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Ian Thomas Malone
The people who claim that being transgender is a choice are right on one regard. Living freely as the person you were meant to be is, in fact, a choice. You can choose not to. The decision to transition reflect the time spent grappling with that difficult question: Are you going to give yourself a real chance to be happy?
Ian Thomas Malone, The Transgender Manifesto

PLACEMENT The Physical Transference of Care and Saying Good-bye "A toddler cannot participate in a discussion of the transition process or be expected o understand a verbal explanation. [They benefit] tremendously by experiencing the physical transference of care, and by witnessing the former caregiver's permission and support for [their new guardians] to assume their role. The toddler pays careful attention to the former caregiver's face and voice, listening and watching as [they talk] to [thei ...more
Mary Hopkins-Best, Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft

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Full Circle
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