03 view activity »
Lust on the Wing by Devi Ansevi Lust on the Wing: A Paranormal Erotic Anthology (Volume 2)
Ansevi, Devi * read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-part-of-an-anth..., a-stand-alone, character-bodyguard, erotic, genre-contemporary, genre-paranormal, outcome-hfn, paranormal, setting-mountains, sexual-mix-m-f-m, species-shifters, sub-theme-best-di..., sub-theme-menage-..., theme-kidnap, theme-menage, tone-erotic     Devi Ansevi 2016/11/21 view activity »
Their Wish List by Devi Ansevi Their Wish List: Christmas erotic menage romance (Soulmates Book 1) Ansevi, Devi * read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-book-of-the-mon..., a-series, character-artist, character-military, erotic, erotica, genre-contemporary, outcome-hfn, romance, setting-hotel, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-best-di..., sub-theme-menage-..., theme-holiday, theme-menage, tone-erotic 2016/12/15 2016/12/30 Devi Ansevi 2016/11/21 view activity »
Boston Bauble Party by Susan Laine Boston Bauble Party Laine, Susan * read, a-stand-alone, body-tattoos, body-uncut-cock, character-constru..., character-geek, character-pro-dom..., erotic, genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, other-friends-tur..., outcome-hea, romance, setting-city, setting-sex-or-bd..., sexual-mix-m-m-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-best-di..., sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-no-mena..., sub-theme-spanking, sub-theme-switch, theme-menage, theme-switch, tone-erotic, tone-lite-and-fun     Susan Laine 2016/10/05 view activity »
Double Down by N.J. Young Double Down (Ozark Magic #1) Young, N.J. * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-series, character-police-..., character-small-t..., erotic, erotica, genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, genre-suspense, other-friends-tur..., outcome-hea, romance, setting-bar-or-re..., setting-cabin, setting-hotel, setting-mountains, setting-small-town, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-spanking, theme-menage, theme-twincest-br..., tone-erotic     N.J. Young 2016/07/15 view activity »
Bound for Passion by Scarlett Flame Bound for Passion
Flame, Scarlett * read, a-anthology, a-series, a-stand-alone, body-red-head, character-pro-dom..., erotica, genre-alternative..., genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, genre-fantasy, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, genre-sci-fi, humor, other-dealing-wit..., other-on-line-rel..., outcome-hfn, paranormal, romance, setting-hotel, sexual-mix-f-m-f-m, sexual-mix-f-m-m, species-angels-de..., sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-spanking, sub-theme-voyeurism, theme-menage 2016/06/11 2016/06/11 Scarlett Flame 2016/06/11 view activity »
Rock you like a Hurricane by Sierra Brave Rock you like a Hurricane
Brave, Sierra * read, a-book-of-the-mon..., a-series, erotic, genre-contemporary, humor, other-friends-tur..., romance, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, theme-menage 2016/02/22   Sierra Brave 2016/01/16 view activity »
Riverside Surprise by Donna Jay Riverside Surprise Jay, Donna * read, body-red-head, erotica, genre-contemporary, mff, sexual-mix-f-f, sexual-mix-f-f-m, sexual-mix-f-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f, sub-theme-menage-..., tone-erotic, tone-lite-and-fun     Dee 2015/12/22 view activity »
Spanish Christmas by Noa Xireau Spanish Christmas
Xireau, Noa * read, a-stand-alone, body-curvy-chick, erotica, genre-contemporary, interracial, other-siblings, outcome-hea, romance, setting-farm-or-r..., sexual-mix-m-f-m-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-bondage, theme-holiday, theme-interracial, theme-menage, tone-erotic, tone-lite-and-fun     Noa Xireau 2015/12/07 view activity »
Dom, Sub and Boy by Sean Michael Dom, Sub and Boy: Beginning Michael, Sean read, a-series, genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, sexual-mix-m-m-m     Lucia 2015/11/29 view activity »
Circling Back by Amanda Young Circling Back Young, Amanda * read, a-not-yet-released, body-curvy-chick, body-red-head, character-secretary, erotic, genre-contemporary, other-reunion, outcome-hea, romance, sexual-mix-m-m-f, tone-erotic     Amanda 2015/07/16 view activity »
A Little Weird by J.B. McDonald A Little Weird McDonald, J.B. read, a-200-pages-or-more, genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, sexual-mix-m-m-f     Lucia 2015/07/14 view activity »
Elemental Pleasure by Mari Carr Elemental Pleasure (Trinity Masters, #1) Carr, Mari * read, a-series, genre-contemporary, sexual-mix-m-f-m, theme-menage     Lucia 2015/06/26 view activity »
A Million Tiny Pieces by Nicole Edwards A Million Tiny Pieces
Edwards, Nicole * read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, erotic, erotica, genre-contemporary, other-dealing-wit..., romance, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage 2015/06/15 2015/06/21 Aղցela W. 2015/05/29 view activity »
Loving Maddie from A to Z by Kelly Jamieson Loving Maddie from A to Z
Jamieson, Kelly * read, a-stand-alone, erotic, erotica, genre-contemporary, other-longtime-fr..., outcome-hea, romance, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage 2015/06/08 2015/06/14 Aղցela W. 2015/05/29 view activity »
Center by Sean Michael Center (Center of Earth and Sky, #1 & #2) Michael, Sean read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, body-tattoos, character-artist, erotica, genre-alternative..., genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, genre-taboo, other-dealing-wit..., other-siblings, outcome-hea, romance, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m, sub-theme-bondage, theme-incest, theme-menage     Aղցela W. 2015/05/21 view activity »

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