Tsar is a title used to designate certain European Slavic monarchs or supreme rulers. As a system of government in the Tsardom of Russia and Russian Empire, it is known as Tsarist autocracy, or Tsarism. The term is derived from the Latin word Caesar, which was intended to mean "Emperor" in the European medieval sense of the term—a ruler with the same rank as a Roman emperor, with-holding it by the approval of another emperor or a supreme ecclesiastical official (the Pope or the Ecumenical Patriarch)—but was usually considered by western Europeans to be equivalent to king, or to be somewhat in ...more

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Naomi Novik
One day when I was ten one of out neighbors came to the house and said that the tsar was dead and when I asked what ir meant they said that there would be a new tsar. So I did not really see why a tsar mattered.
Naomi Novik, Spinning Silver

It was true—if Emilia didn't hear about it, it didn't happen. Her trades were gemstones and gossip, and she was a master of both, collecting rumors the way scholars collected books. ...more
J. Nelle Patrick, Tsarina

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