Transvestism is the practice of dressing and acting in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite sex. In some cultures, transvestism is practiced for religious, traditional or ceremonial reasons.

The Prophet Murders
Dirty Kiss (Cole McGinnis, #1)
Drag Queen in the Court of Death
Deadly Nightshade (Deadly Mystery, #1)
The Gigolo Murder: A Turkish Delight Mystery
Laurie and Claire
The Kiss Murder (Hop-Çiki-Yaya #1)
Not Simply Divine
I Know Who You Are
Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman
Grayson Perry: Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Girl
Miss High-heels
I Am Not Myself These Days

Adham T. Fusama
Apa? WARIA? Iiih, Dennis! Sudah kubilang berapa kali, sih? Aku ini drag queen, darling, bukan waria! Drag queen itu perwujudan Madonna! Glamor, berani, berbahaya! Sementara waria itu ibarat Nicki Minaj berjakun.
Adham T. Fusama, Dead Smokers Club Part 1

Bye Bye Binary!
Miss Vera

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