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The Italian Boss's Mistress by Lynne Graham The Italian Boss's Mistress (Brides of L'Amour, #2) Graham, Lynne read, cinderella-pretty..., hero-in-pursuit, liked-hero, lulu-s-favorites, office-romance, pregnancy, romance-with-the-..., sexual-harrassment, smart-heroine, smitten-besotted-..., virgin     Lemon 2012/07/18 view activity »
The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress by Penny Jordan The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress (Needed: The World's Most Eligible Billionaires, #2) Jordan, Penny read, cinderella-pretty..., dani-aka-cullens_...     Dani "The REAL Cullens_Girl since 2002" 2010/08/07 view activity »
The Prince She Never Knew by Kate Hewitt The Prince She Never Knew (The Diomedi Heirs #1) Hewitt, Kate * read, arranged-marriage, celibate-hero, cheating, cinderella-pretty..., italian-or-sicili..., less-than-perfect..., non-virginal-heroine, royalty     Asteropê 2013/11/05 view activity »
Disturbing Stranger by Charlotte Lamb Disturbing Stranger Lamb, Charlotte read, cinderella-pretty..., forced-blackmail-..., martial-rape, oldie     Aisha 2014/03/08 view activity »
The Spanish Groom by Lynne Graham The Spanish Groom Graham, Lynne read, alpha-hero, arranged-marriage, baby, cinderella-pretty..., cute-heroine, fan-favorite, forced-blackmail-..., girl-next-door-he..., groveling, humor, italian-or-sicili..., jealous-or-posses..., loved-the-romance, playboy-womanizer..., pretend-lovers, pygmalion-makeover, smitten-besotted-..., spanish-or-latino..., stellar-love-story, tycoon, unplanned-pregnancy, vintage-hp, virgin     Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) 2009/11/24 view activity »
The One and Only by Carole Mortimer The One and Only Mortimer, Carole * read, cinderella-pretty..., danielle-s-reads     Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) 2013/07/23 view activity »

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